Heathrow Airport Climate Protests Creative, Effective

Aviation causes climate changeCoinciding with expected government approval of a third runway at Heathrow airport [ark | moreark] near London, in recent days protesters dressed as Edwardian era protesters and ate cake and drank champagne [ark] in the airline terminals to emulate the civilized Suffragette movement protests. And they have just made the surprise announcement that they have bought land where the new runway would run [ark | moreark], potentially adding a whole new level of legal wrangling to delay the project.
A wonderful model for people power climate change protest [search] is flourishing in England, where groups such as “Plane Stupid” and Greenpeace UK are leading protests against Heathrow airport expansion. Aviation's rapidly growing impact upon climate change [search], as well as protesting new coal plant construction at climate camps, have galvanized a creative and growing grassroots climate protest movement. The groups are using technology to organize “flash mobs” to quickly mobilize protesters. Indications are the protests will continue to enjoy more success. This is precisely the type of protest activities that we are here providing news, tools and analysis to promote.

Throbgoblins International: Cantankerous Frank, by Marc Roberts

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  1. bec says:

    the climate movement in Britain works.
    These movements are vanguards deserving of attention. Plus a few mates of mine there in the UK..incredibly bright resiliant people.
    love Bec

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