Arctic Going to Hell in a Hand-Basket

Arctic sea ice loss one symptom of global ecological emergencyThe Arctic's alarmingly rapid loss of summer sea ice [search] continues. The fact the ice has not totally melted this year is no consolation, as last year summer sea ice shrank to a record low, and total loss of sea ice — which was predicted to occur in over sixty years only a few years ago — now seems assured by 2030 and may even be imminent. Nine polar bears were spotted swimming in open ocean [ark] off Alaska's northwest coast, up to 65 miles offshore, indicating their difficulty in finding pack ice and food. In Northern Greenland, until now thought immune from global warming, the massive Petermann glacier [search] shows a growing giant crack [ark] — 7 miles long and half a mile wide — and an 11-square-mile chunk of ice is breaking off.
I am not sure how many more global ecological emergencies, indicative of abrupt and deadly climate change [search], I can stomach being disregarded with assurances that “scientists don't like to attribute single events to global warming, but… events fit a pattern.” The patterns being repeated over and over again in front of our eyes include collapse of major global ecosystems [search] and societal myopic denial that the end of being is nigh. The hell emerging in the Arctic is the same force ravaging Australia with drought, California with wildfires and China with toxic pollution. We are witnessing the inevitable consequences of nearly seven billion humans consuming like there is no tomorrow ensuring there soon will not be one. Only profound revolutionary personal and social transformation can save us now.

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  1. karen says:

    I agree with you. If we don't mobilize towrds saving mother earth this soon, then we'll definitely see before our very eyes the moment of our doom. I hope that national governments would pay more attention to the need of our planet rather than to keep themselves busy politicking.

  2. zephyr says:

    I sent the news item re: the spotting of the nine polar bears 65 miles out to sea off the northwest coast of Alaska to a friend in Arizona last night. She found it almost unbearable to read, as I did. This report along with the report on the Petermann glacier in Greenland and a fleeting news item announcing FDA approval for irradiation of spinach and lettuce in order to destroy E. Coli and “a few other germs” made for a very tough week indeed among those of us who follow and think about these things.
    Glen writes:
    …..I am not sure how many more global ecological emergencies, indicative of abrupt and deadly climate change, I can stomach being disregarded with assurances that “scientists don't like to attribute single events to global warming, but… events fit a pattern.”….. END quote.
    You are not alone in this regard. Virtually everyone I know feels the same way.
    Speaking only for myself, I do not think the science community harbors all that many reservations about the trouble we're in. Regular review of the literature over the last nine years certainly indicates (to me anyway) that if it were in the hands of the atmospheric, marine and biological scientists the above-referenced “revolutionary personal and social transformation” would be well underway by now.
    The research community has been muffled by the current administration. Period. Its findings and updates in a number of important areas have been withheld from the general public by a corporate-funded and compliant mainstream media.
    We know this is true and we know why it is so.
    Where is it written that we here on Earth are obligated in any way to defer to the conditions set forth by the Merchants of Destruction and those who support them?
    I don't know about anyone else but I'm damned if I have been able to find any law to that effect.
    You know what I mean.

  3. Could at least one of the causes of life and the Earth, as we know them, “going to hell in a handbasket” be that the all-too-human global political economy is constructed as a perpetual motion machine and operated as a colossal pyramid scheme?

  4. Please note that both the 'perpetual motion machine' and the colossal pyramid scheme could soon become patently unsustainable, if allowed to continue in current form and function without regard for biophysical limits to seemingly endless growth.
    If unregulated, the scale and growth of the unbridled global economy could soon “produce” an ecological and/or economic catastrophe, the likes of which only the King of greedy kings, named Ozymandias, has seen.

  5. R. Gates says:

    In addition to the complete destruction of the ecosystem going on in the Arctic, what people don't realize is the extremely critical function the sea ice plays in regulating the temperature of the whole world. It:
    1) Reflects sunlight, keeping the earth's albedo in a constant range.
    2) Keeps the ocean temperature is check (like an ice cube in your summer drink)
    When the ice cap melts completely, you can be certain that RAPID global warming is immenent. An ice free arctic will mean massive warming from the loss of temperature control (like breaking the thermistat in your home), as well as the POSITIVE FEEDBACK of releasing massive amounts of methane from the arctic region.
    All this is assured, and already too late to stop.. .and still the fools are arguing about who will get all their precious oil reserves from the arctic…as though it will be business as usual in the future…such a foolish, blind, narrowminded, and selfish species.
    Gaia will be bringing on the culling soon.
    God Bless you all.
    R. Gates

  6. Chris H. says:

    There are many systems that are vulnerable. I've seen some interesting discussion on these vulnerable areas on It seems important to marry the physics with the decision makers. Triage seems to be a palatable way that we may (as ordinary taxpayers) be able to influence our political leaders

  7. The time is coming when many people will follow the exemplary behavior Zephyr, Glen Barry and R. Gates by speaking out loudly and clearly for something, for anything at all to do with the preservation of life as know it and Earth, even though it is not politically convenient and economically expedient to do so, even though thousands of greedy kings and self-proclaimed masters of the universe eschew such open expressions as well as maintain that "silence is golden."
    Soon people will be heard speaking out often in many places for something, for anything at all that does not have to do with the unbridled and soon to become unsustainable growth of the global political economy.
    The silence regarding the threat of rampant economic globalization is deafening. How much longer will it continue?

  8. Anonymous says:

    i see everyday how the mother earth is getting destroyed by us; i don

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