Common Birds Dwindling, Humans Next?

Birds and humans threatenedYou know there is something deeply wrong with global ecology [search] when populations of previously common and widespread birds catastrophically crash, and in some cases move towards extinction. A new study from BirdLife finds birds are threatened [ark | moreark] by agriculture, fishing, logging and climate change; concluding these findings are no less than a “sign of a deteriorating global environment and a biodiversity crisis.” This is a dangerous under-statement.
All the world's key ecosystems including forests, oceans, water and the atmosphere are being liquidated by excessive populations and their consumption, and they are collapsing. Together they comprise the biosphere which is required for all life. If widely mobile, advanced bird species are imperiled; humans are clearly next. I suppose someone living in Haiti, Darfur or the world's swelling slums know this already.

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3 Responses

  1. R. Gates says:

    Yes, you do know there is something extremely wrong…the world is the coal mine and all the canaries are dying!

  2. Lauren-Dignan says:

    This is getting really seriouse now and its about time all the lazy, ungreatful people out there who dont care what happens best started helping to stop global warming now while we can!!

  3. ganeshan says:

    owing to this deforestation the biological life cycle or the link in the eco system is completely broken and hence in the near future we may not be able to see many species of bird.
    Sreevysh Corp

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