VICTORY! Madagascar Reinstates Rainforest Protections Following EI Led Global Public Outcry

Madagascar's transitional government last week reinstated a ban on rosewood logging [search] and exports, following prolonged and growing pressure over illegal logging of its national parks spearheaded by EcoInternet. As reported by Mongabay, the decree (no. 2010-141) prohibits all exports of rosewood and precious timber for two to five years. With the export ban in place, the fate of 10,000-15,000 metric tons of already illegally logged rosewood awaiting export remains uncertain. It is also unclear whether illegal loggers and traders will be prosecuted [1].
"These issues, getting this moratorium to be permanent, and working to demonstrate community development from standing primary and restored rainforests will require continued vigilance and campaigning. Yet, two important points have been made. It is again demonstrated that it is possible to end rainforest logging. And the emergence of an empowered global movement committed to protecting and restoring old forests -; and other ecologically sufficient policy necessary to achieve global ecological sustainability -; is again powerfully demonstrated," says Dr. Glen Barry, EI President.

Over the past year, EcoInternet conceived and led an international protest campaign seeking to emphasize the importance of keeping Madagascar's dwindling primary forests standing and intact as the basis for national advancement [2]. Some 7674 EI network participants from 102 countries sent over 1/2 million protest emails. The result comes just days after EI blasted President Sarkozy of France, a country with deep historical ties to Madagascar, as being "guilty of dangerous hypocrisy" for condemning deforestation as a French company company continued to threaten Madagascar's rainforests.
Other groups such as Regenwald, Global Witness and the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) that have been protesting the resumption in exports of illegally logged timber cautiously welcomed the move as well. The logging crisis began in March of 2009 when destabilization following a government coup allowed loggers to enter several of Madagascar's world-renowned parks and illegally log rosewood and other valuable trees. Tens of thousands of hectares were logged in Madagascar's most biodiverse rainforests, which also sparked a rise in bushmeat trafficking of lemurs. Madagascar's transitional government then sanctioned timber exports at the end of 2009 despite a long-standing ban on rosewood logging.
[1] Madagascar bans rainforest timber exports following global outcry,
More Information can be found at Mongabay which has broken and continues to cover the story.
[2] Action Alert: Protest Madagascar's Legalization of Rosewood Log Export from National Parks


  1. Perhaps it is time for great numbers of people to raise our voices…….like Glen Barry and others on the surface of Earth are doing now.
    Many more people are going to have to speak out loudly, clearly and often about what is somehow true, as each of us sees what is real, so that the whole world can hear our voices. I do not believe that it is ever too late to do the right thing; but it is getting “late in the day” to make necessary changes away from soon to become patently unsustainable global human overproduction, overconsumption and overpopulation activities. Even though a colossal wreckage can be apprehended in the offing if silence prevails over speech-to-power, there is still enough daylight for us to see dimly that adequate space-time exists in which to move forward fast toward sustainability.

  2. Thank you for keeping us informed and also for
    all your great efforts toward causing such a
    remarkable change.
    Byron and Leia Smith

  3. The attractive, self-serving ideological idiocy of some and the stony silence of many appear to be all that is required to precipitate the ruination of the Earth and its environs as a fit place for human habitation.

