EARTH MEANDERS: Radical Idealism: Come Home to Gaia

By Dr. Glen Barry, EcoInternet
Earth Meanders come from Earth's Newsdesk
Let me tell you about the birds and the bees, and the flowers and the trees. THEY ARE ALL DYING. Global grassroots protest action — informed by ecological science, impassioned by green rage, and dedicated to sufficient policies to achieve global ecological sustainability — our last best chance, together, to avoid ecocide.
FOREWARD: For the past two months EcoInternet has been micro-blogging on Twitter (as well as at on Facebook) regarding requirements for ecological sustainability [search]. Being forced to capture complex ideas in 140 characters has been good for our biocentric writing by enforcing brevity. Ends up the series of one-liners string together relatively well to present a compelling vision of what is necessary to protect Gaia and our beings.
From these terse pronouncements comes a sense of planetary urgency. As we ponder whether there are enough funds for EcoInternet to continue to use the Internet to facilitate global ecological sustainability, and consider cutting back or even closing (and whether our “public radio” type funding appeals remain a viable funding method), this twitter compilation is one means to make a compelling case for you to support our unique brand of global grassroots eco-advocacy.
Your support broadcasts such biocentric thought and action 24/7 to an ecologically hungry world — as our portals and writings are used and read by several million people a year. Please enjoy this essay and donate now. Together we will make it.
For Earth,
Dr. Glen Barry
(EARTH) – Gaia. Earth is alive. Biosphere is self-regulating. Interactions between ecosystems make Earth habitable. Gaia once vibrant is in mid-death swoon. Humans. Are killing. Gaia. Earth is faced with global ecological collapse, this is an unprecedented emergency, and threatens major upheaval and death of all. Wake up you bloody fools. Earth is dying. We are losing our habitat. Humanity is in deep shit as Earth well past carrying capacity. We and all Gaia's creatures are heading for mass extinction. Radical idealism that profoundly transforms humanity's relationship to natural being is the cure to ecocide.
Things are not as they ought to be. Humans dismantle natural ecosystems that are their habitats because they like making money more than truth, justice, equity and continued shared being. We spew into our air, excrete into water, piss in our oceans and foul the land for a pocket full of mumbles and throw-away consumer junk. All but a few are able to overcome their childhood indoctrination and limited lifespan to see this is not how life was meant to be, that humanity has morphed into a disease upon Gaia. Yet as our atmosphere collapses, water grows dear, and extreme poverty epidemic; more are realizing that something has gone dramatically wrong with the human project.
Gaia, the Earth System, is alive and self-regulating. Gaia is a super-organism, and as such can die. There is no guarantee of continued evolution after ecosystem collapse. Being can end. Humans are one with Earth and as goes Gaia's health goes ours being. Being is fragile. The biosphere is a thin mantle of life upon otherwise lifeless rock. These ecosystems are more than resources, they give life. All Gaia's life including us is crashing. Humans appear hell-bent to destroy life's biological foundation. Earth going bad with industrial agricultural, dead oceans, strip malls, toxic cocktail, climate weirding and logging old forests. Pandemic disease stalks an overpopulated, poverty wracked and ecologically devastated Earth. Factory farms breed disease sold as food. All must change, be restored.
Global inequity in wealth and standard of living is evil. Malignant consumerism devours Earth's being and the only profits to be seen are false. About 2 billion live on under $2/day and 2 billion in relative opulent luxury. These disparities are unsustainable and must end. Our and all creatures' being imperiled as human disease overwhelms all naturalness. Ecological fabric of being unraveling, daily news full of ecosystems failing, yet few put it together. We and our planet are needlessly dying now. Over-consumption from ecosystem liquidation by some while others starve root cause of ecosystem collapse, war and injustice
Continued being depends upon escalating protest action. For humanity's shared survival we must broaden our sphere of love and emotional support to include Gaia, all her creatures and the human family. Time for action is now. There is nothing wrong with Earth System that a good healthy dose of radical idealism can't fix. It's simple: humanity cutting and burning Earth to death. These practices must end. We can and must stop coal, logging, tar sands, industrial agriculture, war and poverty. There exists a global ecological imperative to protect and restore whole Earth as our garden. Either you are committed to stopping ecocide or you are the problem.
Only road to ecological sustainability is immediate industrial powerdown, and ecological protection and restoration. Time to level with global citizens — fighting climate change raises energy prices and requires substantial personal sacrifice. The option is apocalyptic planetary disintegration. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is an urgent planetary necessity whether or not it creates jobs as techno-optimists claim. Shame on people, and there are many, who put their opulent consumption and luxury ahead of needs of Earth and the poor. Fatal flaw in Western exceptionalism is its use as justification to overconsume. Climate change and sustainability require simpler lives. How much is enough?

