Find Meaning in Nature and #TheResistance to Trump Fascism

There is no left or right, only tyranny or freedom, nature or ecocide. Ascendant authoritarian fascists seeking to oppress others and obstruct responses to scientific truths with hate speech and alternative facts must be resisted and eliminated from public discourse and power.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” – Thomas Jefferson
“Hate speech and alternative facts targeting nature and liberty must never be normalized. American fascism must be resisted at all costs or we face the end of being.” – Dr. Glen Barry

Deep ecology essay by Dr. Glen Barry, EcoInternet,
Resist American Fascism
Post-modern being has become overwhelmingly meaningless. There is little to believe in but consumption, the stories you were indoctrinated into as children, and hating others that are different. Abuse, neglect, debt slavery, and addiction are rampant, and positive communities of support have frayed. Very few are able to overcome such abject soulless misery by thinking freely and choosing their own path in life. Out of such an existential state of nothingness all sorts of grotesque and vile ideologies and demagogues can emerge.
We are faced with a fascist coup in the United States of America. A mentally ill megalomaniac has seized power through FBI misconduct, foreign intervention, and anti-intellectual hate. It is the duty of all who love America, indeed a free and green Earth, to resist this predator’s awful policy agenda and ruthless self-aggrandizement, or face nuclear annihilation and final biosphere collapse. The end of being as the biosphere collapses is nigh unless we come together to embrace truth and justice by resisting fascism.
UnPresident Trump is unfit for office. I call for immediate impeachment of Donald Trump for a slew of crimes against humanity and the constitution already in progress and to come. Until such time as this occurs, all truth, peace, and liberty loving Americans and global citizens are implored to practice widespread non-cooperation with this illegitimately elected tyrant. It is up to the #TheResistance to enforce environmental regulations, care for those in need, make peace including with our oppressors, and fiercely defend scientific and other truths.
During Trump’s mercurial reign assurances are sought from the U.S. military command (and other nuclear powers) that under no circumstances will nuclear missiles be launched. Creepy Donald’s little fascist temper tantrums must not be allowed to blow up the world.
Indigenous peoples will lead the way
The human family faces unprecedented threats to our very being as a species on a living Planet from ecosystem destruction and the resultant rise of authoritarianism. Abrupt climate change is only one manifestation (albeit deadly in its own right) of impending biosphere collapse. Humanity’s state of inequitable over-population has scraped the land of natural ecosystems, fouled water, cleared oceans, over-worked soils, and otherwise waged ecocide upon the very ecosystem habitats that make Earth livable. Anti-science ignorance cannot be tolerated.
Withdrawal from the Paris climate treaty and suppression of climate change science are tantamount to a declaration of war against the Earth and all her life including people. Climate denial as state policy will not be tolerated and will be resisted whatever the cost. The alternative is runaway abrupt climate change that destroys the biosphere and all life. This must not be allowed to happen. Indigenous peoples, long brutalized by settlers’ colonization, nonetheless are resurgent, providing much needed environmental leadership. Respectfully make common cause with all such Earth protectors.
Despite broken families, drug abuse, atomized communities, and hate and war being the norm; we can choose to come together to give meaning to the sum of our being. The #NoDAPL movement was founded by troubled teens and young adults seeking a sense of community to heal their brokenness. What can you create with others for nature and against fascism? There are at least 198 non-violent means of protest and non-cooperation with evil (see
Come together now in #TheResistance to heal our broken lives and societies with a shared commitment to truth, justice, equity, and ecology. The Alt-Majority will find meaning in soundly defeating the Alt-Right and their vile hate speech and alternative facts justifying racism, tyranny, ecocide, and genocide.
With so many ways to resist, there is no reason for not doing so, unless you yourself are a fascist or a fascist-sympathizer. Perhaps widespread non-cooperation with the government and entire communities swarming and shutting down offending institutions through sheer numbers are my favorite means of peaceful yet forceful opposition (Who did it? We all did!). Embrace truth. The scientific method is one, albeit imperfect, path to identify and respond to objective reality. See you at the March for Science in Washington DC on Earth Day.
Go back to the land. Heal yourself and help others do so as well as you create intentional communities based upon protecting and restoring nature, as you resist rising authoritarianism and every form of hierarchical oppression in all their manifestations. Grow your own food, and work to build real community committed to justice, human happiness and well-being, and sustainable livelihoods. Or stay right where you are and clandestinely wage non-compliance with fascism, providing a much needed support network to others putting their bodies and lives on the line.
Find meaning for your life by helping others continue to be free to sustainably exist within naturally evolved ecosystems. Create a lifestyle rich in experience, learning, knowledge, companionship, well-being, and in service to the truth.
We are all one human family
Stop letting what others think of you hold you down. The past is the past. Now – as humanity is faced with war, pestilence, and collapse – is your hour to shine. You can be so much more than you have thought possible, and there are more enlightened and soulful lifestyles available to you than you can imagine. Many of which don’t involve crass over-consumption and personal anger aggregating to a state of global perma-war, final ecological collapse, and unimaginably horrific mass death.
Those willing to bear the risks may want to consider joining the anti-fascist movement. I fully expect Trump to start murdering those he has scapegoated as well as fellow Americans at any time. Unpopular authoritarian demagogues always resort to war murders and violence against the opposition to appear strong. It is time to prepare to defend ourselves and American values when Trump’s fascist jack-booted thugs start killing scientists, free thinkers, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans, gays, atheists, blacks, intellectuals, and those that take part in #TheResistance.
At such a point there is no recourse but rebellion. Prepare yourselves to remain free and green.
I would suggest that a green libertarian political philosophy is the answer. It is time to unite as one human family to embrace nature and freedom, and reject authoritarianism, and big governments and big corporations alike, using all just means necessary. Shared survival depends upon accepting ecology is the meaning of life.
Hate speech and alternative facts targeting nature and liberty must never be normalized. American fascism must be resisted at all costs or we face the end of being.


