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2023-02-09 It's Going Down McGill Wintemute Blockade Report & Analysis: A Bloody Nose for the TERFs, but Where to from Here?
2023-02-09 Bend Bulletin Famed Portland goats let loose to protest homeless sweep - The Bulletin
2023-02-09 The Hans India Need to discern dissent from insurgency
2023-02-09 Tech Monitor China's generative AI revolution is only just beginning
2023-02-09 CBN News 'Militant Trans Activists' Take Over State Capitol, Demand Lawmakers Stop Protecting ...
2023-02-09 VTDigger Final Reading: Retired state employees protest 'Medicare Dis-Advantage'
2023-02-09 East Bay Times Silicon Valley developer goes on hunger strike to protest construction delays
2023-02-09 Patch We Want Justice: Central Students Protest After Classmates Death
2023-02-09 CRN Salesforce Has Another Activist Investor: Report
2023-02-08 New York Post Queens student has Mayor Eric Adams' personal number, calls him from school protest
2023-02-08 Environmental Defense Fund + Business Clean Beauty Justice Roadmap
2023-02-08 Deccan Herald Bengaluru sanitation worker dies, protest erupts
2023-02-08 WANE Andrews eyes Huntington water supply to solve water woes
2023-02-08 Ottawa Citizen Hundreds show up to support NAC drag story time as 30 protest against event
2023-02-08 The Philadelphia Inquirer Collingswood High students walk out for a second day of protest over allegations of racism
2023-02-08 Al-Monitor Sweden blocks Quran-burning protest
2023-02-08 The Lumberjack Cal Poly Humboldt students outraged over housing crisis
2023-02-08 Haaretz Israelis must protest until the government gets it
2023-02-08 Global Justice Ecology Project Capital Press note how GE Chestnut Trees underperform against phytophthora, a root rot
2023-02-08 The New Republic Whistleblower Tells AOC That Twitter Changed Rules To Allow Racist Trump Tweets
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