EARTH MEANDERS: Earth Bailout and the Stewardship Revolution

Global citizens together committing to a revolutionary spirit of action are the Earth and humanity's last best hope
By Dr. Glen Barry, EcoInternet
From Earth's Newsdesk
Has the time come for another revolution, for the Earth?Oceans on acid, certifiably crazy ancient forest logging, carbon markets paying to log and pollute — the global ecosystem is failing and the world has gone mad. The disease of too many humans, each wanting to forever consume more at the expense of liquidating life-giving ecosystems, must be decisively cured before being ends. It has become apparent that changes of the magnitude necessary to ensure humanity's shared survival are not, indeed cannot, occur without transformative revolutionary action. What hope remains for the Earth and humanity lies in a global people's movement to topple polluting industries and usher in an era of stewardship.
Global citizens could choose to commit ourselves to planetary, bioregional and personal stewardship by pursuing mass protest and if necessary revolutionary insurgency to bailout the Earth. There is virtually no chance of saving the Earth and all her inhabitants without overthrowing speculative, industrial capitalism. To maintain a livable Earth, it may be that an unprecedented Earth Revolution waged by global citizenry — first through mass protest and political means, and if need be through sabotage, insurrection and violent revolution targeting the Earth destroyers — must commence immediately.

This academic examination of actions any Earth lover could take, if they want the birds to continue to sing and their children to breathe, is in no way meant to incite or condone imminent violent acts. Anyone choosing to do so would of course bear the legal risks and threat to their life of taking a stand for shared survival. It is meant solely to discuss one option for saving the Earth which is not spoken of in polite society, and deserves to be: revolutionary action to utterly destroy those killing the Earth.
The economic heyday of living fast and loose based upon liquidating ecosystems on credit is over. And none too soon, as humanity has exceeded the capacity of the Earth to provide habitat for all its creatures including humans, and an inevitable economic and ecological contraction has now commenced. Modern capitalism, and by this I mean speculative finance and resource intensive industrialism, has failed to provide just, equitable livelihoods without destroying ecosystems. The whole existing economic, political and social systems are simply irredeemable.
Massive change in our environment and how we live are inevitable. We live in a money-grubbing, Earth destroying, inequitable and unjust world with a billion starving and a billion fat people, each in their own way sucking the Earth dry. A painful transition in how all of us live, individually and socially, is happening. Yet we can still determine whether this change is ultimately positive, in terms of more equity, justice and sustainability; or not, as the world is flung into despair and collapse from continuing with the status quo of endless growth in populations, economies and consumption.
We need to take one last concerted effort to reform existing government and society to sustainability, equity and justice. If peaceful entreaties to power, from a massive protest movement of global citizens, to do what must be done to achieve ecological sustainability are rebuffed, yet again, it is up to all enlightened folks to smash the growth machine. Industries and individuals liquidating natural ecosystems will have to be destroyed to get back to a steady state where we actually make a living, creating with our hands and minds, from an Earth that lasts forever. History is full of times where people needed to take decisive action to survive, and now is one such moment.
Looming ecological, economic and social collapse — of which the human family is just on the front end — is a repudiation of western democracy, of organized religion, of capitalism, and it illustrates how bereft and illusory those ideals are. Existing thought and social structures have been revealed as having little relevance for addressing seven billion super-predators that are eating their habitat. Our ability to access water, air, food and shelter required for biological life is already failing, and the despair and despondency associated with third world poverty is all of our futures.
These traditions would encourage us to carry on, making slight reforms, and to bicker and quarrel for scraps of former consumptive glory. They are unable to facilitate a reexamination of human relations to the Earth's ecosystem and other species, and achieve a powering down of the industrial economy and return to the land, at the necessary scale and speed to avoid an apocalyptic ecological, economic and social collapse. Business as usual, including minor reforms around the edges, will never bring about global ecological sustainability. Exponential growth always destroys itself. The forces of destruction are too pervasive and too powerful to learn to play nice and give up their positions of privilege.
Earth has been trashed. Global ecosystems, including air, water, land and oceans; continue to be destroyed for throw-away consumption, and to be treated as waste dumps. The atmosphere is warming, changing in chemical composition, and losing its protective layer. The Arctic is melting like dropped ice cream on a hot pavement; portending massive sea rises and further unleashing abrupt and runaway climate. The ability to grow our food, be safe from extreme weather, and dependably enjoy clean water is in doubt. And it is not just climate that is at risk — FAR from it.
