Coal Plants Face New Obstacles in U.S.

Coal will kill us allA coal plant permit in Utah was rejected [ark] yesterday by the E.P.A on the basis of lack of control of carbon dioxide [search]. The ruling puts in question permits for as many as 100 new plants [search], and should aid lawsuits against them as well.
This comes as the International Energy Agency confirms that coal will continue being the leading source of energy globally until at least 2030 [ark]. A week earlier in their annual report that had warned that the world's energy use was “patently unsustainable” [ark] and warned of 6

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  1. Obstacles to overcome on Wall Street, too.
    Billions are paid in bonuses and bailouts to the "wonder boys" on Wall Street. Precisely what have these self-proclaimed Masters of the Universe been doing for billion dollar year-end paydays?
    Yesterday we found out.
    In recent years "the brightest and best" have perfected the rule-making governing the manipulation of

  2. Ned says:

    Coal will still remain top energy source in years to come as well, mainly because it's cheapest alternative to rising energy demand worldwide. The only solution that could actually work are clean coal technologies but they will take some time before being commercial enough.

  3. Patrick Troup says:

    Thanks for the post Glen.
    Steven, great post.
    You know what we have to do Steven? We have to become more absolute in our beliefs words and actions. To this fraud, this paying off banks who invest billions and trillions in coal themselves, we as a people must become more truthful and trusting. We must rise together, for we are the ones who ultimately control these banks, we ultimately control the corporations, and we ultimately control what and how our governments do things.
    We must not take any power away from any of them however. We must only create the power we need to resolve all negative issues that persist in the World today, support those in the transition, including the corporate CEO's etc, and creating a World that prosperous and bountiful for all.
    We must expand our greatest visions and dreams to the fullest extent. The likes of Martin Luther King and Gandhi did the same. And to that, great change transpired.
    We must not strive to harm anyone, for the World is at a balance point that could fall the wrong way in a dramatic and horrific fashion. In these times we are walking the tightrope, and to this tightrope we will balance with great honesty, purity, common, support, service, openess, integrety and our desire to help ourselves, help all people, and help our Earth and all that it is.
    Expose the truths that be, and castercise the deeds that are done, not he who is doing the deeds.
    Take care and keep up the great work all

  4. Tara says:

    It's true, coal-fired power plants are going to continue to burn coal…obviously. The key is for them to make doing so less harmful and less destructive to the environment.
    Yes, alternative energy sources are needed, but for existing and future coal-fired plants, they need to use an additive or something proven to reduce the carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions.

  5. Patrick Troup says:

    The coal fired power plants will not be around for much longer.
    Due to the great desire of the people, in the common months and years, there will be no need for them anymore. A compilation of the people's reducing and conserving of energy, a switch to alternative energy, we will no longer need them.
    Great systems will be created that will allow us to stop using power from technologies as coal, closing coal power plants, while helping the employees who worked in the coal plants, have better jobs, and better lifestyles.
    The transition will happen in a way that brings more benefit and prosperity to the people and the planet.
    We as a people, must only grow our desires to create the future we wish to see, motivate and support one another in our choices, and be resolute in our actions. And from this, beauty will blossom.

  6. Dave Moore says:

    Things will turn out rosy and coal plants will be cleaned up. I don't think so without a huge battle from pople like Glenn, Al Gore, Jim Hansen, the Sierra Club amd thousands or others. Most folks are forgetting about environmental change due to the economic recession. Its up to activists like us to keep global warming and the air and water pollution of the coal and electric industries on the front burner.
    China has been on a path to add one new coal burning electricity plant every month INDEFITELY.
    We need to help China and India from avoiding our model.

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