Most so oblivious to ecosystem collapse they will only note Earth's demise when they turn on the tap and there is no water, when there is no food, or they gasp for their last breath. Yet, even mainstream media is becoming aware that infinite growth on a finite planet can only lead to ecological collapse. But as we sit cocooned in our drugged comfort, no one is quite sure what to do about it. One third of planet lives in opulence relative to history, and their fellow one third of the human family are starving. Embrace of consumption as meaning of life — even “communist” China — means are eating Earth and will wake-up to toxic nightmare. A hard rain's begun to fall, and only personal transformation and social change can make it stop.
Whether we continue to be or not to be is being determined now. There are already too many people living on Planet Earth. Speculative, industrial capitalism is killing the climate, the Earth and our lives. Shame on hipster poseurs and those profiting financially from global ecosystem collapse. Solutions to ecological crises will not be engineered, they come from going back to the land, restoring and living simply on an organic Earth. There can be no economy if there is no ecology. Given industrial capitalism's ravenous resource appetite, should rainforests and climate be bound to failing economic markets? It is the land, always, think of the land. So much has been lost so swiftly. We must protect the rest and restore what has been lost.
Humanity's advancement screwed up by failing to realize soon enough that energy, water and land are scarce and precious. Food shortages caused by climate change, water scarcity, over-population and dead oceans are poised to bring down human civilization and perhaps eradicate all complex life. Food doesn't come from the grocery, it comes from healthy agro-ecological systems within intact climate, water and soils. There can be no economy, much less art, music, beauty or love; without healthy and abundant ecosystems. Humans are destroying our habitat. Most species know not to shit where they live — it is time for us to relearn this as well. Where will you go when your habitat is gone and you have no water, food or air?
Prophecies of global ecological apocalypse are mundane, true and imminent. Only question remains what willing to do to stop what is otherwise inevitable (or we might as well roll over and all die). Challenge is to unlearn everything we have been indoctrinated with regarding economics, politics, and religion and return to Earth, ecology, community and love. Tragic how few stop to ask why we must destroy Earth. There are other ways to live. We are but one cog in the wheel of life that is increasingly falling apart. It is NOT too late to take climate mitigation measures to avert global heating's worst, but it requires immediate and dramatic emission reduction. Continuing as are will mean assured cruel, apocalyptic end for being. Green rage at senseless end of being is no vice. Feeling Earth's pain and committing to shared survival is virtue.
We need hard working, educated and organized resistance. You can feel energy building- – an ecologically informed movement willing to take sufficient actions to save being is growing. There is still time, just barely, to get back to Gaia's garden. Must pursue sufficient ecological sustainability policies; including ending coal, protecting old forests, reforming industrial agriculture and embracing energy efficiency and renewables. Measures taken to pursue global ecological sustainability by governments, business, citizens and most big NGOs are orders of magnitude insufficient. As long as we draw breath there is hope for humanity and Earth. But we must immediately reduce emissions and protect and restore all ecosystems. Either you understand growth in economies and human population are killing Earth or you don't. Even Obama thinks we can grow ourselves to sustainability. Growth in positive feedback always inevitably kills all!
We need dramatic people power protests, culminating if necessary in an eco-revolution. The movement for global ecological sustainability is greatest challenge of all time. The Internet offers global citizens its last best chance to come together to take the revolutionary actions necessary to save being. Start now, or start later, but sooner or later we will protect all remaining natural habitats and assist them to regenerate. Now is the time. No time left for ecological compromise. Every little scrap of nature must be protected and helped to regenerate and expand. Survival depends on it. Governments are shirking their duty and in effect abdicating. They won't fix their climate mess. If no Copenhagen agreement, may need to be supplanted to save being.
Social change to ecological sustainability begins with personal transformation and ends with informed and empowered action on behalf of being. Those that mine and burn coal and tar sands, log and use old forest timbers and over-use land, water and oceans must be compelled to stop or else. No possibility of renewable energy providing amount of energy now used, much less expected growth. Energy use must decline dramatically. Large intact natural ecosystems are required for global ecological sustainability. Earth can't exist without old forests. Old forest protection and restoration key response to all ecocrises. Their full protection and restoration is global ecological imperative or all life ends. There is no way biomass can fuel industrial society, as terrestrial ecosystems are already collapsing!
It is time to seriously consider a revolutionary response to ecosystem collapse. When will enlightened free thinking global citizens coalesce to take action commensurate to the degree of threat posed by global ecological crises? What if democratic consumption unable to reform itself? What If those destroying Earth for profit won't stop? Then up to us to act swiftly and decisively. Well past time for each of us to intentionally align our very being with Earth's needs. It is well past time to go back to the land and serve Gaia and being. Time to plant, tend and defend your garden — literally and figuratively.
So much to do, so little time, for Gaia, and her humanity. The meaning of remaining life is ecological protection and restoration. First rule of transformation: stop digging. Industrial capitalism destroys ecosystems, more speculative, techno-industrialism not the answer. Well past time to let Earth rest and regenerate. When pressure removed, ecosystems recover. Today is the perfect day to start/continue your personal transformation, to be one with the Earth, that is, to feel you connection to Gaia.
Reject most you have been taught about humanism and embrace ecocentrism. Have faith in Gaia and her resiliency, even as you take action to protect her, disavowing easy techno-fixes for personal and social change. The time for ever more reports, talking and seeking of consensus is done. The Earth needs passionate advocacy energy and action now or everything dies. We have choices other than allowing Gaia and humanity to die. Tomorrow we could together rush failed authority and be transformed.
The Battle against climate change and movement for global ecological sustainability offer YOU the chance to have your existence matter profoundly to humanity and Gaia. Many brave folks are taking protest action to stop climate change and the whole host of related global ecological crises. It is time to coalesce into a radical, sufficient movement. Together we can make dream of global ecological sustainability, justice and equity reality by committing to escalating protest to achieve sufficient ecological policy. Should our entreaties continue to go unheard, we may need to partake in a stewardship revolution. We are fighting for our very lives folks. Pacifism fine until you realize Earth is dying and being ending. If not willing to fight for shared survival, what is worthy of a fight?
Constantly marvel at miracle of creation and hope you do too. Human habitat depends upon intact, operable biosphere — we are called to commit to protecting being. Ecologists and anti-capitalists' predictions are repeatedly right, yet ruling elite continue to exclude green thought from power and pursue economic growth at expense of life giving ecosystems. Earth system needs ambitious policy based upon ecology, protest action and if necessary a stewardship revolution. Anything less is giving up. Successful grassroots eco-activism means not waiting for government and big groups to solve problems, but you yourself learning and organizing for Earth. If you care about you and your family's water, air, food and shelter in the future, you will commit now to ecological protest to save being.
It is time to usher in the era of global ecological restoration and protection. Please join movement to achieve global ecological sustainability, the most epic battle ever of good vs. evil, to ensure continued being for all life. Together, we have one last chance to save being and learn to live with Gaia and each other justly, equitably, peacefully and sustainably. Working together, global ecological sustainability starts here now. What a gratifying way to live — in pursuit of truth and working to support Gaia and family, by which I mean humanity and all creatures. Be strong, seek knowledge and prepare to act. Earth needs courage, wisdom and love. Be, one, with Gaia. Spread the word.