We are witnessing interconnected collapse of all life giving ecosystems, which aggregates to global ecological collapse of the biosphere. Our land has been cut and scraped of its life. With only a few massive forest wilderness ecosystem engines remaining to power the Planet, the delusion that these primeval givers of life should be cut to make our lawn furniture continues to thrive. Species continue to be lost daily, unknown and unvalued. Forests continue to first become farms and then parking lots. More terrestrial ecosystems have been lost than the biosphere can bear, and our sister species, and climate and water cycles, are universally in perilous, life-threatening decline as a result.
The well is running dry globally, and severe water shortages are set to kill hundreds of millions soon. Meanwhile business sees this (and climate change) primarily as a means to profit, and seeks to privatize water globally — completing the elite's slavery of regular folks just struggling to get by. The oceans are nearly lifeless, fisheries are collapsing, and they are becoming acidic dead zones. Toxics pervade our environment and our body's very cells, and we do not know what they do individually, much less as a toxic cocktail. Soils are being lost, nitrogen cycles overwhelmed, deserts obliterate arable land, and populations continue to rise exponentially and demand more of everything which means more destroyed ecosystems.
Meanwhile, the rich panic as their economies stop growing, so their governments are halting even meager existing progress on climate change and other global crises. Billions live on a buck or two a day, and live brutal, violent and short lives while an equal number live in opulent splendor. Only the latter don't see it that way, and panic at the thought that their splendiferous ways will not continue to grow forever. The world is full of uneducated, crazy loonies that hold blindly to ancient superstitions and are completely oblivious that the foundation of their and posterity's existence — the habitat necessary for all present and future life — is being destroyed for their illusory comfort.
Over the past decade the Kyoto Protocol has shown us just how difficult it is for countries to make real and deep cuts in their carbon emissions. During this time, emissions have soared by over one percent a year, and are projected to begin rising soon by up to 2.5 percent a year. Emissions are growing beyond imagination and way faster than even worst case scenarios. Every year the science becomes more dire — abrupt climate change of horrific speed and consequences looms. The Earth System needs cuts of emissions of at least 3 percent a year, and almost undoubtedly more, to avoid civilization ending abrupt and runaway climate change.
Sadly, the truth is simply that the cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases necessary to halt climate change below a dangerous level are now almost certainly beyond what human society can achieve in the timescale required while maintaining the status quo political consensus and economic growth. Faced with overwhelming science and democratic expressions of public concern, the ruling elite have squandered decades, showing clearly they are incapable of taking the measures necessary to protect the Earth System. At the first sign of ecologically mediated economic downturn, they have jettisoned international political cooperation and urgent domestic measures. Because it would threaten their privileges, the elite have virtually assured destruction of the Earth and doomed the majority of people to hopelessness as we descend into chaos.
It is grotesque that the world's governments have spent tens of trillions of dollars to bail out a failed system that turns rainforests into cheap consumer items, shits carbon into our only atmosphere, and views beautiful life-giving creation only in terms of money for its destruction. This willy-nilly effort to continue a deeply unsustainable economic system amounts essentially to governments directly paying people to consume. These funds could easily have solved every environmental crisis — climate, forests, water and oceans — and many other social problems, but instead were unquestioningly given to prop up criminal bankers and the corrupt system which exists to liquidate ecosystems. We can only hope the economic downturn will mean less consumerism and environmental destruction.
Governments are miserably failing to lead. From Australia's 5% carbon reduction target, to Europe's rainforest based biofuel aspirations, to the U.S.'s endless dithering — the global growth machine has proven unwilling to release its death grip upon power. And while Obama's rhetoric is welcome, in all likelihood the magnitude of ecological change required is beyond what can occur within a majority rules democracy firmly in control of the polluting elite.
Obama is a great man, and appears concerned about climate change, but he is unlikely to overcome the economic and political system's utter suicidal dependence upon growth at all costs in a finite world. We all hope Obama can overcome oil oligarchy rule, and in a time of recession, get the right wing wackos to realize we need to cut carbon emissions by 80% as soon as possible, and put in place a sizable carbon tax. But realistically, it is not going to happen. Obama is certainly better than war and eco-criminal Bush, yet just how much transformational change can a President be expected to make that goes right at the privileges of the elite?
