Climate Change Worse Than Thought

A biosphere cannot be engineeredQuite a week in climate science. Ends up global warming is accelerating [ark | moreark] at a much faster pace, causing more environmental damage, than predicted even a few years ago. Continued use of coal is denounced as “death factories” [ark]. And crop-based biofuels are speeding up global warming [ark] by fueling the destruction of rainforests [search].
These warnings comes from highly respected mainstream scientists, and illustrate how the science has progressed to indicate global ecological crises are much more dire than even recent worst case scenarios. Of course many of us have known climate change will be abrupt [search], and that maintaining standing rainforests and ending use of coal, would be keystone climate change responses for decades; but been stonewalled by media, government and mainstream and even radical environmental bureaucracies. It is clear that the IPCC report of 2007 is already dated, and we cannot wait until 2014 to finalize the next.

The Earth has found its voice. Unless action to topple industrial polluters and destroyers are taken immediately we are all going to die. Failure to address climate change is largely due to society's inability to transform itself, including away from coal and FSC certification of old growth forest logging [search]. Much of the environmental movement is duped, incompetent or sold out — or some combination of the above. Few dare to demand reducing human population and inequitable consumption immediately, which clearly is necessary to maintain a livable Earth. Without thinking big and becoming more aggressive in demanding social change, we are in for a world of hurt.

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  1. bob says:

    It's a shame but economy trumps environment. Always will . Folks care but like a virus eating up its host no stopping until we are all dead or back in the stone age.

  2. Becky says:

    Climate change is a fact. Evidence is all around us. What everyone needs to do now is to get realize this and then get educated on it. There is a great book out by John Dernbach, titled, “Agenda for a Sustainable” that I feel is very educational and should be used as text in every highschool and college science class.

  3. Judy Cross says:

    You inflated the language of the original which only says “likely”.

  4. Phillip Huggan says:

    If large/all tracts of rainforests dry out simulataneously and if they are an obviously conflageration threat, I'd suggest aggressive Amazon forestry management practises to contain a given fire.
    The idea would be to log firebreaks (well before a fire) throughout the dried out rainforests, perhaps tens of kilometers across, large enough to be visible from space. The idea is to prevent sparks from transporting across the firebreak. The Amazon would resemble a checkerboard of isolated forest squares with the firebreaks resembling checkerboard lines.
    Such a practise would destroy ecosystem and biomes, rendering many species extinct, but would maintain sequestered carbon content. A much more intensive solution would be to alter irrigation, rivers and aquifers, and geoengineer “wet” rainforest instead of a logged firebreak. Here, the goal would be to keep the Amazon intact (relatively) and the firebreak would be tens of kms wide irrgated rainforest, separating dried out tinderbox “squares”.

  5. Brian Walsh says:

    I honestly think we will just fail to get it right. We can never seem to look at the bigger picture. In our desperate attempts to replace oil with biofuels we are now causing bigger problems by clearing forests, releasing CO2 and putting even more animals and plants in danger of extinction. We really need to sit down and have a good look at all the problems we are causing. Its ridiculous and it will seriously harm us too very soon. We are animals too and we can no longer continue to detach ourselves from nature.

  6. Dimitri Thienpont says:

    An endless growth economy is not combinable with an Earth that has bio-physical limits. Which means industrial capitalism has to go. But it seems it's taking care of that itself…great !! Now let's focus on replacing this system of death and destruction with smaller-scale sustainable, cooperative networks and re-integrate ourselves into Nature…

  7. Daksh says:

    this is a concern for all of us and thanks a ton for highlighting it on your blog…….
    there are people across the world having similar concern they proudly call themselves IYCN (india youth climate solutions) …
    they have been travelling all over India as a part of their road trip to find solutions to the climate change ….and what they have done is shared their solutions on their blog :
    do please check them out and share your views on the blog …..
    lets hope to make a difference to the world collectively

  8. Dear Glen Barry,
    Your outspoken, forward-looking, action orientation represent a path to necessary change and to a good future for our children and coming generations, I believe.
    Please understand my stridence and sense of urgency, expressed on so many occasions over the past 8 years, are responses to the way so many members of my generation of leading elders are arrogantly shirking their responsibilities to intellectual honesty, moral courage, ethical sense and responsible action by not acknowledging and addressing the human-induced global challenges for which my generation can reasonably and sensibly be held accountable.
    At least to me, many too many leaders are making conscious determinations to conspicuously overconsume limited resources, to eschew the option of responsibly sharing with others, and to authorize the unbridled growth of large-scale, global industrialization to the point of its unsustainability. At least to me, these behaviors are undeniable, indefensible, soon to become unsustainable. Even so, the soon to become unsustainable overgrowth activities, mostly derived from the insistence of leaders in the human community, continue to be ubiquitously condoned by those with wealth and power, for whom nothing appears to matter more than the maintenance of the status quo.
    Perhaps change toward sustainable lifestyles and away from lives organized around the institutionalization of arrogance and avarice are in the offing.
    Thanks again, Glen, for being an exemplar. We need many more people to speak out and take steps necessary to move away from what soon could be unsustainable over-consumption, overproduction and overpopulation activities of the human species to an alternate path marked by sustainable levels of human consumption, production and species propagation.
    Thanks to you and to others who are capably like-minded.
    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population,
    established 2001

  9. Ian Morill says:

    I have been campaigning on Environmental issues for over 25 years but have decided to stop. For one it's a waste of time , energy and calories.Green groups have been around for 40 years now and we've moved very little in that time. In fact in some respects we've gone backwards. I'll tell you why we are seriously stuffed.It's the human race, the human condition ..our character. We won't wake up till it's too late and when we do they'll be too many who just want to carry on the same old ways. look at Communism. looks great on paper but the truth is it's the right model but for the wrong animal. We're incapable of being that altuistic, that far sighted.We just put our hands over our ears and go “la la la” when we don't like listening to the truth. The smoking situation is a perfect example, people make excuses until government has to bring in laws. That is what will happen with the environment. Not through people campaigning and changing their ways voluntarily.But even then Governments will only dare go so far ( but it won't be far enough or fast enough) Here's the real clincher.A UN report concluded that meat production is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions (on top of that deforestation, soil erosion etc etc as well as all the water needed to feed the animals and all the land taken up growing animal feed)) It's the single biggest thing we can do as individuals to reduce our impact on the Environment(ie. forsake meat). But how many people are willing to do that ? Can you imagine Governments promoting the idea or bringing in laws to curb meat consumption. No way.It's the issue that dare not speak it's name.

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