  1. moratoriums, worldwide, immediate. radical birth control. reward for sterilization – varied by region: free college, $1000, a family cow, seeds, or whatever. that's the only things that will work in the end. (and hope to reincarnate on one of the many millions of other populated planets — with much more enlightened being in charge.) db

  2. It is wondrous to have these comments from Glen Barry. Many more top-rank leaders need to do the same.
    Too much time is being wasted; and too many experts are ignoring the obvious and electing mutism. All the while, absolute global human population numbers skyrocket; the greedy among us conspicuously consume and excessively hoard; and the Masters of the Universe endlessly expand industrial/production capabilities worldwide. All of these distinctly human global overgrowth activities will soon become unsustainable in the planetary home we inhabit, sad to say. And our willful silence about these human-induced global threats to human and environmental health will soon enough be seen as unconscionable “sins of omission” by the children.
    Thank you, Glen, for evincing intellectual honesty and moral courage in a time marked by astounding arrogance and unbridled avarice, when many too many other elders in our not-so-great generation are perversely choosing to speak out only when it is politically convenient and economically expedient for them to do so.

  3. I totally agree. It is disturbing to notice how nature gets abused either accidentally or on purbpose because we feel like having fun. We souldn't make living so money based so that our world won't be so focused on using resources, but providing protection of resources that we can let naturally reproduce instead of using farms to do what nature can do quite well, better than our own hydrofarms, over time.

  4. It's time for what I call the Post-human Age.God is dead:long live reason, love and spirituality,and personal responsibility. The Human Age is dead: long live the conciousness of personally identifying with all life and our home with equanimity and as one. Mark Holmgren, Bainbridge Island, WA

  5. Great website. What is most concerning for me is hearing people say “the earth is in danger and it's our fault” but doing nothing to save it from such peril. What suggestions do you have? I would be interested to hear more.
    As for doing my own part, I've just joined a terrific non-profit called Corporate Accountability International. It's a watchdog group with several campaigns, one of them being focused on water conservation and challenging the privatization of water by powerful companies like Coke, Pepsi, and Nestle (check it out: ) .
    We all have to do our part and get involved. Otherwise, talk – or type – is cheap.
    Here's to not just hoping,

  6. How are billions of people to sensibly organize to respond ably to the destruction of the Earth that is now being perpetrated by those few million people who possess a lion's share of the world's wealth and the power it purchases?
    When are the morally bankrupt, super-rich Masters of the Universe among us to be held to account for having self-righteously institutionalized the

  7. In some ways, I applaud the sense of urgency that accompanies the perceived need to do something to affect climate change. The need is there in more ways than you presently know. But the means is another matter entirely. The Akkadian Empire under Sargon (2,300-2,200 BC), mankind's first empire ever, succumbed to climate change that happened rather suddenly. A 300 year long period of drought struck this nascent civilization and toppled what turned out to be only a 100 year empire. The Old Kingdom of Egypt and the Harappans of the Indus Valley suffered a similar fate 4,200 years ago, succumbing to an abrupt drought that ended those civilizations, with Egyptians "forced to commit unheard of atrocities such as eating their own children and violating the sacred sanctity of their own dead (Fekri Hassan, 2001)". The Mayans had pretty much the same luck with three periods of extreme drought at 810, 860 and 910 AD. Sadly just two years after the drought which saw 95% of the Mayan population gone, wet years returned to the Yucatan. A reconstruction from fossil algae in sediments from Drought Lake in North Dakota of the past 2000 years found that dry conditions were far and away the rule in the High Plains, with the Dust Bowl conditions of the 1930's one of the lesser dry spikes found in the record. Half of the warming that brought us out of the last ice age (the Wisconsin) occurred in less than a decade.