One person cannot bring about the transformative changes necessary from within a system whose whole purpose is to destroy ecosystems for increased consumption. He cannot do it alone, but a protest movement and credible revolutionary threat CAN give him and others in power more room to advance the ball. That is, a credible radical revolutionary threat can increase the political space to carry out difficult policies. Social change has always primarily come about only when the elites are faced with losing their positions of privilege, and must capitulate to avoid destruction.
Industrial, speculative capitalism based upon growth is going to end, along with the over-consumption, one way or another. The only question is whether after there will be habitat and ecosystems for continued human survival. This economic downturn will not be solved through greater liquidation of ecosystems for their resources. We need to return to the land and equitably meeting human needs, as we power down the Earth eating growth machine and begin an era of stewardship and ecological restoration.
It is ludicrous to despair over reductions in economic growth and money for consumption when these are precisely the measures required to bring humanity back into balance with the Earth System. It is difficult to not meet all of the “needs” marketers have hammered into our heads, particularly when our children feel it is their birthright. Yet it is time as parents to steel our will and cut back on consumption so that our children can survive.
The mainstream environmental movement has become an industry that profits from the existence of this myriad of ecological problems. They are fatally compromised and deeply in denial, failing to realize their efforts, even if fully realized, are insufficient by many orders of magnitude. Even the radical groups are confusing being well funded and on TV, with actually being effective at creating sufficient large-scale ecological social change. They completely fail to grasp the enormity of the global environmental challenges, the momentum behind population, consumption and ecosystem loss trends, and the magnitude of action required to save being.
All the earnest, scrubbed, comfortably upper middle class environmentalists assuring you that climate change is really an opportunity for green jobs are dead wrong. Their minor tinkering reform of an irredeemable economic system and consumptive way of life is not enough. Technocratic solutions' disconnect from ecological limits is downright dangerous. If we want to keep on living, the only way forward is for the Earth and humanity to be utterly transformed.
It has become abundantly clear that the transformation necessary to maintain the Earth and humanity will have to come from the people. The only pathway to Earth healing and sustained human betterment may be a mass movement of global citizens demanding policies sufficient to achieve global ecological sustainability in an equitable and just manner. And if this fails, committing to an escalating revolutionary spirit of action, willing and able to do whatever is necessary to maintain a livable Earth.
I do not intend here to provide detail, but rather to highlight key elements of a Stewardship Revolution. Given increased scientific clarity that humanity and Earth are heading towards a cataclysmic collapse, and the inability of current elites to respond to decades of warnings, it is essential that the possibility of escalating protest including revolutionary violence be considered.
The first response from both the politically correct and neo-conservative crowds alike will be how could I suggest such a thing? My response is that there are times — including now when our very being is threatened — where revolution is appropriate. There have been many instances in human history where revolutionary violence advanced human betterment — ending slavery, establishing representative government — and others — India's independence and an end to institutionalized racism — where non-violence was the best tactic. It is suggested we use both to save the Earth, as clearly all tools are needed now.
It is not acceptable to give up on the Earth. Protection of our genes, families and habitats are any animal's deepest intuition. After three decades of environmental campaigning, it is clear that changes of the scale and speed necessary to achieve global ecological sustainability are not happening. Political structures are ill-equipped to make the changes necessary, primarily because those who profit from ecocide are the ruling elite. With elimination of activities such as use of coal and ancient forest logging, and return to a less consumptive, localized life, the human species' future can be assured.
The long term vision of sufficient policy to avoid apocalyptic ecological and social collapse is an end to industrialism and a return to stewardship where humanity lives from the Earth's annual increment of spare natural capital. Yet there are many that benefit greatly from liquidating ecosystems and they will not stop doing so easily. There is no indication that the elites who are holding the reins of power, and even the average consumer enjoying an ill-gotten life of leisurely consumption, is going to give up their Earth destroying ways without a fight. But if they cannot be compelled to do so, we all die. The evil spirits of over-population, over-consumption and ecosystem loss destroying our shared existence must be exorcized using all means necessary.
