RELEASE: WWF Confronted for Rainforest “Greenwashing” of “Sustainable” Palm Oil

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CONTACT: Dr. Glen Barry,

An Open Letter signed by more than 80 organizations from 31 countries was delivered yesterday to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) [search] and to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) co-initiator of the initiative. In the letter, they are urged to end the "greenwashing" and certification of palm oil plantations as being "sustainable".
According to the Open Letter, palm oil companies certified by the RSPO are directly responsible for much social and environmental damage: dislocation of local populations' livelihoods, destruction of rainforests and peat lands, pollution of soils and water, and contribution to global warming. These are the reasons why "palm oil monoculture[s] are not and can never be sustainable and


  1. Thanks, Glen and others. I hope some of the big groups with deep pockets like Sierra Club and Audubon will sign up. At least get California and other progressive states to boycott palm oil or tax it.

  2. Phil asks about Friends of the Earth. Actually, FoE International issued a separate press release about the RSPO which concludes by saying: “Friends of the Earth International therefore does not regard the RSPO as a credible certification process as it is only a limited tool of technicality which is not able to adequately address the horrendous impacts of oil palm cultivation on forests, land and communities.” (
    I understand FoE ENWI focussed on palm oil certification in relation to biofuels in a separate press statement which was also highly critical of the RSPO.

  3. Please, give President Barack Obama a reason for going to Copenhagen next month so that he has a chance to make the difference that makes a difference. Action is needed now. Support the objectives of the Copenhagen Climate Conference before it is too late for even these great, leading-edge human beings with feet of clay to guide the children away from the patently unsustainable lifestyles of the self-proclaimed Masters of the Universe among us and toward sustainable ways of living in the planetary home God has blessed us to inhabit as stewards, I suppose.

  4. We hear the Copenhagen Climate Conference will be a failure. No binding international agreement will be made. The last best hope for humanity to sensibly address climate destabilization has been turned into a steppingstone to nowhere.
    A colossal tragedy is in the making. Father Profit wins again and again. Mother Nature loses.
    Now for some good news: “THE(only)GAME(in town)” is in the bottom half of the ninth inning and, therefore, not yet over for Mother Nature.

  5. WWF is totally against the environment and wildlife preservation. I live in Bali and my work to stop the slaughtering of green turtles was sabotaged mainly by WWF members here. My life and others were endangered by their nonsense. We had success anyway, thank to Discovery Channel UK.

  6. If ever there was moment when meaningful communication and bold action needed to occur, that time is in Copenhagen. In less than two weeks time the pivotal Climate Change Conference will begin. Four weeks from now, what could be the most important international meeting of Century XXI will become a part of history. Now is the time for open communication and real action.
    Please recall a story from the Bible regarding a gigantic tower built at the city of Babylon. Do you ever imagine that too much of our communication in the “now/here” could be similar to the foolhardy and confusing prattle supposedly heard in ancient times within the Tower of Babel? This skyscraping tower was apparently made of stone; whereas, a similar colossal construction in our time has been built from too many worthless greenbacks as a “house of cards” called the global political economy.
    At least to me, it appears that some kind of terrible and unimaginable ecololgical wreckage could occur much sooner rather than later. The self-proclaimed Masters of the Universe among us are to going to keep getting more arrogant, more foolhardy, more greedy and richer. When a youngster, I was told to become a millionaire. That was the goal. Now I see children today being encouraged to be billionaires. That is the new sign of 'success'. Given the budget deficits we are running now, even as greedmongering leaders of one not-so-great generation mortgage the childrens' future and threaten their very existence, it cannot take long before the first trillionaire is minted. The mainstream media will report this news proudly, profanely. The Fortune 400 will be comprised of trillionaires soon thereafter. With the patently unsustainable levels of overproduction and overconsumption required to underwrite the conspiciously obscene per-capita lifestyles of a tiny minority of those in the human family who are perniciously concentrating a lion's share of world's wealth and power, it is no longer difficult to apprehend in the offing some sort of wholesale destruction of life as we know it on this Good Earth……..willful blindness, hysterical deafness, elective mutism, global gag rules and stony silence notwithstanding.
    Still, hopefully, meaningful communications and necessary changes toward sustainability remain a discernible possibility for those human beings with feet of clay.

  7. “They go on in strange paradox, decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all-powerful to be impotent

  8. Remember: environment and people are closely linked. Only community-based conservation is long-term and sustainable. No to outside logging and palm oil interests and yes to local sustainable development by agroforestry practice, by ecotourism, by diversified produce marketing and community based biodiversity conservation. People relate to the land, water and soil. Ecosystem services are prime and need to be off-set with REDD/carbon credit funding on top of aid budgets to conserve biodiversity, protect integrated rainforest ecosystems and communities living in them and support for local biodiversity research capacity and Protected Area management. This should be part of the Climate Deal of COP15 in Kobenhavn, Denmark. So, all 192 countries … for once take a lead and bring us all out of the mire.

  9. I don't know what to think when I read comments like “WWF is totally against the environment and wildlife preservation.”
    How can an organization that's been in the forefront of saving animals for decades be so bad?
    Obviously not every organization is going to be perfect and make all the right decisions but that statement is pretty ruff.

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