Global Ecosystem Collapse

Old-Growth Forests Necessary to Avert Ecosystem Collapse
The global environment is collapsing as human industrial growth overruns ecosystem habitats that make life possible. Either we choose now to embrace personal and societal changes necessary for global ecological sustainability, first and foremost stopping the destruction of ecosystems, or we face collapse and the end of being. The meaning of life is radical freedom, sustained ecology, freethinking, truth and justice, and loving all life like kin – so the biosphere, humanity, and all life continue to naturally evolve forever.


The global ecological system is collapsing and dying. Humanity wantonly destroys natural ecosystems and climatic patterns that provide all life’s environmental habitats. Our one shared, overpopulated, ecologically diminished, abjectly unfair biosphere is careening toward scarcity, war, disease, and social, economic and ecosystem collapse.
Threats facing the global environment are far more than climate change and include deterioration of water, forests, food, and oceans which cumulatively threaten all life’s very being. Large, intact old-growth forests and other naturally evolved ecosystems maintain local and regional ecological habitability and livelihoods. Without large, natural ecosystems and agro-ecology as humanity’s surrounding context, our own and all other species face abrupt climate change and biosphere collapse.
What sharpens the problem on climate change and ecosystem loss is that we think we have time, when the biosphere is well into collapse. We face an unprecedented global ecological emergency as natural life-giving ecosystems collapse and die under the weight of human industrial growth. Our overpopulated, over-consuming, inequitable, human decimated Earth continues to wildly careen toward ecosystem collapse unless we find a way to come together as one human family and change fast.


Global ecosystem collapse is causing increased war, pestilence, poverty, migration and rise of authoritarian corporatism. Ecosystem loss, overpopulation, rising inequity, nationalistic warmongering, abject poverty, and lack of justice threaten Earth’s and humanity’s very being. Either humanity immediately comes together to embrace universal liberty, ecology, fairness and justice, or alone we each face a violent, gut wrenching end of being.
Humanity has become an ignorant overbreeding scourge upon Earth, too self-obsessed to notice we are devouring our own habitat to fleetingly consume more stuff. Our ecologically dying world spirals toward perma-war, epidemics, famine, fascism, chaos, mass death, and biosphere collapse. Centuries of social progress are threatened by abrupt climate change, ecosystem collapse, and rising authoritarianism.
The child immigration crises we see on the Mexico/US border, between Africa and Europe, and elsewhere are the result of ecosystem collapse, overpopulation and centuries of exploitative imperialism by the rich waged on the poor. All children everywhere must be cared for as we restore ecosystems and provide incentives for small families. Any one of us could be a refugee at any time, and many of us will be as entire regions collapse ecologically, and then the biosphere dies.


There exists a brief window of opportunity to together transition to global ecological sustainability, or alone we face biosphere collapse and the end of being. But it depends upon embracing unpleasant truths: War is murder. Industrial development is ecocide. God is a myth. Inequity is evil. Nations don’t exist.
Truth is the answer. The human family must come together globally for ecology – and other truths such as liberty, justice, workers, and fairness – or else all is lost.
Again, there are no countries or gods, just the human family and kindred species, sharing the fruits of one living biosphere. From the tiniest creatures to the global ecosystem, we are all part of the same natural evolutionary journey, and we must love all being like kin. It is absolute societal madness that the human family can’t take responsibility for its actions and won’t stop destroying ecosystem habitats, instead learning to share and live in peace in order to avert the coming ecological apocalypse.
Large portions of Earth’s remaining forests, oceans and other natural ecosystems must be protected and restored to sustain the biosphere. Well-funded mainstream environmental bureaucracies are woefully failing to promote a sufficient vision and course of action to achieve global ecological sustainability and should be defunded, to support small-scale, community-based ecological advocacy, sustainable development, and transition communities.
As climate change and ecosystem collapse ravage the environment, further fossil fuel use and old-growth forest logging are crimes against Earth and humanity.To survive and thrive, humanity must choose to end fossil fuels, protect and restore natural ecosystems, embrace agro-ecology and end industrial agriculture, and have fewer kids (while caring well for those they do have).
For planetary and human survival large old-growth forests and agro-ecological permaculture must remain our ecological context. Ecological salvation can be found in your garden – growing organic food, restoring natural ecosystems, cutting emissions – as you go back to the land.
Life is all about green liberty – maintaining your duties to the environment and all life’s well-being as you remain radically free. Dissent and peace are patriotic! War, ecocide, ignorance, corporatism, conspicuous overconsumption, and inequity are not. Be a patriot, not a nationalist. Love your country – but love the human family, all life, and Earth more. Know how patriotism differs from nationalism and militarism.
It is up to each and every one of us to commit our full being to sustaining ecology and living gently upon Earth… or our ONE SHARED BIOSPHERE collapses and being ends.


  1. I love John Lennon more than most, get what you mean, but when you cannot cross safely a border, you are talking bull crap and run the risk of people reading your “godmyth” and “nocountry” and deleting your urgent message. No sense in being intentionally inflammatory (or a jerk) if you need to get out a valid plea for global community. Even though I agree with most of what you say, and your call to action, “Damn it Jim!”, you have sunk your own message! Pure ego…

    1. Really, Jess. John Lennon is dead. The division of the Earth into countries is a human construct and not Nature’s, and atheism is now the world’s third biggest “faith”. Religion, of course, is also a human invention. What has this got to do with anything anyway? The point is that there is no saviour floating around in the sky waiting to rescue us from the mess we have made of our planet. If there were any such thing as an all-powerful being, you’d think that he or she would have prevented us from even embarking on our path of destruction. As for countries and borders, you should understand that the biosphere is one entity and has no borders, and that whatever we do to one part of it will affect the whole.
      The sad thing is that our gross stupidity will prevail and we will lose our own species as well as a very large percentage of other life forms. The great thing is that within around 10 million years the Earth will be teeming with life once again, and it will have forgotten us.

