Obama and You Must Act on Climate Now

Obama and you must act on climate nowThe world is now clear that we live in times of great peril. Economies cannot exist without ecology. And this is why in this moment of economic shame, the best investment [ark] is to put all resources at the human family's disposal into solving climate change [search] and related global ecological crises including deforestation, dead oceans and water scarcity. We will almost certainly not get another chance beyond Obama — he must act on climate now [ark].
President Obama can immediately start regulating carbon dioxide as a pollutant under the Clean Air Act [search] while rejecting Canadian tar sands [ark]. U.S. government renewable energy investments can be increased by an order of magnitude right now. And he can commit the resources, brain-power and full political might of his office and America to a comprehensive international treaty of shared yet differentiated national responsibilities to reign in emissions, to be finalized at the Copenhagen climate summit [search] at the end of the year.

Failure at this moment to respond with trillions in investments for renewable energy, efficiency and conservation as well as committing to ending coal and old growth logging will mean collapse into savagery and extinction for humans, and most, if not all complex life. Those that demean these aptly apocalyptic predictions [ark] do not fully understand ecology and biological requirements for life. They threaten our shared survival and will need to be dealt with accordingly. Obama and you must act on climate now. Being depends on it.

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5 Responses

  1. Ruth says:

    I would love to see some concrete solutions put into effect to combat climate change. I've been looking at the recommendations offered in Agenda for a Sustainable America, and there are some great suggestions there that deserve some serious attention.

  2. bill-tb says:

    Yep, the hoax is near dead, I doubt there is much time left.

  3. Josh says:

    As I see it we have 2 choices:
    – Obama
    – Violence
    My only real hope is that Obama also, VERY shortly, comes to an understanding that these are the only 2 alternatives and chooses to act boldly and decisively. I REALLY don't want violence.

  4. David Moore says:

    End the expansion of coal electricity in the affluent US now. Without this, James Hansen says the other efforts are meaningless.
    Next set a time very soon to cease expansion of coal use in India and China. If new plants are built in these countries old plants with equivalent coal use
    must be closed.
    There can be no long term exception of coal use to alleviate poverty. We all hang together on this globe or we hang separately.

  5. Abulkhair Sarhandi says:

    The nature is not to be played with. Action required.

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