Global Biosphere Collapse, the End of Being, Upon Us

Earth is dying
Miraculous nature is being murdered. Everywhere we look inequitable over-consumption is devastating the natural ecosystems that sustain a living Earth. Together we yield to ecological truth – personally embracing a global ecology ethic, and demanding others do so as well – or we all needlessly die at each others’ throats as the global ecological system collapses and being ends.

Gaia’s ecosystem organs – old-growth forests, natural waterways, bountiful oceans, vibrant soils – will be restored and maintained at all costs as global ecological reserves to power the biosphere and maintain a living and livable Earth. — Dr. Glen Barry

The Signs
Everywhere you look humans are destroying nature. We are eating the ecosystems that sustain us, crapping in our own habitat, calling it development as we destroy our one shared biosphere.
Look outside your window. Chances are that the “nature” you see – some degraded secondary forests, power lines and roadways, with disturbed soil and degraded waterways – was a million year old natural ecosystem only a few generations ago. Never have naturally evolved ancient ecosystems been so swiftly destroyed to produce throw away consumer junk.
We are witnessing the age of ecocidal, conspicuous, and inequitable over-consumption. 90% of old growth forests have been mowed and large ocean fish harvested. Half of both natural soil and vegetation have been destroyed. Oceans are dying from bottom trawling, acidification, and over-harvest.
Abrupt and runaway climate change is well underway as humanity continues to treat our atmosphere as a waste dump. We piss and worse into our natural waterways as billions lack clean drinking water. Plants and animals as well as people are fleeing collapsing ecosystems.
And most people are too fucking dumb to realize what is occurring, little more than microbes being pickled in their own waste as their and all being ends.
The Outlook
China is going to ecologically collapse first, as industrial filth on behalf of all nations has proliferated, and it will be soon. Collapse of this ecocidal tyranny may well by itself pull down the biosphere. Similarly India and Europe are most at risk – where millennia of ecological simplification, along with tremendous over-population, will ensure mass migration and conflict until these population bases are brought into balance once again with natural ecosystems.
The United States may persist longer as the ecocide has not occurred for as long. But here nationalistic militarism along with an unparalleled sense of entitlement, and a lack of understanding of community and the natural world, is perhaps most dangerous. If every American is not allowed to realize their exceptional birthright to wantonly overconsume, they damn well will destroy everybody and everything in fits of infantile rage.
Prepare to see the vegetation, what remains, wither and die. Get used to there being no water in the tap much less locally available. Be ready for major energy shocks where your car sits lifeless in the driveway, a chunk of immobile metal, as your house remains unheated and uncooled. Consider what food can be raised locally, and at what price, as that is all that will be available.
Expect bands of marauders to pillage your belongings and have their way with your wives and daughters. The re-emergence of slavery and warring autocratic city-states is a virtual certainty as centuries of social progress are jettisoned. We are already witnessing the rise of authoritarian demagoguery as environmental conditions worsen.
Entire bioregions are going to be laid to waste and have to be evacuated as they become uninhabitable. Mass migration at unprecedented scales is imminent. Given uncertainly in lag times, and what wells of ecological resiliency remain in the Earth System, it is difficult to know how long it will be until the biosphere goes into positive feedback and collapses and dies. It is also virtually impossible to know when it is too late and will occur regardless.
That is why we must seek an ecological ethic and way of life until our dying breath. Despite its shortcomings, ecocidal inclinations in particular, the human species is an amazing creature. Our ability to think abstractly, examining and learning from our natural surroundings, are unsurpassed. Our opposable thumbs are cool too. Now if we could learn to not use them to destroy nature we will be set to live essentially forever as a species.
The Options
We have everything we need to construct a just, equitable, and verdant future for all. Plentiful renewable energy sources exist. We know how to recreate natural ecosystems and permaculture gardens from the plant diversity that remains. Educating girls, providing free birth control, and economic incentives for small families can stabilize and then reduce the population.
Throughout human history we see time and time again people coming together to do what must be done to beat back evil, reset the social order, and advance. Together we will have to shutdown the fossil fuel industry, demand global demilitarization and demobilization, and insist upon a reduction in the size and influence of corporations and governments alike.
From justice, equity, and ecology will flow peace and well-being to all Earth’s peoples and species.
So much of our prospects depend upon living more simply and naturally. That is why posing, preening “climate activists” like Leonardo DiCaprio are so dangerous. They tell us climate change is real from the back of a polluting private jet, spewing emissions from luxurious lifestyles that the majority seek but can never attain. We are going to have to learn to live more simply materially, as we explore the rich abundance in knowledge, sport, arts, leisure, and making love.
A global ecology ethic based upon ecological truths must arise spontaneously utilizing all the tools at our disposal including the Internet. We must come to realize we are one human family spinning through space upon a naturally evolved living organism upon which we are utterly dependent. Gaia’s ecosystem organs – old-growth forests, natural waterways, bountiful oceans, vibrant soils – will be restored and maintained at all costs as global ecological reserves to power the biosphere and maintain a living and livable Earth.
Such a global ecology ethic goes well beyond the obvious and demands a complete reorganization of the dominant paradigm. We perish unless we come to accept the truthful worldview that we are one human family, nation states are a lie, there is no god, and ecology is the meaning of life. Together we embrace and act upon ecology and other such self-evident truths or we face vicious, merciless death at each others’ hands as we collapse the biosphere. And then being ends.


  1. Yes, yes and yes. And I’m also wondering why you didn’t mention our necessary shift away from animal agriculture. Many Permaculture practices utilize animals, while Veganic practices allow us to obtain the same results without using more resources than necessary to inefficiently convert plant proteins that are rich in phytonutrients and fiber into animal proteins that are known to put our personal health at risk. Numerous studies have shown that a global shift to a plant-based diet is critical if we are to avert climate disaster and restore an ecological balance necessary for humans to thrive on earth.

