This US Memorial Day: One Human Family on the Precipice

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin, 1755
“We may be different races and religions but we are all part of the same human family.” – Dalai Lama
“We are all one human family, tragically placed on a dying planet.” – Dr. Glen Barry

One Human Family Sharing a Borderless Planet That Is Dying
On a recent Memorial Day I called for an end to glorifying war, and rather than a day for celebrating war murders, suggested we take a “day to memorialize senseless acts of love, peace, sharing, and kindness.”
As America remains in a state of perma-war with a deranged narcissistic madman at the helm (continuing a long history of bi-partisan militarism), never has it been more important to remember that War Is Murder. And that modern warfare is waged on the basis of intolerable lies such as the sanctity of the nation state and conflicts over various unknowable god myths (which I have termed “God Pollution“).
The truth of the matter is that we are one human family: objectively there are no countries (which are only a social construct), nor is their one iota of proof to favor one god story over another. This essay will focus upon the utter madness of nation-states seeking security, claiming to be ensuring liberty, through standing armies meant to murder others.
Nationalism is a particularly pernicious myth meant to divide humanity. People of all sorts are one species, with essentially identical needs and aspirations. We are far more similar than different; each of us put our pants on one leg at a time, seeks love and affection, does not want to suffer, and desires the best for our children.
We are all one human family, tragically placed on a dying planet.
Having served my country in both the Army and Peace Corps, I have had the opportunity to ponder questions of war and peace, and my Political Science degree has helped as well. Out of a life-long quest for truth, I have emerged a militant pacifist, unwilling to condone violence other than in the most extreme instances of intolerable imminent harm (including perhaps the rise of global corporate fascism or collapse of the Earth’s biosphere). Yet I am fully aware that assertive people power expressed through non-violent direct action is the most just, lasting, and effective means of social change; and  must be exhaustively pursued in these times of global troubles.
While various forms of government exist, with liberal democracy being the worst and least effective, except for all the others; we are witnessing an era of creeping authoritarianism across the global political spectrum. This comes as the world is plagued by grotesque expenditures upon the military (over $1.6 trillion globally, around 37% by the US) at direct expense to global health, education, jobs, and the environment. And the world is awash in military equipment (including potentially stray nukes) sold to anyone with cold hard cash and the desire to murder.
There is not as much difference as one would suppose between autocratic Chinese market-based communism, an European Union of police-states, and American authoritarian democracy. In each governments and corporations have merged to ensure access to resources through the systematic killing of “others” that stand in their way.
This consolidation of power between commerce and state propels the ongoing ecocidal onslaught against nature that is collapsing the biosphere and threatens to end being, but not before a painful period of authoritarian suffering in a global wasteland.
Super-sized governments and corporations are rapaciously stripping Earth of natural ecosystems required for a habitable planet, largely to meet artificially created needs for non-essential goods and services for some elite over-consumers. This global oligarchy – dominated by the oil industry – exists to stymie people uniting globally for ecological sustainability, justice, equity, human rights, and community-based and autonomous livelihoods (jobs).
We are taught to respect imaginary lines on the ground more than the flesh and blood of our brethren.
Frankly I am appalled at the cost to societies of a permanent war-making economy to protect parochial self-interests of the war-mongering elite. Until just a century ago, militaries were largely demobilized between conflicts. The military-industrial-Congressional complex’s institutionalizing of war murders based upon artificial lines drawn on a map is grotesquely appalling, and threatens global ruin at any time.
To that end, it is absolutely essential that any order by UnPresident Trump to launch nuclear weapons be declared unlawful and not be implemented.
For such nationalistic corporate rule to work, we must hate others that are different than us. And to  have our less fortunate be willing to murder others who are less fortunate in the name of country and god.
It is vital that true personal liberty (to think, feel, express, and act as we wish as long as not harming others; not the sloganeering type of fascists equating liberty with obedience) not be traded for claims of security through militarism and a state of perma-war. Terrorism by both nation-state militaries and disaffected populations are bred in the back-and-forth of resource thievery, murder of innocents, criminal killing by small bands of madman, and resultant raining down of drone based missiles.
After 911 a gradual and effective shift towards global law was jettisoned. UnPresident Trump’s call to put America first returns us to a dangerous medieval tribalism unfit for an era of loose nukes and collapsing ecosystems.
The price of true liberty is the risk of criminal non-state murder, and resisting false nation-state claims that only militarism, nationalism, and war murders can keep us safe. Even with complete national corporate rule of every aspect of our lives, it will never be possible to murder our way to peace and security.
Survival and universal well-being of the human family and brethren species depend upon recommitting to creating international norms of behavior that ensure an end to war, injustice, inequity, and ecosystem loss. First and foremost this means smaller community-based commerce, and small or even non-existent national governments.
True liberty and security can only be had through commitment to a universal non-sectarian rule of law, and global mechanisms to end war murders of all types. We can respect and celebrate our ethnic variety, coming together in bioregionally based federations, while eliminating the duplicity of arbitrarily delimited national boundaries. Policies such as a global and guaranteed basic income, ending fossil fuels, demobilizing standing armies, limiting income inequity, and protecting and restoring natural ecosystems can finally be given the attention they deserve by an empowered global government.
It is well past time for one human family, standing upon the precipice of global ecosystem collapse, to come together through a strengthened United Nations type organization. Together all global citizens must reject the utter madness of nation-state based perpetual war and conflict. Many details remain to be worked out, but building upon the International Court of Justice, the Paris Climate Change Treaty, and expanding highly decentralized, yet global, governance seems the only path to avoiding utter ruin.
The human family must come together now to find common cause in the protection of our habitat, dismantling the engines of state murder, and ensuring that the basic needs of all are met. The only path to liberty AND security lies in global institutions, international law, and an end to absolute national sovereignty. And a growing global citizenry committed to peace, justice, equity, and ecology.


