Climate Change Is Irreversible, But We Can Stop Digging

Climate change will kill our children before our eyesU.S. Department of Energy environmental researchers warn many effects of climate change are irreversible [ark | moreark | RealClimate], and even if carbon emissions are halted, global temperatures will remain high for 1,000 years. Average global temperature increases are one small aspect of what we can expect — it is the ecosystem collapse [search] including failed crops, starvation, migration from coastal cities, extreme weather, water scarcity and so much more that will kill you. This is not an excuse to go out and party, start panicking and geo-engineering a planet, or otherwise forget about immediately implementing perfectly attainable policies that exist now for saving being. It just is. The truth. And the earliest we “stop digging”, the more damages will be minimized.
The findings just further increase the urgency of policies to reduce emissions as soon and as dramatically as we possibly can, because we are determining human and planetary futures, now. In this regard, Obama's plan to have the EPA reconsider automobile efficiency rules [ark | moreark] is tepid and ineffective. I know, I know, the guy just took office. But being slightly smarter and better than the preceding village idiot is not going to cut it, and we are way past the time where minor policy tinkering can prevent a global apocalypse. We must hold the Obama administration accountable for not getting just any old climate deal, but hold him to achieving sufficient policies to solve the problem, which unfortunately at this point means minimizing it as much as possible.

We and Obama must commit to dramatic emissions reductions including ending the use of coal and ancient forest logging, essentially immediately, if we are to survive. And dramatic energy conservation, efficiency and alternative development. And having fewer babies and things. Anything less is window-dressing, rearranging the chairs on the Titanic, or perhaps best described as watching our children die as climate collapses. It has begun and there is no place to run…

Throbgoblins International: Cantankerous Frank, by Marc Roberts

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  1. Dave Moore says:

    We need to emphasize key facts and shorten the message. Northern Arctic region is heating up 20 times faster than earth as a whole. Loss of ice could shut down key ocean circulation and it reduces albedo reflection of solar warming.
    These are sudden changes not gradual like we think we are experiencing. The godfather of climate science, James Hansen of NASA, says if we don't stop the coal electricity plant expansion, nothing else we do will matter and the CO2 will persist for a thousand years. A mass movement against coal expansion is beginning but needs far more publicity.
    China plans to build one coal power plant per week indefinitely. We cannot afford years to wait for China to follow the worlds example. Europe and the US must lead in reducing coal but bring China and India on board rapidly.
    Massive food assistance and energy efficiency aid should be offered to China, India and other developing countries in return for their sacrifices and help avoiding climate disaster.
    China has already led the world in population control and deserves ou thanks as well as recognition that its per capita carbon consumption is a fraction of the US.

  2. Patrick says:

    Good evening all, a pleasure to be here.
    Great article that is as powerful awareness as I have ever felt it.
    The opportunity to create any future we wish to possible in these times. The door is wide open for us to create. These times I believe will work themselves out the way we wish.
    We are the ones we are looking for. At no better time in the history of mankind that we have been graced with such a moment as this. How about the warm weather in california to enjoy the moment. 70's at the beaches in mid January experiencing a tremendous drought.
    What will this droughts affect be on the economy. It is not necessarily nontheless noalific for us to localize or global. It is simply a matter of abundance. How much we dream of is how much we create. We can grow more food, we can capture and catch more water, the embracing of our planet is here.
    The World as it stands now is at one of those places…one which we have never been before. What do we do here asks one man to the other. The other replied and said to the unknown we go. It is friend and it is foe, whatever may go is an opportunity to grow.
    What direction to go from here? I think getting to the simplest ways of exploring the situation at hand and creating our future. If we wish to strengthen the economy, the option of going green will take people by the hand dramatically fast. I think a program that will help the economy, help all of this while stay simple. The greatest resolutions in a seemingly complex problem are good chance to be the simplest. And this is where the situation at hand lends itself. It lends itself to to us as individuals, as communities and as national to join together in efforts to really make a big difference in a positive way today.
    Rising up all classes will help all these days. The whole effort of printing money as they are doing right now is the forecast that the economy will get better. They are in the shortest sense a long term investment to the future. It is us who create the economy.
    This lends to the opportunity for the process of grasping all local and world issues. As we are rebuilding our economy and way of life as a World, we can resolve these issues and create truly dynamic resolution to these issues at hand.
    I think it is also very important to empower our personal actions. This, coupled with us creating communities will change greatly. So much prosperity will be created by us as a World.
    Good night all
    Take care

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