EcoInternet’s Campaign to End Ancient Forest Logging Gaining Support

EcoInternet's campaign to End Ancient Forest Logging growingEcoInternet's campaign to end ancient forest logging as the keystone response to the climate and biodiversity crises continues to gain both scientific credibility and prominence within the environmental movement. A new atlas from the UN Environment Programme shows not surprisingly that most of the world's terrestrial biodiversity and carbon storage hotspots [ark] are found in Earth's last great primary and old growth forest expanses. Find ways to maintain these areas in an intact condition while meeting local development aspirations, without stealing their land, and the world is well on the way to global ecological sustainability.
For several years EcoInternet has informed the forest movement and the world that perhaps the greatest impediment to doing so is greenwash perpetuated by the likes of Greenpeace, WWF, RAN and FSC that the world's last primeval ecosystems should be logged. The Ecologist magazine notes in their current issue EcoInternet's campaign discrediting the myth that ancient forests can be logged in an environmentally acceptable manner. To make the green mainstream media after years of ridicule (Greenpeace would never support ancient forest logging, hah) is gratifying. There we get FSC's first response to two years of campaigning, answering how logging ancient forests benefits the environment:

“The FSC counters that in order to be effective as the demand for timber grows, it is forced to work with industrial logging companies and allow the sustainable cutting of old-growth and primary forests… allowing logging places an economic value on the forest ecosystem, which in turn helps avoid the ground being clear-cut for pasture or crop monocultures.”

Here at long last is the answer to our campaign's basic question, “how does logging centuries old trees protect ancient forests?” FSC and greenwash friends are promoting first time industrial logging of the world's last ancient forests to protect them from being logged. How brilliantly simple. Forget about the facts that there is no evidence selectively logged forests will not ultimately be cleared in the long-term, that first time logging releases at least 40% of ancient forest's carbon that will never be recovered, and that the Earth is experiencing a massive extinction spasm largely because of selectively logged, fragmented forests.
Our key point that increased demand for “green certified” FSC timber is driving ancient forest logging is confirmed. We will win this campaign — ancient forest logging will end — the only question is whether it will by then be too late. Perhaps Greenpeace and friends could help make this a reality while there are still enough carbon and biodiversity rich forests to maintain a habitable Earth. That is if they can fit it into their posing protests and cool, glamorous Earth saving lifestyles. The Earth is crying out for defenders with both style AND substance.

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    I find it irresistible not to at least take a moment to wonder aloud about what Galileo is doing tonight. My hope would be that the great man is resting in peace and that his head is not spinning in his grave. How, now, can Galileo possibly find peace when so many top-rank scientists refuse to speak out clearly, loudly and often regarding whatsoever they believe to be true about the distinctly human-induced, global predicament presented to the family of humanity in our time by certain unbridled “overgrowth” activities of the human species from which global challenges visibly issue now and loom ominously on the far horizon?
    Where are the thousands of scientists who have a responsibility to stand up with those who developed virtual mountains of good scientific research regarding overconsumption, overproduction and overpopulation activities of the human species that are now overspreading and threatening to engulf the Earth.
    Perhaps there is something in the great and everlasting work of many silent scientists that will give Galileo a moment of peace in our time.
    What would the world we inhabit look like if scientists like Galileo adopted a code of silence, speaking only about scientific evidence which was politically convenient, economically expedient, religiously condoned and socially correct?
    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population,
    established 2001

  2. D. Elam says:

    When it's gone, it's really gone!

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