VICTORY RELEASE: Oregon’s Governor Stymies Bush’s “Midnight” Forest Raid

President Obama now has chance to protect America's forest legacy, and allow Oregon and the nation's overworked forest biodiversity and carbon stores to recover ecologically
President Bush's anti-forest crusade stopped in Oregon(Seattle, WA) — EcoInternet (EI) welcomes Oregon governor Ted Kulongoski's decision to block Bush administration plans to sharply increase logging [search] on 2.2 million acres of BLM forests in Western Oregon. Kulongoski concluded that President Bush's hastily arrived at logging plan did not conform [ark] to federal environmental laws such as the Endangered Species Act, and failed to protect and restore mature forests to sequester carbon. It would have locked in Bush's anti-environment, industrial forestry model for decades.
By waiting until the deadline and calling for revisions and a 30-day extension for public comment, Kulongoski put off final approval until the administration of Democratic President-elect Barack Obama. This decision will ultimately be made by the new U.S. Secretary of the Interior and Congress. This forbearance was not a foregone conclusion, as Oregon has a long history of forest patronage and destroying terrestrial ecosystems for short term economic gain causing long term environmental pain.
This is a major victory for EcoInternet and others that campaigned for this outcome, and portends greater ecological restoration of America's biodiversity and carbon stores once the “Toxic Texan” has left town, and the much anticipated era of ecological hope commences. EI's Earth Action Network got just what we asked for, and this most recent victory once again demonstrates our global leadership in using the Internet to facilitate environmental conservation.

“It is just amazing what can be done when global citizens speak loudly with one voice, demanding accountability from environmental policy-making,” explains Dr. Glen Barry, EI's President. “The Earth has surpassed its carrying capacity, yet ecosystems continue to be wantonly destroyed. Oregon's decision represents further success of a growing global protest movement demanding dramatic transformation to ecological sustainability.”
EI's brand of Internet protest — where citizen activists personally contact decision-makers — is hard to ignore, as environmental ill-doers are bombarded with specific, scientifically credible protest emails from around the globe. This approach ensures accountability from frequently anonymous bureaucrats who are determining the Earth's fate.
“We are well past the time where petitions, banner drops and light-bulbs will save us. EcoInternet's Earth Action Network intends to continue rapidly intensifying protests both on and off the Internet, working for a global mass mobilization, which amongst other things ends ancient forest logging and the use of coal. There are many working on these matters around the world, the movement is growing, and we must ensure we act with all haste before global ecosystem collapse becomes unavoidable.”
Dr. Glen Barry is a spokesperson on behalf of global ecological sustainability. EcoInternet provides the world's leading forests, climate and environment portals at, and Contact
Dr. Barry for interviews on the latest global environmental policy developments and sufficient ecological solutions at:

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12 Responses

  1. Brad Harris says:

    Congratulations on Oregon's
    Biodiversity pardon from the Governor.
    Lets hope he's not so kind to the faceless logging companies attempting to turn Oregon's ancient forests into an unsustainable business venture at the expense of the worlds priceless biodiversity.

  2. Congratulations to EcoInternet and Dr. Glen Barry for helping to stop the further massacre of Oregon's remarkable biodiversity. Please folks, find a few dollars to keep this valuable servive online!

  3. Suzie Mitchell says:

    Leaders and people of the world must start as from this moment to protect the environment and all its inhabitants … animal and human. We must all learn to live in harmony.

  4. Daniel Senic says:

    I have been to Oregon recently and was amazed how beautiful the state is. Thus, I was outraged when I first read about the 'Toxic Texans' attempt to destroy it.
    I'm happy to hear that Oregon's Governor has what it takes to stand up to Bush and powerful industries in this economic slump, where it is hard to say no to any industry.
    Therefore, I think that in addition to submitting protests, it would be useful if groups like EcoInternet and other's who stand up for environmental protection would send emails to thank those who make the right decisions in the face of a lot of pressure.
    We should not only voice our opposition to bad environmental decisions, but also show support for and acknowledge good decisions, and make decision makers such as the Oregon Governor feel appreciated. This could help encourage more good decisions in the future.

  5. Karen says:

    Fantastic news!

  6. Alan Preston says:

    Excellent news and if you can,-donate to help make Ecological internet even more effective .
    Alan Preston in New Zealand
    ( where we stopped our government from mowing down our native forests in 1998 )
    but where we have huge under-utilised plantations of 'Oregon'Pine and Pinus Radiata.

  7. Michael says:

    hi Glenn
    so great to see your doc on us delay WOPR till Obama gets in.
    Gaia blessing us love 2 u micheal sunanda Econesia Oness pr

  8. Anthony says:

    god,..will gbush and his breed have to pay for all the hell theyve
    endorsed..they will live in dallas/..on the old set of some tv
    sitcom..drinking and popping bennies and dunking there dorritos in a
    fine toe fungus dip!

  9. twyndragon says:


  10. Good on you, Glen.
    I published it also here linked to from
    (I mean to republish more of your material than I do, but I just don't have time.)

  11. Great comments and observations from one and all. Thanks for speaking out so clearly and loudly.
    According to the Bush agenda, wealthy and powerful people organize and manage the “trickle down” economy. That is all that really matters to them. The Earth is an afterthought.
    Self-serving leaders of the political economy and their minions can be seen raking in multi-million dollar year-end bonuses and celebrating their 2008 'successes' this very month. Good work, fellows.
    Here's to the guys in the Zegna suits, the ones who make out like bandits when everyone else is losing. That's the casino business, all right.
    Is the global economy of the human community is being operated like a casino for the benefit primarily of casino operatives?
    Only an idiot could tell such a tale as the one we are witnessing on Wall Street? As for the people on “main street”, I have heard that they will be allowed to eat cake.
    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on the Human Population,
    established 2001

  12. forest protection our and we benfits

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