RELEASE: Planetary Ecological Emergency Declared

Human pressures on Earth System's nine life-support systems have reached a scale where people power revolutionary action may be necessary and warranted to stop abrupt global environmental collapse
From Earth's Newsdesk and New Earth Rising, projects of EcoInternet (EI)
Contact: Dr. Glen Barry, President, EcoInternet

EcoInternet (EI) today declares a planetary ecological emergency [search]. On the basis of overwhelming new ecological science indicating Earth is past the tipping point and key global ecosystems and life-support systems are failing – EI calls for an immediate and escalating people's power Earth Revolution on behalf of Earth, all her life, and the human family. A recent highly significant scientific paper entitled "Planetary Boundaries: A Safe Operating Space for Humanity"[1] highlights the numerous means by which the Earth System's life-support systems are failing. The natural right of all species to take all necessary actions to protect themselves, their habitat and do what is necessary to avoid ecocide is thus activated. This is not a drill.
The human family faces the imminent collapse of the biosphere – the thin layer of life organized into ecosystems, upon an otherwise lifeless planet – that makes Earth habitable. Marshes and rivers and forests and fish are far more than resources – they and all natural ecosystems provide for humanity's habitat and existence upon Earth. A few centuries of unprecedented explosion in human numbers and surging inequitable consumption are needlessly destroying being for all living things. Environmental movement accommodation and compromise have not brought required policies necessary to avert widespread ecosystem collapse, or to lay the basis for achieving global ecological sustainability.

EcoInternet believes biocentric, deep ecologists must carefully, quickly and thoroughly consider possibly using widespread leaderless resistance, sabotage and carefully targeted insurgency on behalf of our ecosystem habitats and shared survival. Revolutionary actions such as ending coal use, reforming industrial agriculture, and protecting and restoring old forests and other natural ecosystems, are a requirement for living within the biosphere and life-support systems' carrying capacities. This declaration establishes "New Earth Rising" [2] as a political wing of an Earth Revolution to freely discuss and debate, though not directly incite or partake, in these matters.
There exist ways to live well within Earth's carrying capacity as we equitably and justly further human advancement with all Earth's plants and creatures at our side. Solutions exist: powering down, ecosystem protection, ecological restoration, reducing population, ending old forest logging and coal, and working for global equity, justice and peace. Earth and humanity's survival depend upon getting these items implemented quickly using protest, civil disobedience, and if rebuffed yet again; considering carefully targeted sabotage and insurgency of the growth machine which is eating our ecosystem habitats.
Dr. Glen Barry, EcoInternet's President, explains "I don't want to be doing any of this myself, and I am most assuredly not trying to incite any imminent illegal activities. As an academic


  1. I have spoken to the UN authorities about this…and the response thus far has been that the Security Council is still in charge of all emergencies…and the request to form a separate Ecological Security Council was rejected on the basis of the existence of the current all encompassing UN Security Council. We need to get a permanent member to moot this via a resolution. Perhaps..the best opportunity lies when the next set of climate date comes out…or a very comprehensive global report on all aspects is released. Timing is key here…as it should all culminate towards a concerted effort by all stakeholders, especially those who are not as committed as some of us, but are important decision makers in the global stage to help create the definite focus and ACTION oriented Governmental intervention and private sector and community organizational support.

  2. How about teaching people about the pandemic hoaxes, the insidious Public/Private Fascistic relationships the Globalists have created, the atrocities perpetrated by the IMF, UN assisted genocide and their general nastiness?

  3. Does the expression, “Falling on Deaf Ears,” have any meaning for you? The world is too focused on getting all excited about the economic recovery, but unfortunately they don't realize what real wealth is…

  4. Now I know why Mr. Obama has put the “nuke” issue onto the world's front pages.
    It's a ruse.
    Your story answers the questions I asked in a comment to the NY Times and other mainstream magazines like the Economist:
    The danger of stolen nukes — and nuclear material — was very huge when the Soviet Union dissolved and its economy collapsed, meaning that for the following decade a handful of dollars could then have purchase any weapon available.
    Now that nukes are as safely stored as they have been in a quarter century or more, Mr. Obama suddenly raises nuke safety as the world's #1 issue, seemingly much larger than climate change and environmental destruction.
    Very odd. I wonder why the nukes are now the prime global issue? Does it mean there is something even worse is in the immediate wind and governments need time to sort it out or figure out a way to tell us without throwing the planet into panic?
    Just a thought on PR ploys — ploys which have a history of disguising more serious and pending issues.

  5. So when do we address the issue of birth control and sterilization to prevent overbirth in areas that cannot sustain high levels of human beings? It is as if there is a huge conspiracy not to face the one thing that MUST be done to solve the problem. Man must stop foolish and incompetent birthing and child rearing.

