A Time for Climate Change Civil Disobedience

The Earth needs a revolutionary spirit of actionOn March 2nd Power Shift 2009 protesters will gather at the Capital Power Plant in Washington for long overdue civil disobedience against coal and climate change [ark]. The plant is the source of heat and refrigeration for the entire Capitol Hill. They will walk on to the property, sit down and thereby break the law. Perhaps the plant will be shut down for the day. I would love to be with them, but cannot rationalize the carbon to get there from the left coast. But I do encourage all Climate Ark readers that can get there to participate. We have a very short time to build a people's climate change protest [search] movement capable of achieving sufficient climate change policies required for a habitable planet. This is an important start.

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2 Responses

  1. Green Guru says:

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  2. Hornetsquad says:

    I might have to travel from Oregon for this one. Coal-fired power plants are one of the leading causes of carbon emissions and something needs to be done.

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