EARTH MEANDERS: They Say It’s My Birthday

Today is my birthday and it's going to be a good time. So as I craft a day of mirth, free spirit and all my favorite activities, let me ruminate upon what I wish for as gifts on this special day.
I want peace on Earth, real peace, the kind where the armies demobilize and don't remain standing like it used to be. Peace where trillions aren't wasted from funding public social needs. I want a real and permanent turning of tanks into ploughshares. War's obscene waste of energy, materials, human potential and life cannot persist if human and ecological being are to continue. I want it to end now.
The truth is we are one human family, one species, perhaps from different lineages with a crazy uncle, but a family nonetheless. And I want us to start acting like it. Nation state boundaries are a new false construct meant to divide us. As a human family I want our basic universal rights strictly and unconditionally observed. The human condition is absolute freedom as long as we don't hurt others. I want gods and governments off of and out of my body.

The lack of economic justice is atrocious and I want extremes in inequity ended now. With billions having unmet needs, I want to extend basic needs to all. I want sustainable livelihoods and much more equal wealth distribution as the norm. I want sharing to allow basic needs of all to be met, with extra for smart, hard-workers. I feel the pain of billions suffering as billions have their every need met, and the 1% feasts like kings of old. I want this grotesque unfairness of the human condition to end now.
Without global ecological sustainability we are dead. So I especially want humanity to power down to once again exist within the boundaries of ecosystems, their life, and the biosphere's needs. It is time to show good will – and recognize the right to exist – for all life. The variety of life on this planet is amazing. Each has an equal stake upon its niche. Together all species are required to form ecosystems which make Earth habitable. I want ecocide to end now using all means necessary.
Mostly I want the inevitable unraveling of industrial society to occur in a reasonably just and minimally disruptive manner. I want the human animal to return to the land, water, air and oceans in a way that doesn't destroy ecological being, and causes minimal suffering for all life. Earth is well beyond its carrying capacity already, meaning there are going to be large scale die-off in ecosystems, life and people. It has already commenced. I want the meek and unfortunate to inherit and reinvent the Earth post-collapse.
I want humanity to continue, so I want my family to learn to consume less and like it. We are going to have to commit to ecosystem protection and restoration; organic, permaculture, bioregional agriculture; fewer toys and more durable, well met needs; and things not being the meaning of life. I want plastic junk consumption ended now and organic, non-toxic and non-industrial meeting of our needs and reasonable desires.
When we all are fed, housed, free, actualized and productive; I want to play. I desperately want the human family's energies put in creative expression – into arts, sport, thinking, love-making, literature, community, spiritually, philosophy, and the search for truth. For me this starts with my need for an Aaron Rodgers football jersey from the world champion and undefeated Green Bay Packers.
I want our thinkers, creators, peace-makers and visionaries celebrated like we do our celebrities and athletes. It is cool to be smart, to be you, to care, to sacrifice, to want more lasting well-being for your extended family. And I would like to be able to make a living and care for my family by working to get us there.
I want free thinking and pursuit of truth as the meaning of life. And want this and all the above now, whatever is required to get it done, because human and planetary lifes are too short to mess around. Let's together get it done starting now.
Dr. Glen Barry of EcoInternet is a PhD ecologist specializing in land, climate, and requirements for global ecological sustainability. He has worked with the World Bank, the University of Wisconsin, consults globally in ecology and IT, and lived in Papua New Guinea for many years. He was recently named a “global visionary… changing your world” by the Utne Reader. He has written more than 125 Earth Meanders over the last several years. A short bio can be found at:

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