It is time to return to the land, with our communities and families, and practice wise stewardship — even as we prepare, if necessary, to destroy capital, organizations and people mortally wounding the Earth and our prospects for shared survival. Stewardship views the land and ecosystems as living entities that need to be nurtured, and defended at all costs. This means protection, restoration and regeneration, and harvesting what can be taken without diminishing the whole.
Now is the time for reclaiming the knowledge of our elders of how to live with Earth, and laying our lives on the line for her continued being. Revolutionary change is desperately needed that is committed steadfastly to fidelity to family, community and ecosystems; self-sufficiency and sharing of abundance; localism and bioregionalism; conservation and restoration and, above all, learning to get by decently within natural limits.
Everything we know about the state of the Earth indicates that revolutionary activity must commence immediately with an urgent program of mass mobilization of global citizens for peaceful protest, demanding the necessary actions sufficient to protect our and Gaia's being are implemented immediately. And should continued entreaties to power to do the right thing for the Earth and all life's future continue to be rebuffed, a credible Stewardship Revolution would pursue strategies to protect the Earth like destroying coal plants and old growth logging operations, and helping displaced persons reconnect to the Earth with provision of land, seeds and know-how.
It would need to be clear that failure to act on initial peaceful protests would result in escalating revolutionary action that first targets property and then full scale revolution and all of its attendant horrors. Speaking strictly from requirements for maintaining a habitable Earth, one could envision a 24 month revolutionary time frame. During this period revolutionary actions would slowly escalate from people power to all out revolutionary insurgency. To make this a credible threat, it would be imperative that organization of autonomous cells to carry out an Earth insurgency begin now.
The ability of governments to surveil their own citizens means an insurgency would have to be largely leaderless. To be successful it would require completely autonomous cells organically taking action bioregionally to destroy the capital and organizations that are destroying the Earth. This global, leaderless, covert resistance would operate clandestinely and independently of one another. The focus would best be upon large-scale destruction of Earth destroying equipment, to be followed with targeted attacks upon those responsible. No random acts of terrorism are merited, and again I emphasize, as part of the revolution much effort would need to be put into helping those formerly living unsustainable lives to reconnect with the land, and to provide basic needs for as many as possible.
As with most successful revolutions, there will be various levels of commitment and different tactics. The Stewardship Revolution will require loose affinity groups as well as actual fighters. Some will only feel comfortable with public protest. For those that choose to violate the laws through revolutionary violence, now could be the time to plan targets, lay in food, and otherwise begin clandestinely preparing for a revolution — building their small cell of long-known, like-minded confidantes, building caches of arms, and training in insurgency tactics. All could begin building relocalized communities and ensuring the water and food necessary to weather the hard times that are going to come one way or another.
Again, the intent of the broader revolution would be to end Earth destroying activities peacefully. Yet, should this not be possible, then the focus must be upon totally destroying the enemy. There is no half making revolution, and if you try, the powerful elite will smash you. Future hope for the Earth and continued human existence may lay with the agrarian warrior — committed to righteous living with the Earth by day, and at night an insurgency to save being. Our survival now depends upon Earth liberators aligning their lives and bodies around demanding the real solutions. Others have bravely done what had to be done in the past, and this facile generation can strengthen itself and achieve shared survival too.
How ironic and improbable that a habitable Earth is unlikely to be maintained without ecologists seizing power through mass people power protests and, if this fails, through the credible threat of an Earth insurgency. It is long past time to at least consider and seriously discuss an Earth Revolution, and without provoking any imminent violence. With the inevitable collapse of the global ecosystem and civilization looming — violence is here for most already, and coming soon for all the rest — if we do nothing. So it is really a choice between the hope attendant with fighting to maintain a livable Earth, or just sitting by and doing nothing, and letting climate and water and everything else necessary to live well go to hell.

