Ancient Forests Found to Be Climate Air Conditioners

Ancient forests are climate air conditionerNew research in Royal Society journal Philosophical Transactions A “suggests that chopping down forests could accelerate global warming [ark] more than was thought, and that protecting existing trees could be one of the best ways to tackle the problem.” The report quantifies how the release of the chemical terpene from forest canopies [search] leads to cloud formation that cools the climate. Given ancient forests' massive canopies, the findings further clarify intact forest wildernesses' critical role in maintaining an operable atmosphere.
Much remains to be learned regarding Gaia's workings, forests' interaction with climate, and the need for ecologically sufficient policy-making, yet it is gratifying to see formal science continue to catch up with EcoInternet's biocentric campaigns. Given additional recent scientific findings that old-growth forests continue to remove atmospheric carbon indefinitely, and primary forests lose much of their carbon permanently when first logged, there is no longer any justification for destruction of ancient forests. And presenting “sustainable” logging of such sacred and life-giving primeval treasures as having environmental benefits is ecologically bereft and criminally negligent (you know who you are, and we are coming for you).
Through a combination of ecological science and intuition, EcoInternet and predecessors have long known that loss of intact forest habitats is the key cause of climate change, as well as general biodiversity, ecosystem and biosphere collapse. We know that ending humanity's cutting and burning of itself to death is key to our shared survival. In particular, global ecological sustainability is going to require giving up timbers accessed from ancient forests, and restoring old-growth forests worldwide. EcoInternet is going to keep on saying this, confronting those that say otherwise, whatever the costs, because it is the ecological truth necessary to sustain being.

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  1. Darlene tusker says:

    I want the know how I can post this?

  2. Brad Harris says:

    As timber companies begin scavenging in the marginal soils at higher elevations here in B.C. it is embarrassing to think we consider ourselves a first world country.
    Competing in this global race to the bottom by laying waste to our streams and diversified forests for a quick buck is now coming back to haunt us.
    As the mills disapear and the total lack of foresight to set aside anything resembling an opportunity for ecotourism is becoming the elephant in the room at municipal council meetings province wide.
    Thank goodness soybeans don't grow well in BC's marginal forest lands or we'd really have some problems.

  3. Fred says:

    Many thanks for this,

  4. Alan Hill says:

    You absolutely correct in your article as vindicated by research done in Australia by CSIRO
    Grass roots activists must continue disseminating this info
    Yours for a sustainable future

  5. Dereka Ogden says:

    Let's hope this message gets across and action is taken. We have all known this for year.
    Dereka Ogden

  6. Monica says:

    Let us hope that naturally produced terpenes always remain their cheapest form.
    Otherwise, these findings might become a double-edged sword for forests.

  7. Sidewinder says:

    Actually, so can deserts. There are proposals to scrape up millions of acres of desert plants and soils to cool the Earth with by using solar power. The problem is, deserts store carbon better than forests. Solar belongs on roof tops and on previously disturbed areas. Please look:

  8. One of the best ways we can save our forests is by making paper from hemp. We are devastating the Boreal forest of Canada to make paper products sold in the U.S. It is one of the largest carbon sinks on the planet, and is crucial to the environmental health of much of north america.

  9. sidewinder.
    Sometimes environmenalists can be their own worst enemies. Do not block the solar ambitions in the desert if you want to see a sustainableand clean energy grid in the U.S.A. There is no other renewable energy option that can do what solar thermal plants in the southwest can do. They are the only renewable that can replace the coal plants. That's because they can operate after dark and during cloudy periods and can be base load generators, follow on power plants or peaker plants. Let's not be silly and destroy the only chance we have. Nuclear is not sustainable in any way shape or form. We can't go there. A must read on solar thermal:

  10. Infoscian says:

    Nature by itself produces ACs, fans and much more for humans. But we have moved ourselves to an artificial life.

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