    There were 23 Dansgaard-Oeschger events between this interglacial, the Holocene, the interglacial in which all of human civilization has occurred, and the last one, the Eemian, in which the first fossils of Homo sapiens are to be found. D-O events average 1,500 years, and have the same characteristic sawtooth temperature shape that the major ice-age/interglacials do, a sudden, dramatic, reliable, and seemingly unavoidable rise of between 8-10C (on average), with outliers up to 16C (taking only from a few years to decades) then a shaky period of warmth (less than interglacial warmth), followed by a steep descent back into ice age conditions. We know with absolute certainty that these events happen, with evidence of D-O events extending back some 680 million years. We do not know yet precisely what causes them. What we do know is that the past 6 interglacials (dating back to the Mid Pleistocene Transition) have lasted roughly half of a precessional cycle, or 11,500 years, which just happens to be the current age of the Holocene. What we know is that N65 latitude insolation values are very close now to what they were at the close of the Eemian. What we also know is that GHGs seem to have played only a spectator role to all of these natural transitions, with temperature changes leading GHG concentrations by a considerable margin of time. What we do not know is if anthropogenic sourced GHGs can trigger a climate change event. What we do know is that earth's climate is bimodal, cold (90%) and warm (10%), with the transition times (such as at the end of an interglacial) well known from proxy records to be quite sensitive to forcings we do not yet understand, and the forcings we have identified seemingly incapable of producing the responses we see in the paleoclimate record. Including the recent paleoclimate record.
    The Holocene is studded with the Younger Dryas, a 1,300 year near instantaneous return to ice age conditions some think resulted from a change in meltwater flow from the Gulf to the North Atlantic, shutting down the Gulf Stream circulation. Almost as suddenly we came out of it. Between 6,000 and 7,000 years ago, a period known to geologists and paleoclimatologists as the Holocene Climate Optimum sea levels peaked about 6 meters (about 20 feet) higher than today, and during the Eemian Optimum, some 20 meters (about 60 feet) higher than today. During the seven post MPT ice ages, sea levels dropped some 100 meters below present, the water tied up in the miles thick ice sheets that have spread in North America as far south as Kansas. These are just some of the facts of the abrupt climate changes which we, as Homo sapiens, have experienced. Global Circulation Models, of which the IPCC references 23, have yet to reproduce a single known abrupt paleoclimate change. The models produce predictions based on a variety of input data and complex equations which few of us would understand. But for all the complexity and investment, they are just predictions.
    Belief in, and acting as a result of, such predictions has opened up what may be the first chapter in faith-based science. Understanding the history of climate change provides a factual understanding of far more alarming climate changes that have actually happened, with sea level changes and temperature shifts that dramatically overshadow any faith-based prediction you have yet heard.
    What might be quite ironic is that if GHG predicted global warming is in fact real, and, at half of a precessional cycle, we are near to the cliff of the next natural shift to an ice age, we may find ourselves needing to generate as much GHGs as possible to ease our transition into the next ice age. So as I said at the beginning, doing something about climate change is by no means a bad thing. Doing the right thing might actually be quite another. The ice ages and associated interglacials are well known to be paced by the eccentricity, obliquity and precession cycles in earth's rickety orbit. These we will do nothing about. D-O events show strong evidence of being tied to the 1,500 year cycle of solar output, something we cannot change.
    So be ever thoughtful of both facts and predictions before leaping to a conclusion. It was in fact a LEAP that terminated the last interglacial, the Late Eemian Aridity Pulse which lasted 468 years and ended with a precipitous drop into the Wisconsin ice age. And yes, we were indeed there. We had been on the stage, as our stone-age selves, about the same length of time during that interglacial that our civilizations have been during this one.