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19 Responses

  1. R. Gates says:

    Dr. Barry,
    I shall look forward to reading your book in depth. As I've stated so many times, before any real changes can take place and we can bring forth a true Ecological Revolution, we need a revolution of the human heart. The changes required in the way humans live on this wonderful blue planet must begin with a change in the way humans think and feel about this planet. A deep undying respect– a true spiritual connection with the planet– needs to be felt to the core of the majority of humans. This internal change must come first, or anything else will be inadequate and half-hearted. I would call this change the “greening of the human heart”. Ecology must go beyond science and theory to become the spiritual “world view” of humanity.
    R. Gates

  2. Davian says:

    Just to let you know, you just crossed the line in your advocacy for violence and likely lost more than this commenter.
    Clearly, you don't understand the full stakes of the game you report on and about.

  3. Byron Kaufman says:

    Save the planet by raising urgent awareness among us ordinary humans by using shock tactics? It's possible.
    I admire the late Sol Alinsky who as a Chicago labor organizer (decades before Obama) used “guerrilla warfare” social psychology to make changes. He organized a “sit in” by blacks in all the toilets at 12 noon, the busiest time at the O'Hare, U.S.'s busiest airport.
    An example of how to use this tactic follows. Send a fund-raising appeal to the directors worldwide to all museums, art galleries and cultural heritage repositories (Smithsonian, Library of Congress, Louvre, etc. and ask them to move their treasures inland and approximately 1000 meters above sea level. You get my drift:- talk about this as an urgent task to save the world's cultural inheritance from rising seas about to occur because of global warming polar melting.
    Destruction of the world's art treasures is possibly more motivating than trying to save the poor and starving who are anonymous until you actually confront them.
    Simultaneously with this urgent appeal to save the cultural treasures of the world about to disappear under sea water, the media is contacted and an awareness “storm” might occur. Any doubts about the vulnerability of the world's cultural treasures being at risk, can be “proved” showing the Google Map of coastal areas barely above sea level. The power elite who can authorize the money and energy to do this environmental “recovery” may actually do this at last. Or, they may just pop more pills after seeing their psychiatrists. History (if humanity survives) will record the choices made now.
    Byron Kaufman, Canberra

  4. Rowan Hayward says:

    What an awesome essay.Dr Barry has hit the nail on the head once more.The time for revolution is at hand!We must protect our planet against the greed of the rich and powerful by whatever means necessary,and peaceful protest just doesnt seem to be getting the job done.Action needs to proceed to the next level,and if that requires sabotage of destructive industry then so be it.

  5. Paul says:

    Yasir: I take the opportunity to comment on your good emails to emphasize at large the confused denial that creeps in many places, in the media as well. We are already past the theoretical debate of 450ppm or 350pm. Nature has already responded, with the required 30 years delay, to the CO2 levels of 1980, which were only 330 ppm, causing the polar ice to not just melt, but melt away entirely. The present CO2 levels of 387 has doubled the increase that had occurred from preindustrial (280ppm) till 1980. What will the world look like in 30 years when the climate catches up with all the emissions accumulated from 1980 till 2008? Even if we stopped ALL emissions NOW (not just all increase, but ALL emissions – remember whatever is emitted stays there for 100 years), expect WELL more than double the effect to date, with more change after that. God help us if we carry on as the gov-commercial complex proposes with politics and business essentially as usual. I doubt if she will help if we make no responsible effort.
    Most people at large, including the pundits etc are thinking we can take some actions down the road which will prevent lighting the fuse to a keg of dynamite, when in actuality, we have already lit the fuse. With the fuse burning what should we do? …. A few different things, with the emphasis on fast, and one of them is not to dither first about what poor distant neigbour is doing. Rather to quickly and substantially start getting control of the mess we initiated, apologise for it, and only then progressively ask, show, help and demand the developing world follow us in a new direction for all our sakes. This game of chicken the world is playing – we'll cut if you cut – is unbelievable. The result will be we will learn that, with late action, we won't get much of the camel (human family) through the eye of a needle (physical limits). Or do these people already know that and don't give a hoot?

