Remembering Chico Mendes, Mourning the Amazon’s Demise

Things have worsened in the Amazon since Mendes' murderAs Brazil and the world mourn and memorialize the great Amazon rainforest advocate Chico Mendes [ark], two things have become abundantly clear. First, to speak and organize for Amazonian rainforest ecological sustainability still remains virtually a death sentence in Brazil. Hundreds of Brazilians activists are routinely threatened with assassination [ark]. This is so sad, and lack of a massive government response unforgivable, given increased ecological sensitivity and desire to act nationally.
And secondly, despite improved efforts at least rhetorically by the Brazilian government, the Amazon's rainforests, and thus global atmospheric and ecological sustainability, remain deeply threatened. With deforestation having increased [search] by 64% this past year, it is difficult to envision a future solution — based upon continued piddly policy half-measures and NGO token projects — that keeps the Amazon intact and fully functional as a whole.
Clear prohibitions in the Amazon and rest of the world's rainforests on any industrial logging and development, backed up with a well-funded and trained enforcement, would be the sufficient place to start. If this massive planetary ecosystem engine is fragmented and diminished, collapsing into pieces, Brazil and the Earth's habitability will be deeply threatened. Only responses at scales commiserate to the problem can save the Amazon now.

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  1. Does anyone have the feeling that our communication, here now and elsewhere in other moments, appears to be convoluted and confused because many too many of us do not yet recognize that the family of humanity literally lives within a modern version of an ancient edifice, the Tower of Babel? The new leviathan-like, distinctly human construction is not made of stone, but instead built out as a “house of cards”. This colossal, artificially designed structure is noticeably pyramidal in shape, organized as a patently unsustainable pyramid scheme, and named the global political economy.
    For the people who are the primary beneficiaries of such a scheme, the global economy is effectively an object of idolatry. Nothing else really matters to them. These people are the self-proclaimed Masters of the Universe among us. They could not care less about the natural world, life as we know it for the children and future generations, the integrity of Earth. You can readily recognize the idolaters as the leading, self-righteous elders of my “Not So GREAT GREED GRAB Generation”. Endlessly consuming and hoarding resources as well as power-mongering are regarded as religious rituals.
    Any thoughts?
    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population,
    established 2001

  2. Brad Harris says:

    Democracy is a great thing.
    Too bad we can't weed out those politicians who use it solely for their own personal financial gain.
    Education of the masses would seem to be the only antidote that can stand up to this endemic corruption

  3. Angela Botero says:

    When it comes to the exploitation of natural resources in less developed countries, we have to understand and aim to aid the situation and pressures these countries face, leaving them with the only option of giving up their valuable natural resources to those taking advantage of their situation. These pressures include debts with other countries and lack of capital to take advantage of their own natural resources in a healthy manner, which will benefit all of us in the long run.

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