Continuing to Protect India’s Asian Elephant Habitat Together

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Continuing to Protect India's Asian Elephant Habitat Together
EcoInternet needs your help to continue protecting Asian elephants and to define cutting-edge science on protecting ecosystems and sustaining humanity's one shared biosphere. Please donate now: .
November 26, 2006
Dear colleagues,
Because of our success together protecting South India's Asian elephant habitat [search], I have been granted the honor of being the academic convener of a major ecological sustainability conference in Kerala, India, in mid-December. There I will be presenting a paper on the need to protect 50% of terrestrial ecosystems for the sustainability of the biosphere, highlighting the habitat needs of Kerala's Asian elephants, whose critical habitat we -; you and I -; have together protected on several occasions. To have the time and resources to carry out this biocentric ecological science, EcoInternet needs your support now to bring this work to completion. Please donate what you can at .
In 2009 we together -; you, local conservationists, and I – stopped a Neutrino Observatory (INO), a massive underground experimental physics project, being built in prime Indian elephant habitat in southern India. Later we stopped a road that would fragment this most important elephant migration corridor. Just this past March, with local partners, we prodded the Tamil Nadu state government to grant legal protections to vital elephant migration corridors. Without our global protests, the largest population of Asian elephants would be even more endangered, perhaps even gone. Yet hope remains for these magnificent creatures because of our work together.

Nowhere -; except perhaps in Papua New Guinea -; has EcoInternet been more successful in protecting old growth forests and naturally evolved ecosystems than in India. And now as I prepare to present a major paper at the Kerala ecology conference, we ask for your financial support to continue our efforts. Please donate now what you can to our long-running and globally respected campaign to end primary forest logging and achieve protection for all old growth forests: .
EcoInternet grew out of my work using the Internet to mobilize global citizens for local conservation efforts, starting with Papua New Guinea in 1989. Since then, we have contributed to hundreds of conservation victories and been the primary force in dozens of others, helping protect millions of acres of intact primary forests. After success this year in dealing with personal health issues, our work using the Internet for ecosystem protection is stronger and more productive than ever. I am thrilled as well that EcoInternet is expanding into more explicit scientific work -; including in the field -; justifying terrestrial ecosystem restoration and protection for all life's well-being.
I have a few weeks to finish my major scientific paper, pulling together and reviewing the scientific knowledge regarding old growth forest protection, Kerala's elephant habitat needs, and requirements for sustainability of the global biosphere. I have not been taking a wage from EcoInternet for most of the past year, working another full-time job as a database administrator to continue subsidizing the work I love. Yet funds are tight, and it is unclear whether I can finish this paper, run the conference, and still make enough money consulting to stay afloat. So now more than ever we need you to donate what you can afford to cover a small salary until the end of the year, along with incidental travel expenses, to finish this research and attend the conference.
As EcoInternet branches out into publishing ecological science and becomes more active in field work, we very much need and appreciate the financial support of our massive and expanding global network. EcoInternet and I have never been healthier, and with your help, we are poised to greatly extend the reach and effectiveness of our rapidly growing thought and action network for biocentric ecology.
Please donate what you can afford now. And we'll keep you updated on the conference, continue to sound the alarm on Asian elephant habitat needs, and help investigate requirements for Indian and global ecological sustainability -; including sharing our scientific findings for the conference here, if we are able to afford their completion.
For Earth,
Dr. Glen Barry
P.S. The attacks upon our donation page show that the opposition takes our work protecting ecosystems very seriously and will stop at nothing to prevent it from continuing. EcoInternet is at the forefront globally in confronting ecocide and proposing ecologically sufficient solutions to sustain ecosystems and our biosphere. Don't let the bad guys intimidate us, and donate using the perfectly secure and reliable methods we have long used. Earth, EI, and you will be glad you did.

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