RELEASE: Greenpeace Wipes It’s Soft, Virgin Butt with Canada’s Ancient Boreal Forests

– Against what ecological science tells us is required for global and regional ecological sustainability, Greenpeace Canada endorses continued clearcut of ancient boreal forests for paper products including toilet paper. Nothing to change as ancient boreal forests continues to be clearcut to wipe bottoms, albeit certified by FSC and Greenpeace as “well-managed”.
By Earth's Newsdesk, a project of EcoInternet (EI)
CONTACT: Dr. Glen Barry,
EcoInternet vigorously condemns Greenpeace Canada's greenwash endorsement of continued Canadian ancient boreal forest logging [search] to make throw away paper items, including toilet paper. Yesterday Greenpeace announced a premature end [ark] to its “Kleercut” campaign [search] against Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the maker of Kleenex, Scott and Cottonelle brand paper products, boldly proclaiming “today, ancient forests like the Boreal Forest have won.”
Greenpeace's long-standing campaign against “ancient forest crimes” by Kimberly-Clark was suspended on the basis of promises that 40% of its North American tissue fiber will be either recycled or FSC certified by 2011. The company traditionally has used 3 million tones of virgin fibre a year, which will fall to 2.4 million tons if they are successful. This atrociously weak target will legitimize continued destruction of Canada's ancient forest ecosystems for throw away paper products for decades.

“In a world well past its carrying capacity, facing abrupt climate change and species and ecosystem collapse, we call upon Greenpeace to immediately disclose the ecological science that suggests primary and old growth forests can and should continue to be clearcut to wipe our asses,” questions Dr. Glen Barry. “It is just like Greenpeace to half carry out a campaign, achieve partial success, claim victory and move onto a more telegenic protest opportunity to fill their coffers.”
EcoInternet calls upon Greenpeace to embrace substance over style (for a change) and immediately disassociate itself from the Forest Stewardship Council's ongoing certification of first time industrial logging of primary forests as being “well-managed” while implying sustainability.
“No one including Greenpeace can tell us how many tens of millions of hectares of primeval forest ecosystems are being destroyed under FSC's certification label for, amongst other things, toilet paper and lawn furniture. Until Greenpeace and friends stop greenwashing FSC ancient forest logging, we call upon committed forest protectors to resign their membership from Greenpeace and other ancient forest logging apologists, and to stop using virgin toilet paper, no matter how sensitive their behinds,” explains Dr. Barry.
It is up to us to continue the Kleercut campaign until primary forest logging ends. This places Greenpeace in strong contention for the upcoming “Forest Greenwash” of the year award.
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The Canadian Boreal Forest is North America's largest old growth forest, and contains 25% of the world's remaining intact ancient forests. It provides habitat for threatened wildlife such as woodland caribou and a sanctuary for more than one billion migratory birds. It is also the largest terrestrial storehouse of carbon on the planet, storing the equivalent of 27 years worth of global greenhouse gas emissions.
In March 2005, Greenpeace stated: “It is an environmental crime that Kimberly-Clark, through its Kleenex toilet paper, facial tissue and napkins, is causing the destruction of one of the planet's remaining ancient forests,” said Richard Brooks, Greenpeace Forests Campaigner. “Shoppers need to know that when they choose Kleenex brand products they are participating in the destruction of the Boreal forest, a natural heritage of all Canadians.”
“We are calling on store managers to return this evidence of ancient forest crimes to Kimberly-Clark, the makers of Kleenex brand tissue products,” added Brooks. “If consumers knew that ancient forests in Northern Ontario were being clearcut to create disposable products that are used once, and then simply thrown away or flushed down the toilet, they would be horrified.”
Under the announcement made by Greenpeace, such activities will continue, albeit in a manner certified as “well-managed” by FSC. There is no such thing as ecologically sustainable or even mildly beneficial first time industrial primary forest logging, and Greenpeace should be ashamed of itself for legitimizing the trade. If you support Greenpeace, you support ancient forest logging that endangers our shared being.
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EcoInternet provides the world's largest and most used climate, rainforest and environment portals at and and . Dr. Glen Barry is a leading global spokesperson on behalf of environmental sustainability policy. He frequently conducts interviews on the latest climate, forest and water policy developments and can be reached at:


  1. I am impressed with your work Dr Barry. You speak with a clear and loud voice about the issues few others are willing to take on. Keep up the great work.

  2. So typical.. it's time Greenpeace supporters woke up to the fact that GP is funded with corporate dollars and soldout. GP has done the same thing with their whaling 'campaign' in Antarctica and the shameful annual Australian kangaroo massacre by co-funding a report by Mark Diesendorf with the kangaroo industry saying that we can save Australia by eating less cow and sheep and eating more kangaroo thus driving kangaroos to their ultimate extinction.

