Carbon Continues Surge, Carbon Tax Last Best Option

Carbon Continues Surge, Carbon Tax Last Best OptionAtmospheric carbon dioxide levels [search] have hit a new high of 392 parts per million (ppm) [ark], with no indication the world economic downturn is cutting emissions. This is a rise of 2-3 ppm from a year earlier, up a third since the industrial revolution, and is the highest in at least 800,000 years. Some had hoped that at least an economic depression would reduce this growth. But nearly 7 billion consumers, all seeking the fruits of democratic consumption, seem only to know how to burn more fossil fuels and cut more natural vegetation in pursuit of livelihoods and meaning for their lives.There are a dwindling number of solutions able to divert this imminent train wreck without economic and ecological collapse.
The most favorable and least disruptive to the status quo is a global carbon tax [search] that definitively and in a straight forward manner puts a price upon carbon. And Obama's Energy Secretary is floating the idea [ark], which deserves all our support. It is known with certainty that given the political will, this will be far preferable to failed carbon markets [search] which have yet to demonstrate actual emissions reductions [ark] and appear to be collapsing [ark] with much of the rest of the financial system. The hour is late and options dwindling. Barring a carbon tax, I am firmly convinced only a global Earth stewardship revolution that destroys polluting and other ecologically destructive industries can achieve global ecological sustainability and save humanity, our sister species and our shared habitat.

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  1. I was heartened to see high-ranking members of the new administration talking about a carbon tax. And I could not agree more that it's the best option moving forward– if only to avoid the evasion and market manipulation that plague cap and trade schemes while simultaneously incentivizing the creation of new, climate-friendly technologies.

  2. Jay says:

    Global warming and/or climate change is the result of our negligence to protect the earth. Such pollutants like CO2 as emitted by countless vehicles and factories contribute much to this. However, as we are facing this issue and experiencing its effect, all we can do now is to find ways to lessen and minimize the spreading of this pollutants to avoid further damage. Carbon tax as best last option should be considered.

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