RELEASE: Victory as EcoInternet Applauds Greenpeace’s End to Greenwash of Canadian Old-Growth Logging

After years of greenwashing Canada and the world's “certified” old-growth forest logging as sustainable, and cutting inside deals with industrial loggers, Greenpeace's rejection of their own logging deal in Canada shows they may be poised to start working to protect -; rather than log -; Earth's last primary forests. Standing old forests are vital for local advancement and the environment -; and old-growth forest logging must end to maintain local, regional and global climate, ecosystems, and our one shared biosphere.
By Earth's Newsdesk, a project of EcoInternet (EI)
CONTACT: Dr. Glen Barry,

(Canada) -; Today Greenpeace Canada announced it is withdrawing from the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement [search] which it secretly negotiated and endorsed in 2010, and which relegates 43 million hectares of Canada's old growth Boreal forests to industrial logging, for a temporary moratorium and vague promises of future caribou habitat protection elsewhere. Not surprisingly, as EcoInternet predicted at the time [1], these promises have been violated. Greenpeace itself now alleges the largest destroyer of Canada's boreal forests, Resolute Forest Products (formerly AbitibiBowater) has been cutting new logging roads into caribou habitat in five sites in the northern parts of the Saguenay Lac St-Jean region of Quebec [2].
EcoInternet applauds Greenpeace for admitting its error, and demands that -; in Canada and globally -; they stop secretly negotiating deals with industrial loggers, stop greenwashing primary forest logging as being sustainable, and resign from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) effective immediately. Since 2008, EcoInternet has been protesting Greenpeace's incautious support for FSC certified primary forest logging, and ill-conceived policies in the Canadian boreal in particular. Greenpeace is a long-time supporter of old-growth forest logging, claiming as a founder, past chairman of the Board, and long-time membership in the FSC that it is sustainable. FSC greenwashes old-growth logging across an area two times the size of Texas to meet growing demand for “green” timbers [3].

Greenpeace's campaign work in the Canadian boreal forests has long been a muddle. In 2009 they prematurely abandoned their Kleercut campaign against Kleenex old-growth logging, applauding Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification of old-growth forest clearcutting for toilet paper, to which EcoInternet's global network responded with hundreds of thousands of protest emails noting Greenpeace must have sensitive asses [4]. Then in 2010 Greenpeace, along with several other supporters* [5] of industrial old-growth logging (which they claim if just done carefully enough, is sustainable) negotiated in secret a deal that greenlighted an old-growth logging free-for-all in the Canadian boreal, discontinuing all protest campaigns in return for a pocket full of mumbles.
At the time, EcoInternet (EI) President, Dr. Glen Barry, labeled the agreement “disgraceful”, saying it “traded temporary, vague protections for business as usual industrial forestry across huge expanses of primary and old growth forests… Greenpeace's commitment to 'sustainable' and 'ecosystem based' forest management

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