VICTORY! Thrilling Rainforest Victory for Karawari Indigenous Cave Art, the Great Nation of Papua New Guinea, and EcoInternet

EcoInternet has helped save Karawari, Papua New Guinea’s unique cave art and rainforests. Photo by: Lucas Sorge
Australian Broadcasting Corporation media coverageSo incredibly gratifying to be called out by renowned anthropologist Nancy Sullivan – simply an amazing woman – for having helped protect ancient cave art and surrounding rainforests. Much work to be done to make Karawari a conservation area.
(Honolulu, Hawaii) – EcoInternet is thrilled to announce that our international campaign to save the ancient Karawari indigenous cave art and adjoining rainforests from mining in Papua New Guinea [1] has been successful. Certainly the exemplary organizing by local residents to resist Australia and Malaysian mining and logging interests was the primary reason plans to mine the area have been dropped for now [2]. Yet several thousand people from 110 countries sending some 238,629 protest emails through EcoInternet are widely acknowledged to have had significant positive impact on the outcome as well.
“EcoInternet specializes in internationalizing local environmental protest, and over the past two decades we have had a hand in saving vast tracts of rainforests globally, particularly in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Virtually every community in rainforest rich PNG is threatened by some deceptive ploy to steal their resources while leaving local peoples destitute. We hope that being based in Honolulu, Hawaii, EcoInternet is better placed to help end this type of ecocidal development in the Pacific once and for all,” explains EcoInternet President, Dr. Glen Barry.
EcoInternet is a registered 501c3 non-profit, and is entirely dependent upon users for financial support. EcoInternet has recently raised a modest $12,000 and are trying to raise another $2,500 before the end of January when the 2014 year-end fund-raiser wraps up. Please donate what you can at .
You support will help EcoInternet in their current Papua New Guinea rainforest campaign to “Protect Woodlark Island’s Pacific Rainforests and Indigenous Forest Gardens from Corrupt Logging” at . The island’s intact rainforests, cultures, and indigenous perma-culture are threatened by the Malaysian timber mafia, as corruption ravages the nation. It is time to end ecosystem destroying resource thievery falsely labeled as development in the Pacific Islands.
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[1] Action Alert: Protect Papua New Guinea Indigenous Cave Dwellers from Rainforest Destroying Mafia,
[2] Karawari Cave Arts, – local Papua New Guinea campaign on facebook. Please consider supporting their work with a donation.
For more information and how to support Dr. Glen Barry’s and EcoInternet’s pioneering work in political ecology in the Pacific Islands and globally please visit: .
Contact: Dr. Glen Barry,
Support EcoInternet’s resurgent campaign to protect and restore all old-growth forests by ending primary forest logging at:

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