Climate Change and Species’ Deaths (including yours)

Climate change kills species including your ownWe learned today that birds in France are unable to migrate [ark] fast enough to keep up with their habitat. And the Arctic tundra is being invaded by trees [ark]. Humans too are animals with specific heat, moisture and food requirements. Where will we run as we lose our habitat?
Climate change — and the host of attendant ecological crises associated with too many humans consuming too many resources at the expense of life giving ecosystems — will together not be some minor irritant. Climate-mediated global ecological collapse [search] will be gut-wrenching biological murder as conditions where you live become unable to sustain life.

Meanwhile the best the brightest can do is ramping up huge biomass burners for energy [ark], as if the world's forests do not face enough stresses already. And Australia introduces a new type of ecological imperialism in the name of reducing carbon emissions, helping Papua New Guinea cut down on deforestation [ark] (but what of selective logging's continual diminishment?), while refusing to end logging in Tasmania.
For centuries we have been burning and cutting the Earth to death — now we do it more efficiently than ever, ensuring homogenous lands and oceans can no longer sustain the panoply of life Gaia gave us. We will stop destroying and strictly protect natural ecosystems, and begin the era of ecological restoration — each of us getting out there daily with tools and fixing what we have destroyed — or like the French birds, Arctic species and PNG rainforests, our species including your children will die.

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  1. Chris says:

    Terry Rout seems to be advocating triage for these situations of threatened species – but not ours! I've also found similar ideas at Seems to be a good discussion place for these and other climate related issues

  2. R. Gates says:

    The incredible number of species that are now going extinct is not unlike the numbers that occured at all the other major climate change events on earth that have happened periodically over the 4.5 billion years of the earth's history. These events, usually brought on by asteriods, volcanic eruptions, or other large-scale geolgical and cosmological events have always led to the extintion of the majority of species.
    Now, it just so happens that the new climate change (which is just as rapid as an asteriod striking when viewed over the lifespan of Gaia) is being caused by one of the species that may in fact go extinct. Furthermore, it is primarily the way we use energy (whether it be food or fuel) that is the cause of the destruction we've brought to the earth.
    What would happen if the earth lost 90 or 95% of its species? The same thing that happened the last few times such an event occured…Gaia would eventually heal herself, and new species would thrive by taking advantage of the new habitats offered by the new climate.
    Of course, this might take a few million years– but this a but a blink of an eye to Gaia. She is patient, loving, and ancient in her wisdom, and I am convinced to the depth of my soul that there is far more of a mystery to the ages and wisdom of Gaia then the human heart can fathom– in short, I trust that Gaia can and will take care of herself, and this current period of imbalance will pass, probably sans humans.
    Does that mean I don't try to live green, and do my part to live eco-aware? Of course I do…but I also believe that life is still be lived fully and the wonderment of it all taken in each moment, and when I die, or when the time comes for the human speices to pass from the earth, (as it inevitably will, whether it be 10 years or 10,000 years from now), I know that there is something eternal in this very moment and all moments of existence– something that death or extinction can never touch.
    The best to you, as usual.
    R. Gates

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