RELEASE: Earth Day 2011: Peace with Earth Day

Re-Declaration of Planetary Ecological Emergency by EcoInternet
From Earth's Newsdesk and New Earth Rising, projects of EcoInternet (EI)
Contact: Dr. Glen Barry, President, EcoInternet

A year ago today EcoInternet (EI) during Earth Day 2010 declared a planetary ecological emergency. After the past year's Gulf oil spill, multiple nuclear meltdowns and unaddressed abrupt climate change escalates; it is eminently evident that Earth's ecosystems are crashing. On Earth Day 2011, EI reiterates call for an immediate and escalating people's power Earth Revolution on behalf of Earth, all her life, and the human family. And for the entire human family to find a way – each and every – to get out and plant organic Earth victory gardens, and protect and restore ecosystems.
Dr. Glen Barry, EcoInternet's President, says "The human family faces the imminent collapse of the biosphere – the thin layer of life organized into ecosystems, upon an otherwise lifeless planet – that makes Earth habitable. As noted a year ago today, human pressures on Earth System's life-support systems continue at such a dramatic scale that they are causing global ecosystems to collapse. Escalating people power revolutionary action may be the only adequate measures that exist to stop abrupt global ecological collapse. Already we are seeing fascist political responses to scarcity, lack ecosystems, freedom and economic disparities. We are about to witness major famine events as well home agro-ecology strides are a must."

An overwhelming body of ecological science indicates Earth System is past the tipping point and key global ecosystems and life-support systems are failing [1]. Marshes and rivers and forests and fish are far more than resources – they and all natural ecosystems provide for humanity's habitat and existence upon Earth. A few centuries of unprecedented explosion in human numbers and surging inequitable consumption are needlessly destroying ecological conditions and habitat for a decently habitable living for all humans and species. Environmental movement accommodation and compromise have not brought required policies necessary to avert widespread ecosystem collapse, or to lay the basis for achieving global ecological sustainability.
Revolutionary actions such as ending coal use, reforming industrial agriculture, and protecting and restoring old forests and other natural ecosystems, stopping fracking and nuclear; are a requirement for living within the biosphere and life-support systems' carrying capacities. There exist ways to live well within Earth's carrying capacity as we equitably and justly further human advancement with all Earth's plants and creatures at our side. Solutions exist: powering down, ecosystem protection, ecological restoration, reducing population, ending old forest logging and coal, and working for global equity, justice and peace. Earth and humanity's survival depend upon getting these items implemented quickly using protest, massive and aggressive civil (and then uncivil) disobedience; keeping all options for further escalation open.
Dr. Glen Barry, also an independent political ecologist, will be releasing his "New Earth Rising" book this summer that academically considers an escalating Global People's Earth Revolution. There is chatter already going at and "I think the book is potentially ground-breaking and lays out a people's power vision for global ecological sustainability. The book is particularly pertinent at this time given global uprisings for freedom, workers and ecology."
"New Earth Rising", the book, presents the ecocidal condition of planet Earth, notes emerging fascist responses, reviews greenwashing responses, lays out a new global ecology policy measures, presents what is known about people's power revolutions from history, and suggests how these past lessons and the Internet can be harnessed to sustain global ecology."
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[1] In "Planetary Boundaries: A Safe Operating Space for Humanity," published in 2010 in the journal Ecology and Society, and presented also in Scientific American magazine's April 2010 issue, twenty-eight luminaries from environmental and earth-systems science identified nine “planetary life-support systems” that are vital for human survival. It was found humanity had already overstepped three of nine planetary boundaries -biodiversity loss, climate change and nitrogen cycle – and is approaching boundaries for the use of fresh water and land, and ocean acidification.
*Journal Article: Planetary Boundaries: A Safe Operating Space for Humanity
* Popular Media: Easy to Understand New Scientist article:
* Graphic:
* YouTube Video: Big Question: Is Earth past the tipping point?
[2] TAKE ACTION! Please Support New Earth Rising: The Book
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  1. Today is Earth Day and I would like to invite all fellow Earthlings to unite and take action in a bottled water boycott. The bottled water boycott is a battle cry for consumers to form a collective conscious in a process to rescue the planet, influence big business, save money, improve health, and quench the globe's thirst with cleaner, healthier, cheaper water for all.
    Carlton Krumpfes