  1. I suggest having international cities with international values and language as well as the regional cultural preservation zones that respect visitors on the basis of some international standards and language.
    I also suggest group families with more biodiversity than nuclear families to share more and over-consume less. Plus to have a much more flexible parent to child ratio, more intimacy as connectivity, blender orientations, more resources and skill sets. For less fear of abandonment and less jealousy. With self defined contractual rules to taste. A geodesic form of family for security, strength, and flexibility.

  2. It’s over. Even if we stopped today the feedback loops would continue on for thousands of years.

  3. Trouble is, the structure of the One World Government would facilitate “evil” just as easily as “good”

    1. Yes, that is the case with all human endeavors. Yet still not clear how solve global problems without global governance.

  4. Yes all endeavor depends on good intentions toward a system that meets the needs of the entire system not just fights for parts to dominate.
    Complex systems do not easily change, necessity forces coming down off the mushroom clouds and facing reality.
    If I were to present a religious notion it would a holistic system, something that includes everything and is more than the sum of it’s parts.

  5. Interesting the opinion of prof .Guy Mqc Pherson : that earth will be a planet without atmosphere like Mars after its pest -humans-vanishes.This because the nuclear facilities will all blow up at a certain moment and consume/ionodise the air

  6. Thank you for this very comprehensive article which espouses a benign world government. The problem is that there’s no human perfection. Some are better than others, but none are perfect. If we all could look back and see that we came from a common ancestor, that the color of our blood is essentially the same, perhaps there might not be the air of superiority we are seeing in the leadership of nations, who fear they may not be the first to drop the ‘A-bomb’. And then the corporations, who couldn’t care less about humanity and destruction of our planet so long as their profit margin is great.
    I am 91, with children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and I am terrified about their future. Why don’t our leaders care about their descendants? I cannot understand their being so cold-hearted.

  7. So let’s work on a solution.
    We have the ideal tool at our disposal: the Internet.
    It links us all, without direct government control, yet all we do is entertain ourselves with it: sales, porn, movies, music, narcissistic preening on social networks.
    Global social networking — and I don’t mean Facebook or Instagram — could be an instantaneous reflection of human intention and need, and a tool for decision-making and action. A 24/7 voting station, a platform for ongoing referendums. We could be counted, and we would be able to see how many others feel as we do.
    The entrepreneurs and IT firebrands out there have shown that they can commandeer the Internet’s resources despite governmental scrutiny. It’s our ally, if we use it right. Is anyone prepared to push towards this goal, summon the energy and creativity needed — without financial inducement?
    Or is money the only thing that motivates us?
    This is a loophole that won’t stay open forever. As soon as governments and corporations realize we can — and might — use the Internet in this way, it will be more closely monitored, controlled, and eventually — once they work out how to do it — effectively shut down.
    For our own safety, you know?

    1. This is the main reason that the internet arose, to express a ‘new’ way of organisation – though it is inherent in all organisations, this network, has, for the most part, remained hierarchical. My thoughts are that it needs to be organised in a tree like structure so as to keep the noise to a minimum.

  8. Run with that idea, Julian, plant that tree if you’re able. I don’t have any computer smarts so all I can do is yell encouragement from the sidelines. I’ll happily do that, and whatever else I can to contribute ideas — but ideas aren’t what we’re short of, I guess. It’s the ability and will to implement them. Cast a net, see what you can pull in…

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