Chu: Climate Change is Apocalyptic, California Agriculture and Cities Could Disappear

Climate change is apocalypticSometimes readers and even supporters of Climate Ark suggest we are excessively apocalyptic. Perhaps there is some redemption to our decade of providing a voice in the climate wilderness, as Steven Chu [search] — Nobel laureate and Obama's Energy Secretary — picks up in his first interview [ark] on some of our language and specific warnings regarding climate change and water shortages [search]. “I don't think the American public [ark] has gripped in its gut what could happen… We're looking at a scenario where there's no more agriculture in California. I don't actually see how they can keep their cities going.” What an ecologically insightful observation from the government, directly mirroring our recent warning, making clear there really is a new sheriff in town!
Climate change has again and again proven to be more abrupt and dramatic than even the worst case scenarios. Too many people, consuming too much (and inequitably) are liquidating the terrestrial, aquatic, marine and atmospheric ecosystems we depend upon for being. Climate change, along with other alterations of the Earth System, place human and all life's habitat at risk. It is marvelously refreshing to see that government officials finally get it in the good old U S of A. And if the Obama team really believes their rhetoric, they have a moral responsibility to urgently pursue ambitious and sufficient policies — such as ending coal and ancient forest logging — required to avert global ecological collapse [search]. Again and forever, no ecology, no economy (or anything else).

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4 Responses

  1. Dave Moore says:

    EPA should regulate coal and enact a moratorium on new coal plants. Next a campaign should be launched to shut down the oldest dirtiest coal plants to protect public health. Clean water regulations should shut down many of the mines that are polluting rivers in Appalachia and using up critical water supplies in the western US.
    Of course this will hurt consumers and electricity will cost more but only then will we stop wasting it. Allies include the Sierra clubs campaign to Stop the Coal Rush, All Gore, Natural Resources Defense Council, Greenpeace, James Hansen of NASA and potentially the American Lung Association.

  2. zephyr says:

    Dave Moore, I could not be more in agreement with everything you've said.
    By the way, if anyone here is on James Hansen's e-mail list and has read his last submission entitled “Coal River Mountain” I'd like to suggest replying to him with a bit of encouragement. He seems a little demoralized at the moment.

  3. Becky says:

    I can't agree with you more. I think the most eye opening book that I have read about climate change and the effects of everyone over consuming things is a book titled, “Agenda for a Sustainable America,” by John Dernbach. The book points out that sustainability is not just the new buzz word for environmentalism. Sustainability, rather, is about how the environment is linked to everything else we care about.

  4. Jan says:

    I agree with you. We really need to take care of our environment. I am also bother about the sudden change of climate.

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