  3. Canada Greenpeace tactics may not be acceptable to you. In that case develop your own apprach to stop Boreal logging.

  4. EXCELLENT! Thank you for getting this out. I hope there's a lot of coverage and that it invokes the necessary change. In Solidarity ~ Stephany

  5. Canada Greenpeace tactics may not be acceptable to you. In that case develop your own apprach to stop Boreal logging.

  6. Obviously you are missing a large part of the picture. Clear cutting
    limited areas within larger, undisturbed buffer zones of forest creates
    increased habitat for animal species and increases the diversity of both understory and the trees of the forest themselves. Kimberly Clark pays
    a fee to log and those fees enable Canada to manage the forest, without
    which Canadian taxes would have to increase. As for the wood being used
    for paper products, much of the lumber in that particular climatic zone
    is not commercially useful for anything else. The same is true for the
    large tracts of land owned by the paper companies in the northern parts
    of the US.
    I could care less about KC or any other company. I believe we all are
    using far too many natural resources. I care a great deal about
    preserving wild places. I think limited clear cutting is a very good
    approach to the issue of meeting the demand (albeit selfish and
    shortsighted) for natural resources while preserving the forest. If
    limited clear cutting was practiced worldwide the tropical rain forests
    would not be disappearing but thriving.
    Maxus Capital Group, LLC
    Brian de la Houssaye
    Executive Vice President
    31300 Bainbridge Road
    Cleveland, Ohio 44139

  7. Dear Dr Barry – you always manage to horrify me! I am disgusted with your latest news about the antics of Kleenex etc. I will campaign on this issue of course. My heart is broken over these matter – the killing of wildlife worldwide, e.g. Zimbabwe – rhino horn for Chinese sanctioned by Mugabe. It goes on and on. I will deal with this later in the day. Greer Hart

  8. Dr Barry – you need to get out of your armchair and actual campaign on an issue for once. You think hosting a 'portal' is making real change on the ground?
    The work by Greenpeace is making change, for the betterment of forests everywhere.
    You can not expect a company the size of KC to change overnight – to expect so means you have no understanding of the global marketplace, what change really means.
    Today KC is no longer buying any pulp from the 7.4 million acre Kenogami and Ogoki forests. They had been buying from there for over 7 decades. They stopped because the current manager of these public forets, Buchanan Forest Products, was not willing to meet the strict ecological criteria of this new policy. That IS change on the ground.
    Maybe show some more thoughfulness, ask Greenpeace directly and stop stirring up nonsense because you are unsastified with the impact you are having.
    I hope that you don't employ censorship in the comments section of your 'portal'.


  10. What on earth can ever be done about this travesty? The Sarah Palins of Canada and the boreal forests. Boreal forests ANYWHERE? Will mankind ultimately destroy this kind of ancient heritage for profit, or can we step in somehow and stop this horror?
    I am about to give up on most of the human race. What are we but some kind of bacteria spreading disaster all over the planet? The more I hear, the closer I am to tears, and I'm sure I'm not the only one…or so I hope.
    Who lives at the edge of the Boundary Waters and hopes nothing will ever happen to it.

  11. Dr Barry, I've read and agree with your take on the recent KC/GP so called “truce”. We are actively fighting back against this greenwash/betrayal and would appreciate any additional input and direction you can offer.
    If you had the time to give me a call to discuss this situation/options it would be deeply appreciated. Thanks and my best, Keith

  12. you may slam Greenpeace for achieving a 40% cut in deforestation in Canada but what have you done apart from writing vitriolic letters? Get off your arse and tie yourself to a tree

  13. 40% reduction in deforestation? It is a 0% reduction because the clearcuts continue with FSC certification and the recycling targets are paltry. Ancient forests still going for toilet paper. At least understand the situation before you mouth off.
    Dr. Glen Barry

  14. It never ceases to amaze me the degree of denial that Greenfleece, Willing to Wack Forests (WWF) and deRANged have regarding their greenwashing of ancient forest logging by FSC. There are any number of arguments that they could make to defend their actions, yet inevitably the response is 99% personal attacks upon myself and my organization. You can't be against slavery and expect a commitment to treat your slaves better to be an adequate response, just as you can't be for ending primary forest logging and a member of FSC (who incidentally refuses to release figures of what percentage of their timbers come from primary forests). FSC apologists have already lost the battle by their inability to defend themselves from reasonable, ecological science based questioning. Shame on Greenpeace et al.
    Dr. Glen Barry
    P.S. In last months our 100K members have stopped Malaysian oil palm from entering the Amazon, stopped oil palm in a key area in West Africa and participated with others in numerous campaigns around Earth. Currently I find myself up to my neck in illegal loggers in Papua New Guinea. So cut the bullshit that somehow Greenpeace is the only one out there making a difference. Engage with the facts: how is it certifying 1st time industrial logging of primary forests saves anything except membership donations?

  15. Most forest in Canada is owned by the government. So ultimately the Canadian government , Provincial governments and the Canadian voters who elect them are responsible for logging policy.
    Canada has been based on resource extraction and this needs a huge cultural change and cannot be done by snapping our fingers over the internet.
    Enlarging preserves of boreal forest should be aggressively pursued without which much of the rest will be logged.

  16. wow i love your site… i agree that we must restore the green forest because it has a vital role in the place.. we must also act against global warming! more powers guyss

  17. I personally think it's a useful article and Dr. Glen Barry should continue to create awareness on issues like this. It would be nice to hear what Dr. Barry is doing other than just writing a blog, or possibly give us readers some information about the positive work Green Peace is doing, or at the least an alternative organization to support. I agree with the comment about the fact that most of the land is owned by the Canadian Government and things are not going to change over night. After decades of policies, working in one direction to stop and turn on a dime is next to impossible. But it's great to see that the majority of Canadians are aware of environmental issues and are more than willing to do the right, change the way we live in order to save our country and the rest of the planet. However until the big money making corporations and our government start listening and acting on what the average Canadian wants then these injustices against our land, air and water will continue to happen against our will.
    I'm Canadian and I'm proud to say that most Canadians are ready, willing and able to make the changes necessary to save our planet. And a lot of us have already changed our way of life for the better.

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