  6. This is what Charles Manson has been telling the world for over 40 years. But they just cover him up with lies and bullshit. Manson believes the solution is in the military. Because the military GETS IT DONE, what ever it is. ATWA= Air Trees Water Animals. Air-Air Force, Trees-Army, Water-Navy, Animals-USMC

  7. We must begin STERILIZATION. In the 1800s, there were only 1 billion people on earth. 1960s, there were 3 billion. 1970s, 4 billion. 1980s, 5 billion. 1999, 6 billion, and now 2010, almost 7 billion. 2000 years ago, there was 300 million humans on this planet. It stayed at that number naturally. People are so brainwashed by TV that they think this planet is endless. We need to take this problem and deal with it in the chain of command.

  8. Everyone is going to have to speak out. In the last decade the collusion, corruption and cover-up of massive fraud in the global economy by greedy, self-proclaimed Masters of the Universe among us as well as their willful blindness and elective mutism in the face of the rampant dissipation of natural resources, relentless pollution of the environment and reckless degradation of Earth's ecology is as unconscionable as it is unforgiveable. The fulmination of irresponsible leadership in the first decade of Century XXI gave rise to the cratering of the world's political economy and to the irreversible destabilization of the Earth's climate.
    From 2000 to 2008, whatsoever was politically correct, economically expedient, socially convenient and culturally prescribed was automatically espoused loudly as “the truth”. Ideological idiocy prevailed over science. Greed ruled the world. Intellectual honesty, personal accountability, moral courage and doing the right thing were eschewed. Gag rules were enforced. As a consequence, the human community was persuaded to inadvertently make a colossal mess of our planetary home, Earth. Everyone could see what was happening, but few people were willing to speak out. No one with power listened to those who did speak out about what was observed occurring around us. Millions of people were encouraged to engage in conspicuous per-capita overconsumption and scandalous individual hoarding of resources; in megabillion-dollar pyramid schemes and unsustainable large-scale industrial enterprises.
    Nothing can happen until many people speak truth to the greedmongers and power-hungry.
    New leadership and a new direction such as the one presented by President Barack Obama need to be freely chosen and actively sustained.

  9. Comsume less, buy only what you need, buy local and buy organic, use mass transit, recycle everything. These individual actions (if carried out by everyone) would be enough to prevent the worst from happening. The truth is, if we didn't insist on consuming the world like a plaque of locusts, there is enough to support the current population, though birth control is a good idea.
    Look around your house or apartment at all the crap that you bought, but really truly don't need. That represents the slow death of the planet when multiplied by billions of consumers. Consumption becomes an addiction. Rid yourself of the addiction and live simply…

  10. The human species is that of a selfish one. All the plants and animals that are and have thrived on our planet only did so because they lived life in a efficient manner. Even from the smallest of plants, life has evolved to use the optimum amount of resources– not too much so that it kills its host and not so little that it couldn't survive. Humans, through the rapid development of the combustion engine and chemical plants are tearing the Earth's ecosystems apart. Humans have taken little thought to what the affect these factories and excess green house gases will have on our fragile planet. As long as humans can gain a financial profit, we will continue to act in selfish ways. I have a blog on tumblr that I posted a painting I did to hopefully help others see how our thoughtless habits are effecting our planet. The painting is called “Virga”. Virga is rain that never quite reaches the ground. It is a symbolic painting representing the idea that humans have stolen most of the water leaving nature with only the smallest of rain clouds, in which the rain doesn't even reach the ground to water the life below. My blog and painting can be seen at:

  11. A conversation about direct actions to stop the growth machine and shrink our collective ecological footprint is long overdue. Governments and business have failed to make the changes necessary to transition to a sustainable global society. Ultimate responsibility resides with “the people”, all people; they are the last hope and direct action the last resort.
    As awareness grows of our dire situation, as desperation grows, individuals and groups will increasingly break laws and take direct action. What ethical actions, whether legal or illegal, would be most effective at slowing and stopping growth? How do the action-takers simultaneously care for people, ensuring that the actions are non-violent?
    This discussion needs to be well-informed, not folk “raging at the system”, but based on good science and technology, ethics and understanding of how people and the economy respond.
    My hope is that this conversation will be 'viral' in its growth (GOOD growth!) and, being controvertial and confrontational, will be enough in itself to shake enough key decision-makers into facing the issues and quickly taking the overdue action. I hope too, that when people do take direct action their actions will be (through being better informed) both non-violent and effective.
    Where to start?
    Probably not with “Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop oil/gas/coal being extracted or shipped or distributed or used? Chains twined around tanker propellers? Valves at oil and gas tank farms super-glued shut?”
    Before this there probably should be
    1) a process of analysing the “machine” to identify its most vulnerable points and
    2) a seperate discussion on how best to engage many people in this conversation.

