Australia’s Climate Emergency All Our Futures

Australia's climate emergencyOur deepest sympathies go out to Australia's bushfire sufferers [ark] who are victims of climate change. Much of Australia is a dry tinderbox due to years of climate change induced drought [ark | search], making conditions ideal for massive bushfires. We so hope that this tragic loss of life can contribute to the necessary climate change solutions [ark] in Australia and globally (and go beyond more studies [ark]).
Despite progress on climate policy, Australia remains in denial. They simply must break their dependency upon coal exports [search] and natural habitat destruction [search] if these sorts of conflagrations are to be minimized in the future. We have seen the future and it is happening now in Australia.

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  1. Gary says:

    If you actually know anything about fires in Australia and especially Victoria you will soon realise that whilst this is a very nasty event , the worst in the last 150 years , we have these events regularly,21985,25025375-5000117,00.html
    “In our recorded history, there has been no bushfire as spectacular as February 1851 – on the very eve of the first gold rushes.
    They called it Black Thursday.
    Half of Victoria seemed to be on fire. ”
    Yes in 1851 we had CO2 Climate change…..

  2. Tommy Twotone says:

    It is not that climate change caused the fires, it is that it made them more likely and more ferocious as explained here:

  3. Susan B says:

    Nice concise summing up of the Australian climate situation. Very scary and very much a warning of what is to come if we do not get our act together as a species.

  4. Sirs, What said above is true but great things have changed drastically in relation to 1851 & even 1983 … this is the depletion of aquifers in Australia with over 25 m loss in recent 10 years, reduced and shifting rain patterns and overall destruction of the tree cover.even on the banks of the Murray & Murrumbidgee
    It is a reality indeed that Australia is turning itself into a Great Sandy Desert & the 1851 or 1983 events will not occur again simply because too much has already gone up in smoke. Searing heat & megafires should not be the main concern, but the very loss of water potential in Australia now with a breaking point already reached, where the Murray Darling Bread Basket has turned itself into a Murray Darling Dust Bowl indeed.
    As the True Geology which I have developed and defend affirms, and contrarily to the cyclic trends underlying Universities scholars ' understandings, those very advisers to Rudd, Wong, Barnett, Brumby etc , we are now on head long pursuit of a foregone opportunity with ever reducing fresh water potential of a fast drifting world. Indeed contrarily to the dogmas of the Fraudulent Geology aka official Geology, we are not stable on Ecliptics and the direct result of Global Warming is an accelerated sliding away from the Sun, our mother star, towards lower Cosmic Density Atmosphere (notion proper to the True Geology) It is high time for the subsistence of Mankind that threadbare notions of a miserable science maintaining it in crass ignorance of its past, should be replaced by another understanding, pregnant with the only alternative going to prepare Humanity at large to a drastic change to the shifting conditions of life on this planet….if not me-gafires will have as counterparts soon mega-famines and me-gaplagues
    Jean-Paul Turcaud
    Australia Mining Pioneer
    Founder of the True Geology
    True Geology Foundation document :

  5. Amanda says:

    Can you believe that a recent tabloid so called newspaper in the UK actually reported that if climate change was going to mean more rain for Britain it would keep the woodlands and heaths less likey to suffer the ravages of fire?

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