  2. There are sages and prophets who have time and time again, to generation after generation, given us what we appreciate as the “Wisdom of the Ages.” Their teachings appear altogether coherent and comprehensible. Their wisdom points us toward doing the right thing, adhering to a way which is somehow true and real, and following the path of what is virtuous and good.
    Rachel Carson was correct years ago, I suppose, when noting,
    "We stand now where two roads diverge

  3. Willfully Ignoring The Science Of Human Population Dynamics
    By Steve Salmony
    13 May, 2011
    If human population numbers are a primary causative agent of the global predicament looming before humanity, then we certainly need to examine all the available scientific evidence of the population dynamics of the human species. It makes no sense to keep ignoring this vital subject. How are we to confront the global challenges humankind appears to be precipitating if we will not rigorously scrutinize extant scientific research regarding human population dynamics? With all due respect, it appears to me that something continues to be missing from public discourse about the human-driven aspects of the colossal predicament the human family could soon confront.
    How are we to begin talking about real issues regarding the human population, much less meaningfully acknowledge the formidable, emerging and converging global problems posed to the human family by skyrocketing absolute global human population numbers if experts consciously refuse to speak out about either the science of human population dynamics or the unscientific theory of the demographic transition? The former is assiduously ignored, even though it appears to explain why human population numbers have been exploding in our time, while the latter has been broadcast ubiquitously during my lifetime, even though demographic transition theory could be misleading all of us by giving rise to a false promise that human population growth is somehow about to come benignly to an end soon. The silence with regard to human population science as well as the broadcasts of preternatural thought regarding the demographic transition in the foreseeable future are significant forces with which we have to reckon, I suppose.
    Let us consider that we are currently confronting the denial of science as well as the steady, relentless broadcasts of what is pseudoscientific thought. We note that desire-driven, ideologically based, logically contrived, unscientific thought is seen and heard everywhere, thanks to a mainstream media that defends political convenience, economic expediency and the status quo. We also see that science is eschewed. Is this not the sum and substance of mass media 'ecology'?
    How is it possible for top rank experts with responsibilities to science and duties to humanity to be adamantly advocating for more “food production to feed a growing population” and yet be failing to mention the profound implications of skyrocketing absolute global human population numbers? For such a thing to be occurring in 2011 appears preposterous. It is morally outrageous and dangerous both to future human well being and environmental health, I believe, for well established experts to be reporting ubiquitously in high-level discussions and the mass media such things as are directly contradicted by unchallenged scientific research of human population dynamics and human overpopulation. Is it possible that population experts are not aware of peer-reviewed, published research in their area of expertise which indicates the food supply is the independent variable and human population numbers is the dependent variable in the relationship between human population numbers and food supply? It appears to me that many too many experts are regularly reporting attractive preternatural theory regarding the human population that is directly contradicted by scientific evidence.
    According to consciously ignored research of two outstanding scientists, Russell Hopfenberg and David Pimentel, the food supply is the independent variable not the dependent variable. Human population numbers is the dependent variable not the independent variable. The advocates of demographic transition theory and the idea that “we must increase food production to feed a growing population” could be mistaken. The false promises of the demographic transition theory, that population stabilization will somehow occur naturally and automatically a mere four decades from now as well as the upside down thinking that human population numbers is the independent variable and food supply is the dependent variable, present crucial misunderstandings which are being deployed by self-proclaimed masters of the universe among us for the purpose of protecting their self interests as well as for directing the human community down a patently unsustainable “primrose path” no human being with feet of clay would ever choose to go, much less send unaware and unprepared children.
    The uncontested scientific finding of the relationship between food supply and human population numbers is being obscured and denied by the very experts upon whom the human community relies for guidance and direction. Denial by 'the brightest and best' of what appears to be the best available science regarding the relationship between food supply and human population numbers has been occurring for too long a time. This failure of many experts has to be acknowledged and put behind us so that momentum can gather to move the human family in a new direction; so that we can begin making necessary changes toward sustainability.
    Steve Salmony is a self-proclaimed global citizen, a psychologist and father of three grown children. Married 39 years ago. In 2001 Steve founded the AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population to raise consciousness of the colossal threat that the unbridled, near exponential growth of absolute global human population numbers poses for all great and small living things on Earth in our time. His quixotic campaign focuses upon the best available science of human population dynamics and human overpopulation of the Earth, in order to save the planet as a place fit for habitation by children everywhere. He can be reached at

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