  12. Truth,
    the first casualty
    of logic spent,
    shows man's nature
    can be devious bent!
    Global Warming,
    seas are storming,
    skeptic's spinning
    and our world's not winning!
    They attack the science
    or spin the bias
    but motives show
    through want of lies.
    They attack the messenger
    if they can't twist the truth.
    What's within their mind
    needs support with proof!
    They claim, eyes that see
    and ears that hear
    yet a mind so closed,
    there's much too fear!
    Change is slow
    as momentum grows.
    The helm must steer
    long before the ship will veer!
    Gaia's hypothesis says
    life may

  13. Glen is speaking out loudly and clearly to the family of humanity about what people somehow need to hear, see and understand: the reckless dissipation of Earth's limited resources, the relentless degradation of the planet's frangible environment, and the approaching destruction of the Earth as a fit place for human habitation by the human species, when taken together, appear to be proceeding synergistically at a breakneck pace toward the precipitation of a catastrophic ecological wreckage of some sort unless, of course, the world's gigantic, ever expanding global economy continues to speed headlong toward the monolithic 'WALL' called “unsustainability” at which point the runaway economy crashes before Earth's ecology is collapsed.
    Many scientists have remarked eloquently on the collapse of civilizations. The global challenge we appear to face today, one that singular and unimaginable, is that the collapse of human civilization in Century XXI is not simply the end of another human civilization. What is occurring now is likely not only the collapse of a human civilization but also the human-driven destruction of the natural resource base, the ecology, and biodiversity of Earth.
    Concern for the future of life as we know it and for the Earth as a fit place for human habitation by the children leads me to point to the great value I attach to the open discussion of the global predicament looming before the human family. We simply must make good use of the best available science to adequately explain the population dynamics leading to the collapse of our civilization. Without such knowledge, I cannot see how necessary changes in the behavioral repertoire of humankind can be made.
    Is there doubt in the mind of anyone in the Climate Ark community that the future will ultimately be brighter for children everywhere if people choose now to consume and hoard less; to protect, preserve and share more; and to effectively check the unbridled increase of unsustainable large-scale production capabilities as well as to humanely regulate the propagation of the human species?

  14. After more than ten years of trying to raise awareness about certain overlooked research, my focus remains riveted on the skyrocketing growth of absolute global human population and scientific evidence from Hopfenberg and Pimentel that the size of the human population on Earth is a function of food availability. More food for human consumption equals more people; less food for human existence equals less people; and no food, no people. This is to say, the population dynamics of the human species is essentially common to, not different from, the population dynamics of other living things.
    UN Secretary-General Mr. Kofi Annan noted in 1997, "The world has enough food. What it lacks is the political will to ensure that all people have access to this bounty, that all people enjoy food security."
    Please examine the probability that humans are producing too much, not too little food; that the global predicament humanity faces is the way increasing the global food supply leads to increasing absolute global human population numbers. It is the super-abundance of unsustainble agribusiness harvests that are driving population numbers of the human species to overshoot, or explode beyond, the natural limitations imposed by a relatively small, evidently finite, noticeably planet with the size, composition and ecology of Earth.
    The spectacular success of the Green Revolution over the past 40 years has "produced" an unintended and completely unanticipated global challenge, I suppose: the rapidly increasing supply of food for human consumption has given birth to a human population bomb, which is exploding worldwide before our eyes. The most formidable threat to future human wellbeing and environmental health appears to be caused by the unbridled, corporate overproduction of food on the one hand and the abject failure of the leaders of the human community to insist upon more fair and equitable redistribution of the world's food supply so that "all people enjoy food security".
    We need to share (not overconsume and hoard) as well as to build sustainable, human-scale farming practices (not corporate leviathans), I believe.
    For a moment let us reflect upon words from the speech that Norman Bourlaug delivered in 1970 on the occasion of winning the Nobel Prize. He reported, " Man also has acquired the means to reduce the rate of human reproduction effectively and humanely. He is using his powers for increasing the rate and amount of food production. But he is not yet using adequately his potential for decreasing the rate of human reproduction. The result is that the rate of population increase exceeds the rate of increase in food production in some areas." Plainly, Norman Bourlaug states that humanity has the means to decrease the rate of human reproduction but is choosing not to adequately employ this capability to sensibly limit human population numbers. He also notes that the rate of human population growth surpasses the rate of increase in food production IN SOME AREAS {my caps}. Dr. Bourlaug is specifically not saying the growth of global human population numbers exceeds global production of food. According to recent research, population numbers of the human species could be a function of the global growth of the food supply for human consumption. This would mean that the global food supply is the independent variable and absolute global human population numbers is the dependent variable; that human population dynamics is most similar to the population dynamics of other species. Perhaps the human species is not being threatened in our time by a lack of food. To the contrary, humanity and life as we know it could be inadvertently put at risk by the determination to continue the dramatic, large-scale overproduction of food, such as we have seen occur in the past 40 years.
    Recall Dr. Bourlaug's prize winning accomplishment. It gave rise to the "Green Revolution" and to the extraordinary increases in the world's supply of food. Please consider that the sensational increases in humanity's food supply occasioned by Dr. Bourlaug's great work gave rise to an unintended and completely unanticipated effect: the recent skyrocketing growth of absolute global human population numbers. We have to examine what appear to be potentially disastrous effects of increasing, large-scale food production capabiliities (as opposed to small-scale farming practices) on human population numbers worldwide between now and 2050. If we keep doing the "big-business as usual" things we are doing now by maximally increasing the world's food supply, and the human community keeps getting what we are getting now, then a colossal ecological wreckage of some unimaginable sort could be expected to occur in the future.
    It may be neither necessary nor sustainable to continue increasing food production to feed a growing population. As an alternative, we could carefully review ways for limiting increases in the large-scale corporate production of food; for providing broad support of small-scale farming practices; for redistributing more equitably the present overly abundant world supply of food among the members of the human community; and for immediately, universally and safely following Dr. Bourlaug's recommendation to "reduce the rate of human reproduction effectively and humanely."