  1. Hello Dr Glen Barry,
    Thanks for your analysis. Here in New Zealand recently a commentator pulled a quote from Mussolini out of the past in which Mussolini claimed that the population craved order and discipline at that point in time and at that place, in other words fascism. I don’t know if that was true or if it was why. But looking at today when there is fundamental change and fast change happening one way or another (Naomi Klein – “This Changes Everything”), then that is a very scary reality for many people. Perhaps they do crave this type of fascism as a false buttress against the new realities required as a response to climate change and nuclear weapons. Anthropologist Jared Diamond has written how societies choose to collapse. We have a choice as you point out.
    New Zealand

    1. Thank you Richard. Yes, we have a choice to as to whether we respond logically to climate change and nuclear weapons, or embrace false security ensuring collapse. We must choose to embrace truth.

  2. Dear Dr. Barry :
    I have read yr essay with great interest. Few – at least in EU-countries – would have anticipated that someone like Donald J. Trump would ever win the presidency of the United States – but it happened, and apparently in accordance with the rules in force….
    Even though I’d never dare to compare Donald Trump with Adolf Hitler, the way to win the election was almost the same back in 1933, as Hitler’s party won a majority of votes in accordance with the democratic system in force.
    Critically thinking intellectuals in the US as well as renowned, powerful media will certainly be the watchdogs of the political development in your country. Thomas Jefferson was and still is right saying that it would be a duty to resist, when injustice would become law. And Plato already said ca. 300 years B.C. that “The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”
    Duly adjourned.
    Best regards from Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

  3. Yes, Hitler was a singular historical figure. There are many forms of fascism other than Nazism. Watching President Trump’s trajectory I do foresee he is capable of great evil done with blustered self-assurance. I fully expect massive war and violence against his own citizens. We shall see if America’s institutions and citizens are strong enough to resist and ultimately depose such a madman before it is too late.

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