  8. Dear Glen Barry, R Gates and Friends All,
    Thanks for being there and for all the great work you are doing.
    At least to me, it appears the human community cannot keep growing in the unbridled ways we are now because the gigantic current scale and rapid expansion of human activities in the wondrous, finite world God blesses us to inhabit could become unsustainable soon. What worries me most is that many people do not yet even see what we have before us as a formidable predicament, let alone its forbidding and growing magnitude. From my humble vantage point, many too many leaders who do see the huge global challenges {climate destabilization is one of them} that could soon be confronted by the family of humanity have chosen not to speak of them, but to remain electively mute and in denial. Although I am an ageing old worry-wart whose sight is failing and faculties are diminishing, it is necessary for me to fulfill a “duty to warn” by reporting that I see the potential for a colossal, human-induced ecological wreckage looming on the horizon.
    Hopefully, I am mistaken.

  9. Today as we are facing global worming now a days and one of the main reason of global worming is due to the reduction or cutting down of green forests. so we all can play a role in saving the environment for the future and for our children this is the right time to start developing small gardens in our houses back yard as its has become necessity act before its to late. So start your journey with us .

  10. Do we not have a real and pressing “duty to warn” the human community of apparently unforeseen and unfortunately unwelcome scientific evidence related to human population dynamics and to the potentially profound implications of the unregulated human overpopulation of Earth in these early years of Century XXI?
    David Pimentel, Martin Rees, the late Garrett Hardin, Glen Barry, John Holdren, Russell Hopfenberg, Charles Fowler, E.O. Wilson, Jeffrey McKee, Tony McMichaels, Peter Vitousek, R. Gates, Gretchen Daily, Dee Boursma, Stuart Pimm, Vivian Ponniah, John Guillebaud, Eric Rimmer, Richard Sanders, the late Jack Parsons, Tom Goehl, Eric Chivian, Jesse Ausubel, Colin Butler, Alan Thornhill, Jason C. Bradford, Jack Alpert, Paul Chefurka, Dan Mayo, David Delaney, Anthony J. Cassils, Ed Weick, William E. Rees, Thomas Homer-Dixon, Paul Hawken, Emily Spence, Lorna Salzman, Ruben Nelson, Albert Bartlett, Reiel Folven, the late John McRuer, Dave Foreman, Ken Smail, Werner Fornos, Jane Goodall and many others have considered the colossal wreckage of Earth's ecology that could be induced by the continuous, unbridled growth of absolute global human population numbers.

  11. Great job! I agree we need to act now before it is too late. God gave us the earth to live in and take care of. We are not here to dominate the earth but here to act as keepers. People are not the only one's here on earth and we need to keep that in mind. Great job thanks for the wonderful info.

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