PRESS RELEASE: Coronavirus Search Engine and Newsfeed Launch

April 13, 2020
Contact: Dr. Glen Barry,

Coronavirus is an ecological crisis

(New York, New York) – The most comprehensive coronavirus newsfeed and search engine formally launched this weekend. You can access Dr. Glen Barry’s Coronavirus Search Engine and Newsfeed at: [1]

The effort is part of ongoing development of Biosphere EcoSearch dedicated to “protecting ecosystems, climate, and people for global ecological sustainability”. Using data science and machine learning, Dr. Glen Barry of non-profit EcoInternet has built an automated aggregator that gathers all the best environmental information including coronavirus news and web content and makes it fully searchable. The effort was constructed by Dr. Barry in his spare time to learn new tools and makes tens of thousands of resources searchable. It constantly 24/7 updates and learns to do so better.

“First and foremost, coronavirus is an environmental event. COVID-19 is the culmination of brutality to wildlife, human population growth, grotesque inequity, and depleted ecosystems. Scientists have long known that pandemics were inevitable, that they are compounded by environmental damage, and that they have the potential to spawn authoritarian anti-democratic responses,” states Dr. Barry. [2]

Biosphere EcoSearch is the culmination of decades of research and practice into the use of networked databases to promote policy actions required for global ecological sustainability. Originally conceived as Dr. Barry’s PhD research at the University of Wisconsin, in recent years EcoInternet has been re-constructing a cutting edge ecological platform using big data and machine learning technologies (including Elasticsearch, Kafka, MongoDB and Python) in the AWS Cloud to gather, categorize, rank, and distribute the Earth’s best ecological information.

“In seemed logical to extend our existing platform to handle coronavirus information, given the pandemic is a global ecological and social event profoundly impacting our one shared biosphere. Indeed, the social disruptions we are encountering from coronavirus foreshadow the impacts of collapsing climate and ecosystems. These phenomenon are all intimately related to population growth and environmental decline.”

Brutality to animals including China’s wet markets must end to avoid further pandemics

“Global ecological sustainability and defeating coronavirus depend critically upon universal democratic values, equitable livelihoods including access to health care, limiting human numbers, and ending the destruction of ecosystems and the atmosphere.”

“The despair felt globally from coronavirus home isolation is not unlike that felt by wildlife awaiting slaughter in a wet market or deforested habitat. It is our hope that Biosphere EcoSearch will highlight coronavirus’ ecological linkages to help soundly defeat coronavirus and usher in an age of global ecological sustainability.”

While the cloud-based coronavirus and environmental platform is readily scalable, the size of our cloud resources are somewhat limited by how many servers we can afford on AWS. Sponsors for our work to defray these costs may be required. If the site should go down under heavy use before it can be scaled-up, please try back later.

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[1] Coronavirus RSS Newsfeed at:

[2] Ebola Is Ecosystem Collapse and Love in the Time of Ebola by Dr. Glen Barry; October 2014


  1. This is a nightmare, but meant to “make us come to our senses” as Arundhati Roy so wisely said.
    Be well,

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