RELEASE: New Earth Rising — a New Biocentric E-zine — Launches as Time to Achieve Global Ecological Sustainability Grows Short

EcoInternet's latest offering focuses upon truthfully knowing global ecological crises in order to effectively develop and implement ecologically sufficient solutions
By Earth's Newsdesk, a project of EcoInternet
CONTACT: Dr. Glen Barry,
New Earth Rising(Seattle, WA) — EcoInternet, the world's leading provider of on-line environmental portals and action opportunities, is pleased to announce New Earth Rising, a new fiercely biocentric online magazine (e-zine), committed to thought and action to achieve global ecological sustainability. The green publication launches today at and free subscriptions can be made at .
The inaugural issue, entitled Ecological Truth and Transformative Action, features original and diverse green essays that seek to more fully know Earth's crises — including climate change, water scarcity and forest diminishment — in order to achieve ecologically sufficient solutions. New Earth Rising links what is known regarding global ecological crises with specific personal and social transformations necessary for shared survival and to sustain being.

Dr. Glen Barry notes in the opening editorial that “the environment movement is failing because of a dearth of truth telling and a profound lack of ambition… humanity is burning and cutting the natural ecosystems that are the foundation and provide habitat for all life.” If we “can simply stop cutting and burning — and begin an era of ecological protection and restoration — we have a real chance… of surviving as a species, with other life, on a living Earth.”
New Earth Rising is grounded in the ethics of biocentrism, deep ecology and political ecology. The first issue is a bit of a hodge-podge — examining entropy in relation to solar energy, while promoting the eating of peaches; revealing the lure of big plantation schemes, while showcasing innovative water management schemes; and with ancient memories and cartoons thrown in the mix. The e-zine will initially publish bi-monthly. Original submissions are welcome.
Dr. Glen Barry is a global spokesperson on behalf of environmental sustainability policy. EcoInternet provides the world's leading climate and environment portals at and Dr. Barry frequently conducts interviews on the latest climate, forest and water policy developments and can be reached at:
Note EcoInternet's NEW address:
Dr. Glen Barry
EcoInternet, Inc.
PO Box 9704
Seattle, WA 98109

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4 Responses

  1. David McCobb says:

    I'm stunned by the blaring contrast between your goal of truth and the blatant propaganda for the cotton industry and the ads for Pizza Hut on the first page of the home page. It smacks of zero credibility. Why should I steer anyone to this website?

  2. We have to pay the bills and advertising is the only way we know how. We are carefully monitoring the ads that appear, and blocking those that are inappropriate. However, each user in different locales see different ads. If you can let us know the url on the ad listing we can block it. Most of the ads are for good necessary products like food and clothing from reasonably sustainable sources. If anyone is wiling to donate the money to allow us to run the magazine ad free we are happy to do so.
    Dr. Glen Barry

  3. Kevin says:

    David, maybe try assuming the best before throwing out such inflammatory words. Also a private discussion would have been the better route I think. Dr. Barry I wish you success in your fund raising efforts. Keep up the good work.

  4. Kudo's to you Dr. Glen Barry. In the past couple of years environmental awareness has been elevated to an all time high, this is in part due to unfortunately horrible mishaps that have taken place, but also because people have gotten off their couch and decided to do something about it.

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