  2. Could not agree with you more, I believe we have only a small window of opportunity to be able to change our ways, in order to prevent global meltdown. The best way forward is to completely reform the tax system by replacing all taxes with a single natural resource tax based on taxing all resources according to the damage their use causes to the environment and subsequently the planet.

  3. Sadly the steps required for humanity to stop destroying the natural world, other than ourselves, are too difficult for humanity to take.
    It does not help to confuse, and conflate, issues such as inequality, child immigration, and nationalism (very human society issues) with the actual problems of getting the human population down to about one tenth (at the very most – maybe one hundredth) of its current level, and reversing the human tendency to constantly want to explore, get more, get more excitement, progress etc.
    The biosphere will not be destroyed by humans. It will be terribly degraded, and there will be only a very small number of species left on earth once humanity has got to its limits, but there will still – I am sure – be some life.
    Sadly, there is no way in which humanity can comfortably, kindly, democratically and without trauma solve the dreadful situation it has got itself into. Unless the number of people on the earth is massively reduced, and before too many decades have passed, and those that survive have an attitude that ensures the earth and its living systems are cared for on an ongoing basis (true sustainability) there is little chance of preventing humanity from causing the next great mass extinction on the planet.
    It is still worthwhile trying, with every last breath we have, to get humanity to behave better and take care of the planet, but I fear it is pretty much a lost cause. However, trying to prevent humanity damaging the natural world is a purpose in life as good as any other I can imagine, and better than most. and it will be what I do till I am no longer able to.
    Let us just hope enough people share this belief, so we have a chance of getting humanity to avert its path of destruction, on which it is currently set.

  4. Superb essay Glenn
    It is brilliant of you to keep up your cry in the wilderness for Mother Earth.
    I pLan to put on a climate emergency video event at the New York Climate Week in September.
    Could you arrange for some one to do a video of you basically retelling what is in your essays.
    I will pay a reasonable amount if we need to pay someone to do it.
    As you know if we don’t get emissions falling on an emergency basis almost all of life is doomed to disappear.
    The CAN Int 2014 position is far their best but noone is getting it out.
    The only IPCC AR5 sub 2C scenario RCP 2.6 calls for emissions decline by 2020, but even that’s not out there.
    Very best Peter

  5. absolutely no idea what John Lennon has to do with anything … maybe you should see a doctor … or are you already off your meds ? // … the problem is exacerbated by the exponential curve involved … i.e. , it will continue to get worse at an excerating pace … and of course, the other curves at play … increasingly stupified population, ‘entertained’ perpetually into a zombie-like state, whatever political power they might have had surrendered into perpetual debt, in the credit-card culture so many now exist in. /// Large changes of the kind now required are generally referred to as revolutions … indeed, didn’t the original American revolutionists say that another revolution would be required in all likelihood?

  6. Dr. Barry,
    I don’t think anything I can do will stop this madness in my lifetime. Therefore I am very much aware how little time I have. Thinking that the cosmic shit will hit the fan after I am dead gives me little comfort. But you are still more pessimistic than me. I still wish your message may be heard by the deaf and seen by the blind. And felt by the psychically numb.

  7. A deep cultural change is needed to fundamentally change human behavior. We must not make war if we would not destroy our life-support system (our earth). We need a culture of peace. Spoken-word language is the generator of culture. More info.?

  8. This current era of civilization is based on the oil economy. It has allowed the massive growth in population that led the developed world out of the “Malthusian trap”. We need a radical rethink of our economic base if environmental collapse is to be avoided. Here’s some ideas about why we’re having trouble moving beyond this system:

  9. Glenn is absolutely correct in his vision.As a matter to speak far ahead of our time.
    But, helas, the majority is under the spell of ‘the big apple’ or the misery of daily life.

  10. Thank you for your wisdom.We are part of this beautiful,living,creative Mother Earth.We do not have any right to dominate or exploite our Mother.It all matters when we include all living beings on this earth, no matter the ignorance of our society or the fear.Whatever you can do in your life circumstamce do it .Always support everyone who tries. The way western civilization, technocapitalism thrives will be the end of most life on earth.We have to have a new paradigmn that has been here from the beginning and still exists in indigenous cultures here and other places of the world. Do people know that in Europe and asia and the middle east mother earth cultures,goddess cultures existed for thousand and thoudands of years.Earth was thier mother along with all creatures having worth in thier own being.

  11. There very much is a God…or form of higher intelligence…that is your first mistake with writing this Mr. Barry. There are several,others.. I agree with a great deal of what you wrote here, but if some of your thinking is wrong then people will stop reading and not listen to ‘right and truthful’ parts. Yes, the earth is going to collapse…perhaps sooner than later….and yes there is still much we can all do, should and and most of us will do….if we know WHAT it is that each of us can do. As long as oil and coal run the world we are toast. That simple. You can have just written that because it is the truth. If we do not stop burning stuff we will surely perish. How primitive is it to brun stuff??? I would think VERY primitive and with the huge population of the world today we cannot afford to burn stuff…there far too many of us. We have had the technology NOT to brun stuff for decades…the oil companies keep buying the patents. Address the problem if you really care about this sad subject. WE MUST STOP BURNING COAL, GASOLINEE, NATURAL GAS, PROPANE, NUCLEAR FUSION, WOOD ANY ANTHING ELSE THAT GIVES SERIOUS HEAT AND FLAME. We ARE smarter than this. Greed rules the world…when did it not????

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