Grandfather of Climate Change’s Continued Dire Warnings

Him Hansen's dire climate warningsJim Hansen [search], the first scientist to bring concerns regarding tglobal warming to a large audience and arguably the world's leading climate change scientist, continues to issue remarkably candid and dire warnings. In today's Guardian he states the world is now in “imminent peril” [ark] and “we cannot now afford to put off change any longer… We have only four years left for Obama to set an example to the rest of the world.” He rails against carbon markets as weak and ineffective, preferring carbon taxes (as do we). And he describes coal as “factories of death”.
I implore all reading this to respond to our greatest present thinkers, and rise to the challenge of saving being, by embracing radical transformations such as hefty carbon taxes, ending ancient forest logging, banning the use of coal, and reducing population and inequitable consumption. These goals are literally “to die for”.

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  1. Ciska Cassa says:

    In the name of population control, how about promoting legalization and availability of euthanasia clinics across the world? People who wish to die (whether they are disabled, terminally ill/depressed, or just simply fed up should be given the option to die with dignity.
    Arguments for euthanasia:
    – In nature the weak naturally die
    – Less people on the planet means a reduced use of resources
    – People who wish to die currently have to use the most brutal and unsavoury methods to do so – with euthanasia clinics people could end their suffering with dignity.

  2. No need and ethically abhorrent. How about just educating women, providing incentives for small family sizes and making birth control available?

  3. A jeremiad, I suppose….
    My not-so-great generation of elders will likely be remembered as the perpetrators of the most perverse, self-serving silence in human history. No other generation has taken so much from this good Earth, threatened the very future of its own children and given so little of themselves to preserve life for coming generations. Photographs of us will disclose both our corpulence and hollowness.
    Although the disclosure of truth is unsettling, hiding the truth from the human community could be a monstrous example of human-driven foolery, one that could soon lead to a colossal ecological wreckage.
    To suppress the truth by conscientiously substituting whatsoever could somehow be true with willful silence is tantamount to the commission of a pernicious lie.
    A widely shared and consensually validated determination among people with knowledge to maintain their silence, when remaining silent betrays intellectual honesty, conceals the truth and thwarts courageous action, is the most dangerous of all global threats to the family of humanity, life as we know it and the preservation of Earth as a fit place for human habitation.
    From this perspective, perhaps we can begin to apprehend the actual, most formidable enemy of future human wellbeing and environmental health.
    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on the Human Population,
    established 2001

  4. Jon Evans says:

    The constant striving of the human race to pro-create whatever the consequences is so obviously the biggest problem facing the Earth. As money means so much to everyone in the world above all things then the money that we are using to extend everyones lifetime/no of children etc should be used to PAY people NOT to have children, it then becomes financially favourable not to have children. Lets be honest this is one of the few ways that the Earth can be saved, get rid of the people.

  5. Perhaps the end of the Bush/Cheney era is the end as well of brazen duplicity, the vanquishing of moral authority, the infidelity to science, the institutionalization of greed and hoarding as virtues, the sanctimonious idolatry of the economy, the degradation of the environment, the dissipation of natural resources, the destruction of Earth as fit place for habitation by our children.
    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on the Human Population,
    established 2001

  6. Lynn Vincentnathan says:

    The situation is worse than the Guardian article. We're perhaps facing a Venus syndrome, runaway warming as on Venus if we burn all the fossil fuels (incl tar sands oil and oil shale…which we're beginning to do), according to Hansen's recent AGU presentation. I'm on Hansen's emailing list, and he sent me links to it (below).
    I asked him if he was referring to climate hysteresis, as when super warming killed off 90% of life on earth some 251 mill yrs ago, during the end-Permian, but then the climate came back to life-hospitable conditions & life flourished again. He said no, he mean runaway, as on Venus, where the oceans boil away and all life on Earth dies permanently.
    Hansen's “Bjerknes Lecture” presentation at the American Geophysical Union on 17 December 2008 is available as Powerpoint
    and PDF (

  7. Please check out my blog,….
    It contains information promoting the idea that vehicle fuel consumption, worldwide, could be reduced by 40 to 80 percent, if we simply, mechanically, restricted the top speed of all vehicles (save police, fire, EM) to 55KM per hr (34 mph). Totally doable, no need for “armed conflict”, and, retrofitting current vehicles for under $100 per vehicle is emminently doable. If you are truly, actually, purposely, unquestionably, vehemently, uncompromisingly, committed to saving the planet and reducing fuel consumption, read my blog top to bottom, and start spreading the idea to people who can make it well-known. NOT ONE person or group in the environmental AGW crusade has refuted its truth, but none publically embrace it.

  8. Lynn Vincentnathan says:

    RE the ideas of euthanasia and abortion to solve enviro problems — I find these morally repugnant and wrong. Some may be thinking, if lots of other people would die before their time, my kids and grandkids will have a better chance. Or, for people-haters, if people would just vanish, the rest of life would have a better chance.
    It is bec of my environmentalism from a very early age. I used to try and save new-born rabbits flushed out from flash-floods. They look a lot like fetuses. I would protect tadpoles…even fought a bigger girl over it. LIFE is very very very precious. We need an extreme pro-life stance to solve this problem — one that values life, realllly values life. Only then we will do the needful to protect ALL life.

  9. So many excellent comments are presented here and now and I believe we need all of them. The challenges before us are daunting. All human wishing, magical thinking and ideological idiocy do not make one bit of difference, I suppose, in the way the world we inhabit actually works. Thanks to all who choose to speak out loudly, clearly and often about what is true for you.
    Somehow, we have got to keep talking about the colossal, human-induced problems the “Global Gag Rule” was designed and implemented to hide. It is not possible for me even to imagine a way real challenges to human wellbeing and environmental health can be addressed and overcome if people are effectively “gagged” and otherwise dissuaded from speaking openly about such potentially calamitous events as the human overpopulation of Earth in these early years of Century XXI. It is not a good idea to timidly yield to widely shared and consensually validated appeals from the promulgators of gag rules and other devices designed to silence people, deny what could somehow be real, and conceal the truth.
    The socially agreeable inclination of many too many leaders in our time to discuss only those selected issues that meet standards of political correctness, economic expediency and religious dogma is behavior I would go so far as to label pernicious.
    Silence has to be replaced by speech; scientific evidence needs to replace ideological factoids; moral courage needs to show itself more powerfully than cowardly conformity; and intellectual honesty needs to be substituted for selfish thought, judgment and action.

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