Global Rainforest Tragedy

Amazon logging roadRainforest destruction [search] AND diminishment [search] are a global tragedy [ark] of unknown and unimagined consequences. This delicate layer of primeval, bountiful life is an absolutely critical component of the Earth System [search]. There innumerable species live and are intimately connected in life-giving ecosystems. Through carbon, nutrient and water cycling, rainforests maintain the biosphere, and thus conditions for all life. The loss of the world's last large, intact tropical rainforest ecological core areas [ark] will doom most, if not all, of the Earth's life — including humans — to a painful death spiral culminating in extinction. Rainforest losses are a monstrous evil perpetuated upon being. But seriously, enough is enough, this must and will end.

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3 Responses

  1. Vaughn Anderson says:

    It seems pretty straightforward. Rainforests hold large amounts of water and keep said water from returning quickly to the ocean. In the process large amounts of water from the rainforest is instead evaporated back into the atmosphere and carried farther inland…over and over again. Cut the rainforest and the recycling back into the atmosphere stops and inland areas dry out. When the organic material in the dryer areas is exposed to the air due to dropping water levels, it decays quite rapidly therby releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
    The amounts I have seen discussed are quite substantial. Fires would likely reduce the release time of the sequestered carbon dioxide even further. This is not good. And for what?????????

  2. Ivy says:

    It seems pretty clear how serious the problem of deforestation is. So let's start encouraging talk about solutions.
    Eliminating the demand for traditional hardwood is a crucial step. We need to start turning to greener, more sustainable, renewable building materials as an entire nation but as individuals as well. Think about all the home improvement projects done in the US which incorporate cedar and redwood. If we were to start using bamboo instead (which in most cases is stronger anyway) we'd save countless trees from being hacked down. My husband and i just installed a beautiful bamboo fence (We went with a good company called Cali Bamboo… in our yard, and although we're happy to have a fence that'll be strong enough to withstand the test of time, it's also given us great satisfaction knowing we played a small part in helping to cut down on the demand for traditional hardwood.

  3. Marc says:

    Would it be possible to create associations dedicated to the aquisition of rainforests, with the help of donations ? Where are the informations regarding forest-owners willing to sell ? Are forests in majority owned by the state or by private entities ? Is there such a market and are there details regarding it's functioning and volume ? For an efficient protection you have to own the land, no NGO has enough rights, merely observing the forests will not save them. Are there any efforts in this direction ? Is anyone inetrested in discussing the topic ? Thanks Marc

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