  4. Dear Glen,
    Thanks for your authenticity and many sagacious comments. Perhaps much of the world in which we live has gone utterly mad. Whatsoever is politically correct, economically expedient, socially convenient and culturally prescribed appears to be automatically espoused loudly as “the truth”. Ideological idiocy prevails over science. Greed rules this world. Intellectual honesty, personal accountability, moral courage and doing the right thing are rarely expressed.
    As a consequence, the human community appears to be inadvertently making a colossal mess of our planetary home, Earth. Everyone can see what is happening but few people are willing to speak out about what they can observe occurring around us. Billions of people are recklessly engaged in per-capita overconsumption and scandalous hoarding of resources; in megabillion-dollar pyramid schemes and unsustainable large-scale industrial enterprises; and in overpopulating the planet.
    Let me give you an example of what I mean. What happens if it turns out that human population dynamics are common to, not different from, the population dynamics of other species? What does that mean? From my humble inexpert perspective, it means increasing production of food the world over equals increasing numbers of human organisms worldwide; less available food for consumption equals less humans; and no food equals no people. Just that simple.
    Glen, imagine our failure to acknowledge that human population dynamics is essentially similar to the population dynamics of other species as the greatest misperception in human history because this failure could eventually result in a global ecological wreckage of some unimaginable sort. In such circumstances would experts not have a duty to science and humanity that would lead them to correct so vital a mistaken impression of what could somehow be real? It appears to me that many too many experts have willfully rejected the best available science of human population dynamics by ignoring certain evidence and chosen to let stand, as if scientific, preternatural thinking based upon specious understandings derived from inadequate 'scientific' investigations.
    Extant research of human population dynamics appears to directly contradict the near-universal misconception that humanity needs to increase in a seemingly endless way global food harvests in order to meet the needs of a growing population. The best available research indicates just the opposite: that, just like other species, the size and availability of the human food supply is the independent variable upon which the global human population depends for existence.
    Please note, too, that this relationship cannot be conveniently passed over as a “chicken and egg” situation. That appears to be one of the ways many people have found to miss the point of the science. Because an adequate enough understanding of the relationship between food supply and its effect on human numbers could have profound implications for the future of life as we know it on Earth, perhaps this relationship could be made the subject of authentic communication.
    Thanks again to you and the ClimateArk community for speaking out.

  5. Dear Glen, R Gates, David Benson and Friends,
    If it turns out that your path to knowledge is NOT somehow on the correct track, then I fear all we claim to be protecting and preserving will be lost. Yes, I believe all of you are right in noticing humanity's desperate need for a more adequate, mutually shared understanding of reality.

  6. For many of you the issue of the Scale of Tree Desecration now, is maybe not as real as it might be.
    I work in West Africa, and live some of the time in Tasmania.
    Most Tropical countries I go to do not now have much forest, and what little they do have is miserably degraded. If not burnt for firewood, the people are still cutting and exporting it. I saw 4 huge trucks in Point Noire yesterday with trees with a diameter of about 0.75 meters stacked up maybe 5 deep. They wern't firewood and they wern't from managed forrests either.
    Lagos Lagoon Nigeria is full of HUGE hard wood trunks and was so for all of the 5 years I was associated with that city. The saw mills there get through a ton of it.
    But quite the best stripping is being done in sleepy old Tasmania, and all from Never Before cut Bush. This is done with full Australian Govt encouragement to also build a Pulp mill on a fairly pristine river – the Tamar.
    Currently one would pass a masive (the biggest one they make) Mack truck fully loaded with Huge trunks maybe 40 ft or more long going at 100 Kph, on an average week day about one every 5 MINUTES, on the East Tamar Highway. They also use equally big trailers behind the main load…..the tonnage is horrendous. It is well documented as this is a “Clear felling” and stump extraction process to perfection, which leaves just bare earth….millions of acres of it, where once was virgin forrest. And Australia has the audacity to claim GREEN credentials!!!
    The latest is that the Tasmanian govt. has passed a law removing citizens rights of redress against a PRIVATE company Gunns, in case of health or other damage caused by afforsaid Pulp mill. The mill is expected to be very toxic, with waste product poluting a major fishery and Fish farming area (dioxin and so forth)( you know, genetic annomalies etc.).
    Think a bit of complaint in that direction would not go amiss. The last Green campaign in Tasmania, to stop the Franklin Grodon dam was so sucessfull that now the Franklin river is one of the only rivers which has no human intrusion permanent on it. And the whole area is a major world class conservation and tourist area. But The pulp mill and associated massive harvest of old growth is more insideous, and potentially just as damaging. Check out the Gunn's pulp mill for some interesting economic vandalism.

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