VICTORY! Walker’s Proposed Wisconsin Great Lakes Mine Perched Above Lake Superior Defeated

EcoInternet help stop the Gogebic mine
The project’s collapse is a major blow to Governor Scott Walker’s anti-science environmental policies. The only question remaining is whether the governor must now return the $700,000 bribe paid by the out-of-state developers for its approval.
March 1, 2015
Contact: Dr. Glen Barry

“It shows that when Progressives and Greens unite Scott Walker can be beaten.” ― Dr. Glen Barry

(Green Bay, Wisconsin) – Plans for a major Wisconsin iron ore mine perched in the Penokee Hills above Lake Superior have been cancelled [1]. The proposed Gogebic taconite mine had from the beginning been incautious regarding the potential to destroy tribal rice lands, foul the Great Lakes, and rife with corruption. This is a major blow to all-but-announced Presidential candidate Scott Walker, stopping his anti-science attacks upon Wisconsin’s environment for the benefit of out-of-state funders, even as his demagoguery against workers and education continues [2].
“I guess this means my old college buddy Scott Walker will have to give back the $700,000 bribe from his out-of-state backers,” notes Dr. Glen Barry sarcastically. “This is a major loss for Governor Walker’s authoritarian demagoguery, and shows the weakness of his anti-science environmental policies. It shows that when Progressives and Greens unite Scott Walker can be beaten.”
EcoInternet is deeply gratified that our efforts to internationalize the campaign successfully amplified solid tribal and local opposition. Over a hundred thousand protest emails were sent through EcoInternet to virtually all parties constructing or approving the mine [3]. This is EcoInternet’s second major victory in 2015, after we successfully spearheaded international protest that led to the protection of tens of thousands of years old cave art and surrounding rainforests in Papua New Guinea [4].
Perhaps partially due to the strength of opposition, the project was found to be “unfeasible” and the mining exploration and office are being shutdown (all but one staff member, so we must remain vigilant). The mine would have devastated the Bad River watershed, which flows north through tribal lands and empties into Lake Superior. A major industrial accident by Walker cronies who had never mined iron ore before could have conceivably fouled the Great Lakes which hold 20% of the world’s freshwater.
The harm wrought by Walker’s reactionary attacks upon Wisconsin’s environment will linger for some time, as environmental laws and local control regarding mining have been gutted, meaning there exists an opportunity for further pay-to-play mining in Wisconsin.
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