Creepy Donald’s Fragile States of America


I do not know how to tell Creepy Donald’s fascist death cult that they should care for other people

The survival of America as we know it – a particularly good, but flawed country, until recently working on improvement – depends critically upon resoundingly thumping Trump at the polls.

Dr. Glen Barry

Rarely if ever has the State of the Union been as grim or as fragile.

A pandemic rages without benefit of a federal response. Self-absorbed Americans gripe about the inconvenience of wearing a mask.

As 135,000 people are dead largely un-mourned.

It has become OK to be openly racist again. Non-whites are at risk of false imprisonment or even death from squads of Karens and rogue cops.

Sick, weak, and vulnerable; our enemies put bounties on our troops. While we surreptitiously wage war on Iran, blowing up nuclear facilities. Unidentified federal agents abduct Americans off the streets of Portland.

The 2020 budget deficit has already surged to $2.7 billion as money is printed at will. The stock market rises as the economy crumbles and mass unemployment festers.

The signs of abrupt climate change and ecosystem collapse are everywhere. Record heatwaves advance more quickly than expected, as we prepare to endure another year of burning sick forests. Water is becoming scarce.

The environment is collapsing and dying.

Despair, fear, and broken dreams mingle with unemployment, ecocide, and addictions to create a crazy morass of conspiracy, outrage, and disease.

Hunger stalks the land.

Who could have imagined that electing a reality show actor as President could go so badly? The stakes have never been higher as our bankrupt President melts down.

The last days of the Trump administration are culminating in an existential emergency threat to America and the world. Creepy Donald’s anti-science, anti-truth, anti-justice, anti-equity, anti-women, anti-non-white, anti-environment, and anti-democratic agenda has a name which must be spoken.

It is fascism.

Frankly, the most fervent Trump supporters that I have seen personally are those that did not do well in school and have limited prospects as a result. Many were bullies in their youth and remain political bullies today, and continue to not be the sharpest tools in the shed. Further, oftentimes Trumpers have limited prospects because they have shown an unwillingness to retrain for a changing economy

In an increasingly bifurcated world of haves and have nots, the deplorables embrace a twisted populist vision of despair and revenge at their imagined tormentors. Nationalism, scapegoating, falsehoods, a cult of personality, and the threat of violence provide meaning to weak, hurting, down-on-their-luck people.

The normalization of hate, racism, injustice, and untruthfulness by Creepy Donald’s acolytes has been truly shocking. It is Unamerican and threatens to usher in a dystopian authoritarian state that stops being America.

President Trump’s negligence of the greatest health crisis in the nation’s history, as he pursues personal vendettas and re-election, is a crime. His defense of confederate traitors and inflaming of racial tensions is unhinged. Justice will be had.

What will become of America, a beacon of liberty and opportunity? Are we going to let these deplorable dead-enders lead to the fall of America and the planetary system?

Granted, America was founded on the original sins of genocide and racism. We can never stop apologizing and making amends for centuries of ethnic cleansing, enslavement, and murder of indigenous peoples and black people.

You can love your country while acknowledging the truthful past and wishing for a better future. America was built upon constant self-improvement, and there is still hope of realizing our full potential of the rights of hu(man). But the system built by genocide and slavery has not yet been dismantled and there is hard and painful work ahead to do so.

America is precipitously in decline. There is reason to be concerned that another catastrophe – possible examples being a a major natural disaster, political violence, or an attack from a foreign nation – may overwhelm our resilience. Things may spiral out of control. Urgent measures must be taken every day to avoid a fall into irrelevance or perhaps even collapse.

Daily from now to 2021, we need to take measures to buttress the Fragile States of America.

Creepy Donald is unraveling and becoming an even worse blathering idiot before our very eyes. His unsteady gate and grasp, and daily tirades of petty grievances as the nation is sickened, are a window into a sick and twisted mind. We need to stand tall and strong until Trump and his virus are excised from the body politic at the polls.

So how do we ensure Fragile America makes it to the post-Trump era?

The survival of America as we know it – a particularly good, but flawed country, until recently working on improvement – depends critically upon resoundingly thumping Trump at the polls. Trump’s death cult of hate, lies, ecocide, and a frenetic instability – and America’s flirtation with authoritarian fascism – must be forever tarnished and banished.

President Trump’s reelection will only be possible through disenfranchisement. Plan your voting now. Ensure you and others around you are registered and know how to get to the polls. Every opportunity you have highlight the decay and disintegration of America values under Trump, demonstrating civility as you speak hard truths, and emphasizing that a Biden Presidency represents pulling back from the abyss to begin a return to normalcy.

At every opportunity we have, we need to set an example of caring for each other. Start by staying home when you can, and when you go out following scientific public health policy. This means masks and distancing at the least.

Model anti-fascist, democratic behavior. Care for yourselves and others. Share when you can. Work to be more self-sufficient. Grow food, plant trees, and care for children. Learn new skills.

Re-embrace grand visions of peace, love, truth, equity, ecology, and justice.

We must make crystal clear the democratic process will be followed to the letter. Under no circumstances will election cancellations or failure to accept the democratic results be tolerated. An attempt by Creepy Donald to steal the election would bring forth an anti-fascist fury that even the Trumpers should fear.

The US. Military is called upon to under no circumstances follow a Trump nuclear launch order. To seek to deescalate international conflict. And to pledge to respect the coming election.

Listen. Be open to others’ experiences. Question your white privilege. However anti-racist you may feel realize there is more you can know and learn.

The problems listed earlier are all solvable. It begins by reducing the military budget, practicing diplomacy, and once again joining civilized nations to end our state of perma-war. There is tremendous potential to use these savings for renewable energy, job training, health care, ecological restoration, public health, schools, and public infrastructure.

Recommit to an America based upon both the best of traditional values and continual betterment. For all peoples and life.

We are called upon as a nation to continue down our path of perpetual self-improvement and end all vestiges of racism once and for all. As we make the investments necessary to restore and maintain ecosystems and the climate. And ensure all have adequate water, food, and employment.

We can reclaim a United States of America where all basic needs are met, where we are at peace with the world, and once again education and health care provide the foundation for opportunity.

The Trump Virus must end. So once again America can stand proud and continue the process of being a model of decency and progress.


  1. Hi Glen,
    Great essay. Thank you!
    One concern though, I suggest refraining from referring to Trump’s supporters as “the deplorables”. That is largely what did Hillary in.
    Also below note my own response to the Pandemic. I will add you to my occasional mailings unless you prefer not.
    Patience, Persistence and Solidarity,

  2. That’s excellent Glen! We are all being tested as to our true mettle to save precious life on Earth against the deluded smug deniers. Craig

  3. Thanks a lot for the nice article. Please, keep on. Shall you allow me to forwarding this article to possible users. Regards. Farooque

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