  6. Albert Langton says:

    I have read the article with interest and, although I would not agree with
    all aspects, I totally agree that man must change.
    A major problem for the future is that the third world has legimate
    aspirations to a fair share of the earth's resources. Logically unless the
    world's resources can be vastly increased in size it means that the portion
    used by the first world must contract.
    There are however some ideas which may help.
    1. The first world is currently subsidising the birth and upbringing of
    children by means of Child Tax Allowances etc. These should be phased out
    except for the very poorest.
    2. Due to the Credit Crunch the Manufacturing Industry of the first world
    are under utilised. Why not use this to produce Solar Panels to be heavily
    subsidised and sold to third world countries which are situated in hot
    climates and thus satisfying third world aspirations for an equal share of
    electrical power(a solar panel in a hot climate is likely to be more
    efficient than one in a cold climate).
    The Oil Industry has great experience in the pumping vast quantities of
    liquids. Why not employ this to pump very large quantise of Sea Water on to
    the Deserts of the world. One of two things would happen to this water:-
    A. It would evaporate and later fall as rain which was clear of salt
    content, or
    B. Sink into the sand and using the earth itself cleanse the water
    and eventually raise the water table below the desert.
    I hope these thoughts are helpful.
    Albert Langton

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dr. Barry? Certainly that is not your real name. After reading your “meandering” and blithering essay, the only reason I intend to stay subscribed is because I want to see how long it takes for you guys to run out of funds, get shut down, or end up in jail. You state in the preface of your essay that you are just short of your contribution goal, which will negatively affect your ability to do your work. Your publication of your mindless essay is going to negatively affect your ability to do your work. You are not rational and your motives are not real. Fortunately for the green movement, you have no credibility so there is no way for you to negatively affect our ability to do our work.

  8. Mary Wildfire says:

    I want to make a couple of points here. First of all, if you haven't
    already, read Stuart Archer Cohen's Army of the Revolution–it's a good read
    (I stayed up late finishing it) focused on the scenarios you discuss here,
    and a police state closing down on the US.
    Second, I have a bit of a problem with your framing here. You alternate
    between suggesting that the problem is due to the evil actions of a few, and
    blaming all humans. The reality, of course, is suspended between those two
    poles–there is a continuum of responsibility from the relatively few who
    have power and wealth and bear much greater responsibility, to indigenous
    people living in poverty and consuming very little (but often procreating
    too much). So your angle of attack does fit reality–but it won't work as a
    way to attack the problem. Which is it: ALL of us need to change our ways
    and start taking care of our Mother, or the Many need to overthrow the
    destructive Few? Violence, or non-violence? I know your answer is “both–and
    the possibility of success without violence may be enhanced by having a
    credible threat of violence to back up demands issued peacefully.”
    But–there may be a more useful way of looking at this.
    I admit I am a pacifist and heavily prejudiced against the use of violence,
    but I would argue that violence cannot possibly ever achieve justice, for
    two reasons: the oppressor is always better armed, and in any battle one is
    advised to choose the weapons, not allow the enemy to do so. Here, we should
    not choose literal weapons, which would give the better-armed oppressor the
    advantage–instead we should choose moral strength which gives the advantage
    to us. Secondly, since our objective is justice, democracy, peace, harmony,
    how could we possibly get there via force? It's like expecting to arrive at
    a town a hundred miles east by walking west.
    I think our best chances may come by redefining the enemy, not as particular
    people–in fact, such divisive, separated thinking IS the enemy–but as a
    system of disordered thinking, or–a fairly easy way out–as corporations.
    Framing corporations as the enemy allows us to change the system without
    divisiveness. CEOs are thus seen in a mental health light, as addicts in
    need of help. If they refuse the help they may regrettably have to be
    imprisoned if their criminal behavior threatens society–but they could be
    viewed as pathetic (if irredeemable) victims rather than the Enemy.
    Vanquishing corporations must happen, I have concluded. According to POCLAD,
    this country once had good rules expressly designed to control corporations,
    and over time the corporations were able to gradually dismantle those rules
    until they were in control. Therefore they must be viewed as too dangerous
    to be allowed to exist. If the battle is seen as Humanity versus the
    Corporate Machine, then those fighting on behalf of corporations must be
    seen as traitors or dupes.
    My two cents-

