EARTH MEANDERS ESSAY: Happy Interdependence Day

Earth is dying if we let it. We need the Earth and each other to survive and thrive. EcoInternet needs the financial support of its network participants at to continue our unique and effective biocentric advocacy on the net, or we may be closing soon.
Essay by Dr. Glen Barry, EcoInternet
Earth Meanders come from Earth's Newsdesk

The global ecological system is being overrun by human industrial growth, ecosystem habitats and our one shared biosphere are collapsing. We have come to understand Gaia the Earth System is alive, yet are slow to recognize she is dying at our hand.
These are some of the findings of my new science journal article -; currently being peer reviewed -; titled "Terrestrial Ecosystem Loss and Biosphere Collapse" and available in draft at
There have been few deep ecology voices -; as clear and dependable -; as EcoInternet and myself over the past twenty years. We understand ecology is the meaning of life, and that industrial growth is destroying ecosystems and all their life. Yet EcoInternet continues to barely cover basic expenses, and continually sinks further in debt, to urgently spread the message of how to sustain our one shared biosphere. Our public appeals for funding ensure our independence to speak ecological truth.
As with American revolutionaries 237 years ago today, positive social change requires vision and the resources to make it so. Earth and I beseech you to support deep ecology thought and action -; sufficient to reverse abrupt climate change and global ecosystem collapse -; by donating what you can now to EcoInternet at:

EcoInternet's programming, data input, editing and fund-raising team are all in on global ecological sustainability. We are specialists in using the Internet to facilitate environmental protection outcomes -; providing unmatched newsfeeds, biocentric essays, ecological science, deep ecology alerts, and eco-data tools. Through amazing highs of being described as visionary and receiving accolades for helping with conservation victories worldwide, and lows of public personal sickness (since fully recovered) and financial stress, we have persevered with simple messages: don't log old-growth and stop burning fossil fuels or the biosphere will collapse. And the message is getting through.
Yet EcoInternet is on the verge of having to shut down for lack of funds. We'll do our part -; stay open as long as we possibly can, expend every dollar raised prudently before closing, and continually improve our vision and ecological knowledge delivery systems. And we ask you to do some hard thinking of what a livable biosphere is worth to you, and step up and be willing to support frontline defenders who provide the intellectual groundwork and action opportunities for global ecological solutions.
Unless EcoInternet is able to raise the remaining $13,508 towards our modest and reasonable $25,000 goal, we will have no recourse but to close our doors. Working two jobs to sustain myself is fine, taking no salary from EcoInternet this past year is fine, but going further into debt to personally pay for other staff stipends and needed computer updates -; as I carry tens of thousands of dollars in past environmental campaigning debt -; cannot and will not continue. As I grow older, have a daughter in college (working as an intern for EI this summer), own essentially nothing; I am putting my immediate family at risk of not being cared for, something I can't do any longer.
We are all interdependent, and I can't do this award-winning and widely appreciated work to sustain Earth, if I am not myself sustained.
Hundreds of thousands of people interact with EcoInternet a month. A dozen major environmental outcomes occur every few years -; we helped achieved two major global ecological victories in just the past month. Together, EcoInternet and you, are at the vanguard of illustrating a future built upon green liberty is within our grasp, and making it so.
But EcoInternet's cupboards are bare, the fancy celebrities and foundations not interested in our message of ecological sufficiency, and for lack of the cost of one greenwashed bureaucratic NGO staff person's salary for a couple months; two decades of online environmental campaigning expertise -; just now reaching its full potential -; is to be lost.
EcoInternet is strong, vital, and at our peak in reach and effectiveness -; we simply need to pay the modest bills to keep it all running. It is up to each and every one of us to donate to EcoInternet now what we can, or be comfortable with losing the net's original ecological advocacy. We'll hang in there as long as we can -; given the stakes of global ecosystem collapse -; but we need a cash infusion immediately to cover our expenses and continue to campaign and innovate for global ecological sustainability. Let's do it together.
For Earth,
Dr. Glen Barry
P.S. Our "Stand with EcoInternet" fund-raising drive has been supported by 71 donors -; some giving hundreds, others $10 or $35. Yet each of them own a stake in one of the hardest hitting, most truthful, Internet savvy, and ecological science based advocacy effort ever. EcoInternet is 46% of the way to our goal of $25,000 -; and unless we make serious headway on the next 54%, EcoInternet will be closing after funds that have been raised are fully spent. Earth and I need your donation now -; perhaps $100 or what you can afford -; at

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