New York City Activists Unfurl 35-foot Banner on High Line to Protest Park’s Use of FSC-Certified Amazon Wood

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Tim Doody:
Simon Counsell:
Dr. Glen Barry:
September 24th, New York: This morning, environmental activists unfurled a 35-foot banner blocking the iconic view of 10th Avenue from the High Line park to protest the Amazon wood [search] used in the park for bleachers, benches and decking. The banner read, “High Crime on the High Line! FSC Lies: Amazon Wood Is Not Sustainable [search]!”
Two New York City-based groups, Rainforest Relief and New York Climate Action Group, coordinated the banner action to confront the “First International FSC Friday,” an event held on September 25th by the Forest Stewardship Council to promote their certification scheme.
According to Friends of the High Line's website, the tropical hardwood used throughout the High Line was certified by FSC-accredited agencies. The wood, called ip

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  1. Dr. Barry –
    Thanks for keeping the word out about these important issues! I had not heard of all this going on, and I keep pretty good track of the news.
    Alan Perry
    Boise, Idaho
    Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

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