  9. John Orth says:

    Pending I hope you find some main stream media outlet to publish your essay. And I hope you guys have the nerve to publish my response to your essay that I just posted on your site (anonymous above). Dialogue is healthy. But, your call for violent revolution is going to damage you and anyone associated with you. There is a “revolution” underway. A healthy “revolution” of thought in the rational minds of businesses and consumers. People are changing the way they live and consume. I see progress every day. And I am dedicated to doing everything I can to encourage, promote and speed up that progress by creating solutions and sharing those solutions with others to help them learn how to live and behave in more sustainable ways. What creative solutions have you come up with? I happen to agree with many of your assessments of the state of the planet's ecosystem and economies. I don't agree with your recommendations as they are not viable solutions to any of our problems. Perhaps some day you will come out of the cave you are hiding in and join the rest of us. John

  10. Keep going, Glen. Very best wishes for 2009.
    Thanks for all you are doing to protect the environs from wanton, irreversible degradation and global biodiversity from massive extirpation; to preserve Earth's resources from relentless dissipation and the future of our children from reckless endangerment; to save “the pale blue dot” from the ravages of unbridled global overproduction, overconsumption and overpopulation activities of the human species in these early years of Century XXI.

  11. Steve Overton says:

    Totally agree with your analysis of the situation, but, and it has taken me many long ,painful years to realise this, there is no human solution to the problem.
    For as someone has already said , we, humanity are the problem, and I see no signs that we are going to change, for humanity has always followed a path of greed, selfishness and destruction, and it looks like that path may soon be ending, thank God.
    …. and that for me is the solution, yes I know all of the questions and criticisms, I have asked them myself, but I believe there is only one hope for this world and that is God, which doesnt stop me acting for justice and compassion in the meantime, for that is an essential calling of my faith, but does give me a hope that is so sadly lacking in everything I see around me, advocating violence will never solve the problem , as I say there is no human solution, ………
    if we let over 10 million young children die every year from hunger and disease . do you really think ewe are going to change our ways sufficient to combat the cataclysm that is about to fall upon us,……
    “Judgement Day” is about to dawn, in whatever way you believe, and I am only thankful that at least I have a hope that better times will prevail because if I believed that this “Hell” was all there is,….. then I dont think I could carry on!!.

  12. Here, Dr. Barry deals with fundamental questions that all of us must grapple with. It is unfortunate, perhaps, that there is no observable social basis for the kind of widespread social revolution Barry has now been driven – quite understandably – to advocate. My personal feeling, while I love Dr. Barry for his willingness to look with real integrity and depth at the problem, is that we need to think even further outside the box than he has yet gone – that “social revolution” is still inside the box of Empire-thinking, a kind of thinking that can only replicate, in the long run, all the death and destruction we face today, even it it were able to produce short term benefits. For a fuller argument see my Capitalism at the Expense of All Life , part. 3,

  13. Spencer Selander says:

    We must adhere strictly to non-violent action; violence will discredit the movement in the eyes of the masses, and will fail. The groundwork has already been done to label those who employ sabotage to combat environmental crimes as terrorists, the concentration camps are already prepared to contain them – you will accomplish little while locked behind barbed wire.
    We must hold the moral high ground, we must win the propaganda war, and mobilize vast numbers of people to demonstrate, to strike, to sit in. It may already be too late, but this is the only chance we have.

  14. B Knutsson says:

    “There is no indication that the elites who are
    holding the reins of power, and even the average consumer enjoying an ill-gotten life of leisurely consumption, is going to give up their Earth destroying ways without a fight. But if they cannot be compelled to do so, we
    all die.”
    From Gaia's point of view that is perhaps the best option – that we all die. With humanity gone, with and end to the Earth-plague, with an end to the infection, Gaia will eventually recuperate.
    And harmony will return to the planet.
    B Knutsson, Sweden

  15. Anonymous says:

    In Australia Prime Minister KRudd has bent to the most extreme lobbying Austrlaia has ever suffered to project a next to uselessly low emissions reduction target of 5%.
    How long befor those who have to suffer killer coal's carbon terrorism call for change and when they do what will the actions be to reduce emissions so they stabilize above the danger level, because that is where they are now.
    What will stop the Arctic loosing all its ice cover or greenland to cease to melt or the methane stored in the region from being released.
    All that is happening at the current warming level. The laws of physics and chemistry are not mutable by politicians.
    If in Copenahgen they opt for low targets and Austrlaia does not raise its target to 15%, which it has committed to if the world opts for a strong reduction target, that per se includes China, Beazil and India, then that failure ends politics as it transformed under the protest regimes of the recent past.
    People power will come to many places. Unfortunately the consequences of the systems failure to take the science seriously will be costly to all life, to the heritage of that and least importantly to the treasue that human activity has created [given that there is some].
    A failure at Copenhagen will make anomic nihilism look like a positive contribution to social debate.

