Given Continued Inaction, Climate Future Will Be One of Hellish Wildfires

Climate change will bring hellish wildfiresContinued industrial forestry [search] in combination with surging greenhouse gas emissions [search] are forming a vicious cycle, whose climate/ecosystem positive feedbacks [search] are destroying more forests while releasing carbon. We know deforestation changes climate [ark | search], yet modern forest management techniques treat forests like tree plantations, and have decimated forest structure and dynamics making them more fire prone. Overlaid upon this has been climate change caused drought and heat which makes damaged canopies all the more prone to cataclysmic crown fires.
California has been hit by 2,000 fires this year [ark] and things will get worse. We simply must allow much more forest landscapes there and globally to regenerate old-growth features and prohibit industrial forestry there and in remaining primary forests, while dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Failure will herald in massive lightening storms causing hellish wildfires [ark] bearing down upon ourselves and our families.

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  1. Samantha says:

    This is so true. I live in Cal and have been pushed from my home recently. Never have I imagined such a hell on earth as the wall of fire that descened on our skunk dry land. This is madness and I feel so unable to do anything. but clearly things are whacked in the forests and air.

  2. The response in Australia to the prospect of more wildfires is to deliberately burn forests. There is some weird belief that 'prescribed burns' will reduce the fire risk even though the experts acknowledge that there is no science behind that belief.

  3. Josh says:

    This doesn't even take into account the massive danger caused by the release of highly flammable methane into the low atmosphere through the melting of the permafrost and oceanic methane clathrates.
    All prior climate change models have already been shown to be woefully inadequate in understanding the feedback loops involved in these systems (including the dramatic reduction in albedo at the poles due to the melting of the polar ice layers) all of which are spurring climate change to occur with a frightening rate of acceleration.

  4. Still ignoring one cause of the things that threaten the human community.
    Based upon what we can see now, and understand from so many discussions in the Climate Ark Blog, would it be correct to say unequivocally that an increasing food supply for the human species is the essential factor producing the recent skyrocketing increase of absolute global human population numbers?
    Until this relationship is seen (ie, food is the independent variable and human population numbers is the dependent variable), and its implications understood and accepted, the human community cannot respond ably to the global challenges that are looming ominously on the far horizon, I believe. The family of humanity will continue its necessary but insufficient projects at "symptom mitigation" of the global threats without ever taking hold of what is actually causing our difficulties and threatening our very existence. We can identify the problem. We are it.
    If the skyrocketing growth of human numbers worldwide is THE number one problem to be confronted by the human community in our time, then ideas for humanely reducing human population numbers makes good sense, I suppose.
    To have continuously denied the seminal work of Thomas Malthus and to have castigated the great scientists who have extended his thinking and improved our understanding; to have adamantly demanded that the relationship between food and human population numbers be seen conversely, will be acknowledged as the greatest failure of human perception in human history. At least to me, the implications of this potentially catastrophic perceptual error (ie, human population numbers is the independent variable and food supply the dependent variable) appear to be profound and could have something to do with the existence of the culturally derived functional insanity in the thinking of the leaders of the global political economy and their manipulation of many minions in the mass media who are mainstreaming this primary misperception and other economically expedient and politically convenient mistaken impressions to people everywhere.
    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population,
    established 2001

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