  15. My 13 years Old son, Mwiine Derrick, after being shocked by landslides in my country, Uganda (Bududa tragedy which claimed hundreds of people)embarked on an ambitious plan of a petition where thousands of people, more especially the youth hve collected signatures to influence the Ugandan government. the petion reads:PEOPLES' PETITION TO COMPEL THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA TO MAKE UGANDA THE MOST GREEN COUNTRY IN THE WHOLE WORLD BY PLANTING TREES IN EVERY PART OF THE COUNTRY
    This petition which is presented by Mwiine Derrick will be forwarded to Uganda's parliament.
    Several people irrespective of their faith, origin,or political affiliations,have already confirmed to attend the of the submission of the Petition. open:

  16. These times are especially difficult because silence is vanquishing science. Extant science of human population dynamics and the human overpopulation of Earth is everywhere eschewed. People who speak out in public discourse about these topics are ridiculed and isolated. Being rejected by willfully colluding deniers of what could somehow be real would not be a such a problem if the human-induced global challenges already visible in the offing were not so formidable and so likely to threaten human wellbeing and environmental health in the fairly near future.
    Whatsoever the odds, and no matter how daunting are the human-driven challenges which loom ominously before the family of humanity on the far horizon, each one of us has undeniable responsibilities to assume and solemn duties to perform as best we can with the steadfast hope of making the world we inhabit a better place for the children to live in. To do otherwise, much less choose to do nothing but more of the same old unsustainable things we are so selfishly, arrogantly and wrong-headedly doing now, is anathema to me.
    Perhaps necessary changes toward sustainable lifestyles and eco-friendly business enterprises are nearly at hand.
    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population,
    established 2001

  17. There a precious few scientists like Professor Emeritus Gary Peters who have chosen not to remain silent but instead to accept their responsibility to science by rigorously examining extant evidence of human population dynamics. Please consider now the perspective of Dr. Peters on the research of Russell Hopfenberg and David Pimentel, which is found in the journal, The California Geographer, 2009. The title of his article is, Population, Resources and Enviroment: “Beyond the Exponentials” Revisited.
    “The world's population in 2009 was close to 6.8 billion. According to the U. S. Census Bureau, we can expect about 55.7 million people to die this year, so in purely demographic terms 300,000 deaths amount to just over half of one percent of all deaths. Furthermore, there are about 15,465 births per hour worldwide, so again in a purely demographic sense those 300,000 deaths can be replaced in less than 20 hours.
    Paradoxically, the very fossil fuels that have allowed us to feed the vast increase in world population over the last century or two may 113 The California Geographer n Volume 49, 2009 also be starting to increase mortality rates, even if only slightly so far. Currently we add about 80 million people to the planet each year, and we know that population growth exacerbates most environmental problems, including global warming (Speth 2008, Diamond 2005, and Friedman 2008).
    Pimentel (2001), Hopfenberg (2003), and others have established in a series of articles that human population growth is a function of food supply, yet we continue to expand food supplies to accommodate future growth

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