  16. Dear B. Knutsson,
    Your thoughts on what follows would be appreciated. Everyone else is welcome to comment.
    Many too many economic powerbrokers have been playing “the only game in town” the way everyone “in the know” has been participating in the construction of a leviathan-like “house of cards” called the global political economy.
    QUESTION: Can we share an understanding of the many attacks on Earth and climate scientists by saying loudly and clearly that their assailants' activities are venal efforts to spread garbage and junk science, based upon nothing more or less than the duplicitous promulgation of ideological idiocy?
    ANSWER: The many arrogant and hostile efforts toward Earth and climate scientists are for the sole purpose of shoring-up and building trust in a con game; to support the most colossal pyramid scheme in human history…..a modern version of the ancient Tower of Babel. Only this modern 'edifice' is an Economic Colossus, one not made of stone but rather built out of filthy lucre as a house of playing cards. The entire game is a patently unsustainable, gigantic ruse perpetrated by a tiny, greedy minority of outrageously conspicuous consumers who are recklessly consolidating and relentlessly hoarding great wealth and power.
    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population
    established 2001

  17. My.EcoEarth.Info Campaigns
    Jerusalem BreinsAmnesty's DECLARATION OF DEPENDENCE In Paonia, Colorado/My.EcoEarth.Info

  18. Dr. Barry,
    I like your revolutionary spirit of action .This is a real subject on environmental global warming changes taking place and so let the changes begin… Jerusalem BreinsAmnesty can help bring forth a true Ecological Revolution.Indeed,We need a revolution from the human heart of God. These changes required in the way “US” humans live on this wonderfulred,blue,and black planet,Oops! Let's not forget Crystal, for the stars…We must begin with a change in the way us homo-sapiens think and feel about our planet.In retrospect, a spiritual, non-organized religious connection in regards to what the planet needs,letting it feeling the core of the majority of humans. This internal and external change from our “Government,” must come first, or nothing else will matter being inadequate and half-hearted. I call these changes of the “greening of the human heart” = Campaigns for Ecology,that must go beyond scientific theories in becoming the non-organized spiritual”Ecoearth's views of humanity.

  19. Pith says:

    dear Dr Glen
    Thanks for your fire.
    At bottom, to me it seemingly comes down to this:
    If a species has so royally screwd up, when it imagined it had rational
    control, why would you consider it fit for continued dominance?
    Evolution is entirely blind, free of teleoogy, and 'progress' is simply
    a notion of ours, with no basis at all in nature. Complexity has a
    ceiling, and we've reached it. No amount of moral railing at the
    'ethical' beast will change its core behaviours.
    Yes, it seems a shame it should all go, but the glory that has been —
    surely that was enough?
    More of us would mean just more misery for the majority of us, while a
    few persist in the depredations that we see climaxing today.
    The glory of the biosphere will self-restore. Wisdom may come to future
    so-called intelligent life, in the many aeons that lie ahead. But for
    this briefest 'peak' of sapience? Some kind of technological dystopia
    may occupy the decline, but chaos does appear inevitable, as your appeal
    so eloquently convinces. Those whom you propose should act – 'The
    people' – does not exist as an entity, there are only individuals
    striving for self-maximization. Because only affluence affords altruism.
    Only education and time for study & contemplation allows a grasp of what
    you know to be happening. And action such as you propose can only result
    from dire privation for huge masses who have known the good life,
    however briefly. This is unlikely until things become irreversible,
    while our overlords become ever more powerful, indeed impregnable.
    These are iron laws. It does all make sense, since everything we cherish
    has arisen from war, plunder & rapine. Per Heraclitus, 'War is the
    father of all'. How could much good emerge from so much bad? In old
    systems of mystical knowledge organisation they called this karma,and
    applied it mostly to individual behaviour. Only today are we able to
    understand that this applies to the species.
    It's payback time, Dr Glen, and we can't possibly pay this bill.

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