Ups and Downs of Protecting Rainforests

As go rainforests will go humanitySocieties not recognizing their ecological foundation cannot long stand. After decades Brazil begrudgingly accepts [ark | moreark] with outstretched cupped hand the mighty Amazon's key role in climate protection [search], yet continues with damming and other industrial development. Greenpeace heralds as news Africa's European rainforest loggers avoiding taxes [ark]. Yet similar practices were well-documented in Papua New Guinea 20 years ago, and are nearly universal in the rainforest logging industry.
The critical ecological role played by rainforests' ancient biodiversity [search] and emergent ecosystem processes [search] have been known for decades, yet gains in protection have been slow. We know it is going to take money and ending illegal activities to protect rainforests [search] and their life giving ecosystems services [search]. Progress such as it is results from years of protest by EcoInternet and many others, yet our deep ecological message that all being is dependent upon rainforests, atmosphere and water cycling energy and nutrients continues to be viewed with suspicion. As go rainforests will go humanity.

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  1. If you were presented with a forced choice, which do think would collapse first: The Human Global Economy OR God's Creation?
    Never in human history has so much wealth been concentrated in the hands of so few people. A tiny minority of people in the human family have accumulated a gigantic portion of the world's wealth. What could be wrong with this picture?
    At least to me, a pyramid-like scheme is not a satisfactory system for organizing the human family's world economy or for distributing the world's wealth because such a "trickle down economy" is unfair, grossly inequitable and soon to become patently unsustainable. The limited resources and frangible ecosystem services of Earth cannot sustain much longer the way the global political economy is currently grown without regard to biophysical limits to its seemingly endless growth.
    After all, the air, land and seas are being relentlessly polluted with human waste products; fresh water, fish stocks, food reserves, fossil fuels, and wetlands are being depleted at an alarming rate; the catastrophic effects of massive over-consumption and unrestrained hoarding of resources cannot be sustained much longer by our small, finite, fragile planetary home.
    If the environment is being irreversibly degraded and natural resources are being dissipated recklessly, how can human civilization, life as we know it and the integrity of Earth as a fit for human habitation be maintained much longer?
    Something new and different needs to be done. The wealthy and powerful leaders among us have unwelcome responsibilities to assume and duties to perform. If these leaders continue to adamantly insist that we keep producing endlessly as we are doing now and if we keep getting what we are likely to keep getting by overproducing as we are now, then the unbridled growth of the global economy, in all likelihood, will soon precipitate a colossal ecological wreckage unless, of course, the ever expanding global economy proceeds like a runaway train, barreling headlong into a sharp

  2. And as with so many things, sometimes the cure can be as damaging as the disease…we posted an article today about the possible damage of hydroelectric dams being build along the Xing

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