  2. It’s necessary to take action against Nature destroyers otherwise our lives are difficult to survive without green Nature.
    As a recent example In chhattisgarh state India we have many Power plant. Cement plant. Iron plant allowed for their big set up.. A lots green jungles smashed,,results every day huge elephants entering in city area and killing people and destroying crops and smashed their houses,, Big wild life on the road and killing people please save human lifes I am always with you in this mission God bless you

  3. You are so annoying. Telling the truth pisses many people off but, unfortunately, not enough. Tell the people everything is great and there is no trouble in paradise and people will begin to question and doubt, at least some of the time. And some of the time is better than nothing.
    Meanwhile, keep annoying and as politicians continue lying that things are great, the combination might get partial results. Sadly, partial is too little.

    to obey
    1. Protect The Child’s Innate Zest For Life
    2. Free the Planet and the 99.3 % Human Beings from the 0.3 % Empathy-loose Khazarian Nazionists called The West, including West Khazaria (the fascist police state *USA* under total control of the AIPAC mafia) and East Khazaria (*Europe* controlled by the Khazarian EU commission)
    3. Elect 730 OXTR-empathy-gene certified members of
    The United Peoples World Parliament
    to take over the corporations.
    New World History (FB *Empathic Rule*)

  5. But we can never give up because what we do matters. Future generations won’t be able to go back and undo what our generation is doing right now.

  6. James Lovelock in a recent article in The Guardian Weekly (Oct 14, 2016) seems to think other factors beside climate change will stress the human race sooner, namely robots. Others seem to think the speed of robots, such as the use of electronic surveillance , will make changes and present challenges which humans have only a rudimentary grasp currently. Can you evaluate these thoughts within the context of your analysis here, the timeframe and the level of impact, please.

  7. We must create a culture of peace. As long as we make war our environment will not be of first priority importance. Spoken-word language generates human culture. We must deliberately create a new language. Contact me for further information. Look at “Joseph Gilbert on sound symbolism” on Google for some of my writings.

  8. Hello, Dr Barry,
    I have read many of your essays and feel a profound frustration, as you do, with the lack of awareness of most people to the stupidity we follow regarding how to keep this planet healthy and productive. The mindless myth of perpetual growth is something found nowhere in nature, so why humans thought it was a good idea, is baffling.
    Thank you for your essays and you push to bring change. I wish I could donate more, but I do what I can and pass your work on to others hoping to raise awareness and encourage donations to your work.
    Have you read any of Graeme Sait’s work? He is from Yandina, Queensland, Australia, and works with rebuilding and restoring damaged soils with humus etc. He gives seminars to farmers around the globe to get back to natural methods of farming and soil use. His thoughts about protecting the environment are in tune with yours. His company is Nutritech Solutions. If you haven’t heard of him, you may be interested in his work.
    Cheers, Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer,,
      Interesting comment about “nowhere in nature”. That is a strain of thought worth exploration, I think. If that is true then having another look at human history from the perspective of a full planet today could be very provocative.
      Consider, however, how populations of a species in nature do grow and die off depending upon conditions. This would not be considered acceptable in human civilisations; however, attempts at genocide are not unknown. All this needs to be clearly described in order to attack “perpetual growth”.
      “The mindless myth of perpetual growth is something found nowhere in nature, so why humans thought it was a good idea, is baffling.”

      1. The idea that humans, using technology, should appropriate the whole surface of the planet to our economy at the expense of other life forms, was an idea never challenged before 1970.
        But this is inconcievable to all indigenous cultures.

      1. Informing the public about anything is difficult given the ratings greed of television broadcasting and their willingness to waste air time in celebrities or shallow coverage. But some celebrities defeated this by becoming activists.

  9. If we approach as a human..we never got out. Protecting us at first..and those who we put on earth wanting a future to. I’m the stupids living being on earth, I know..But taking the human problem to medical, political, economical, humanitarian, natural, mathematical or what ever way..Who to solve a problem? Try medical : disease: humanity (cancer, Ebola..what ever..) How do humans react? Protecting, cue..etc. What if humanity IS a disease? Protecting what? Curing what? Ourselves? Destroying that disease, like pest = us? How curing ourselves? Like a disease? Should be the human way, but isn’t at all being human it? Why? Why ending wars, starvings from hunger.thirst, diseases, getting older etc..while “natural way”: dying..Only growing, killing everything around us like a a cancer-tumor.. Defensing us only..being a disease! Getting older, surviving easier etc. Being human..!!!! Only “thinking” we are the wised, important, needed part of the earth? Or only us: Humans=disease? Human will save the earth, nature, way of life..Do we? How about earth without humans? I give 100 years from now..with or without! Changes would be happening..BUT. whit humans..will there be a world to live in? would be cruel nature always was..but..there will be a world any how! But like I wrote before..I’m the stupids creature on earth. Never go out from my front door, never studied, never know about other cultures, never opened a book..never think.being a kid of 1 year old..even less .(being sarcastic in those last words).

  10. The solution is simple, more renewables, less use of energy and a smaller population. Anything that increases these is good and decreases bad. I don’t think swearing helps the cause and certainly doesn’t help my reading.

    1. The planet cannot support animal agriculture. It uses something like 18 times as much land as growing food for people only.

  11. Fucking dumb yes, some know what’s going on but not willing to do something about it, ’cause it’s already to late or ‘what can we do etc.
    It is frustrating that we are still hooked to fossil fuel based transportation ad electricity production on a huge scale.Not only the use of a car etc. is polluting but the production even more.The same for the laptops i pods tablets etc.Else where it causes destruction of vast landscapes and facilitating human slave work for ex in Africa and Indonesia.

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