RELEASE: New Earth Rising as Global Ecological and Economic Threats Worsen

EcoInternet's innovative environmental sustainability e-zine arrives as globally one quarter of land is being degraded, the Arctic is melting, rainforests are dying, and the economy collapsing. Gaia and her humanity's survival depend upon reaching a steady state economy and other biocentric policies adequate to achieve ecological sustainability
By Earth's Newsdesk, a project of EcoInternet
CONTACT: Dr. Glen Barry
Global ecological sustainability requires a steady state economy(Earth) — EcoInternet is pleased to announce the second issue of their “New Earth Rising” e-zine, entitled “Ecological Sustainability, the Growth Machine, and the Financial Crisis“. There, nearly a dozen authors explore the implications of the current economic crisis for the survival of the Earth and all her creatures, including humans.
In the lead article, entitled “New Green Deal or Not: Industrial Capitalism Is Assured Death“, the e-zine's editor, Dr. Glen Barry, critically examines New Green Deal proposals that supposedly will solve climate change while providing jobs. He concludes their focus upon economic stimulus to promote more economic growth, without reining in consumption, human population, natural resource use and ecosystem destruction, will make things worse. The e-zine arose from his earlier critically acclaimed “Earth Meanders” essay series.
“Nothing grows forever. It is amazing how few recognize economic decline as the inevitable outcome of an economy based upon growth at the expense of natural ecosystems. Required green policies, such as ending the use of coal and old forest logging, must occur regardless if they create or destroy jobs, just to maintain being,” says Dr. Barry.

Other articles share local “barn-raising” actions to weatherize buildings, note the threat to life from speculative capitalism, look forward to a simpler less consumptive life as industrialism ends, and several others intriguing aspects of the economic system as a subset of ecology.
These biocentric policy prescriptions come as emerging science reveals that some 24% of land is being permanently degraded, Arctic ice caps are set to disappear, and the Amazon is dying releasing its carbon. The Earth is on the verge of ecological collapse and all of our shared survivals are threatened. Only rigorous ecological protection and restoration, and moving our economy to a steady state, can save us now.
Dr. Barry continues, “Renewable energy is about more than jobs. It is about saving a habitable Earth. We must all be for green jobs and a new green deal, but only if their implementation is embedded within policies to strip capitalism of its speculative and industrial excesses. We must understand that no amount of green jobs will allow conspicuous consumption to continue.”
EcoInternet is now accepting submissions for the June 2009 issue: “Ecological Sustainability, Freedom and the Stewardship Revolution”. We will be academically discussing what may be necessary to save being — weighing the pros and cons of a “Stewardship Revolution” — an agrarian, decentralized insurgent revolutionary response to averting full ecological collapse and death of humanity.
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6 Responses

  1. Marc Sommer says:

    1995 is was a disatrous drought year for the tropical area in AMazonas.
    Now that you talk about a dying Amazonas releasing it's carbon : do you mean the clearcut, or did drought repeat itself? Or is the CO2 that high it that it reverses fotosynthesis?

  2. Aubrey Wulfsohn says:

    Unfortunately, an effective ecological solution will get support only if someone will get rich from it.

  3. Long overdue initiative. Thank you, Dr. Glen Barry, for providing meaningful leadership.
    How do we calculate the environmental “sins of omission” and the economic “sins of commission” that have been foisted upon the Earth and the family of humanity in the first eight years of Century XXI? How will our children and history view this brief period of time at the outset of the new millennium when arrogant and greedy, self-proclaimed Masters of the Universe willfully and recklessly chose to “pad their own pockets” and, by their fraudulent efforts, take life as we know it and the living Earth down a descending, primrose path into darkness and to some colossal wreckage, the likes of which only Ozymandias has witnessed.
    If the human community keeps doing precisely what we are doing now and not choose to make necessary changes, then a sense of foreboding overtakes me because the shameless Masters of the Universe will have 'successfully' perpetrated a gigantic financial sham and left our children with a world – both ecologically and economically – in shambles.

  4. Richard Dodge says:

    Excellent commentary. Great sources of news and opinion. Enthusiastic web site … but the links don't work!

  5. David Moore says:

    Thanks for the new effort Glen. It is critical to break from the new Obama administration on climate and ecology issues. On this front he stands for More Of The Same Overconsumption Crap. Stimulus be damned. We need to revive Small is Beautiful. Zero Population Growth and Zero Consumption Growth.

  6. Human reproduction does not occur by means of some magical process over which human beings have no control. Quite to the contrary, people know about “where babies come from.” It is for this reason that I am suggesting people can choose to take responsibility for this behavior. There are all kinds of incentives that could be deployed to encourage people to have “one child per family”, for example. This is only a guess but I believe adequate incentives would lead to rapid behavior change, the kind of change that would put the human community on the road to population stabilization/reduction.
    Not only does human production not occur magically, we can see from voluminous evidence from the twentieth century — when there were two world wars and other ubiquitous armed conflicts, AIDS and other terrible diseases, pestilence, famines, natural and manmade disasters leading to great loss of life — that the global human population skyrocketed from 1.6 to over 6.1 billion people in that century alone. Please note that nothing served to stem the rapidly rising tide of humanity on Earth in the years between 1900 and 2000. It seems to me that human beings simply have to take responsibility for their propagation {consumption and production} activities because these activities could soon become unsustainable if they remain as unbridled as they are now.

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