EcoInternet Relaunches Earth’s Leading Climate Change and Environment Newsfeed

EcoInternet’s Climate Change and Environment Newsfeed is a game-changer for sustainability
EcoInternet Relaunches Earth’s Leading Climate Change and Environment Newsfeed
Contact: Dr. Glen Barry,
November 30, 2016
(New York, New York) – EcoInternet – aggregator of rainforest, climate, and environmental news since 1989 – is pleased to announce its new and unprecedented “Climate Change and Environment Newsfeed”. The big data based, machine learning tool is 24/7 automatically identifying the best ecological news on the Internet, and networking it via social media and newsfeeds. The big data based ecological aggregator replaces a more manual process used for over 20 years to network ecological information.
Thousands of global leading news sources are being integrated into the “Climate Change and Environment Newsfeed” and can be viewed on EcoInternet’s web site at (right hand column). The newsfeed can be also used via RSS at, on Twitter at, and on Facebook in summary at and in full at: Additional Reddit, Snapchat, and Google+ newsfeeds are in the works.
“EcoInternet’s deep ecology newfeed is yet another game-changer in the use of the Internet to foster global ecological sustainability. There has never been anything like this – big data and machine learning technologies scouring the Internet for leading ecological prognoses and solutions, learning and improving the quality of its content as it goes along,” explains Dr. Glen Barry, EcoInternet’s President.
EcoInternet has long been a pioneer in the use of the Internet to promote environmental conservation. On the web since 1993, EcoInternet’s predecessors were among the very first web sites, and Dr. Glen Barry’s forest commentary was the first blog ever, as for over 20 years forest, climate and environmental content aggregation, networking, search engines, action alerts, and blog commentary have been non-stop. EcoInternet recently retired its legacy sites and is working upon building a big data based database of all the world’s leading environmental content, and data mining this huge amount of information for solutions to ecological sustainability.
The new newsfeed was built on the cheap over recent months with just over $2,000 in donations. The Craiglist Charitable Fund has also supported EcoInternet’s use of social media for ecological sustainability. EcoInternet appeals for further support to build data pipelines of environmental content for searching and data analytics. Next leading big data tools such as Nutch and Elastisearch will be used to create full text search engines of the newsfeed content, as Kafka and Spark are used for machine learning and data mining these data flows. EcoInternet expects to make environmental sustainability indices and other content available from these data science analyses soon.
Please support EcoInternet with a donation from their web site at And please begin using EcoInternet’s “Climate Change and Environment Newsfeed” in your work to protect native ecosystems (including ending old-growth forest logging), dramatically cut fossil fuel emissions, and support organic perma-culture. “The global ecological system may be collapsing and dying, yet our best hope lies in using the Internet to identify and scale-up known environmental sustainability solutions fast,” says Dr. Barry.
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