Climate Change Effects Health, Renewable Energy Ready Now

Climate health emergency, renewable energy ready nowThe EPA finds climate change will have a “substantial” impact on human health [ark | search] in the coming decades; worsening wildfires, hurricanes, smog and summer heat waves. Perhaps then we should do more than talk about the problem. Thankfully Mr. Gore is doing just that, and has unexpectedly called for the U.S. to produce all its electricity from carbon free and renewable energy [ark | moreark | more2ark2] in ten years (sadly seemingly still including untested “clean coal” [search]). Yet this is an ambitious, creditable and worthy goal that would seriously mitigate climate change, and thus should be supported. And frankly, given his prestige and repeated deep expressions of concern, a grand substantive gesture like this was overdue.
Our recent alert, suggesting Mr. Gore was not being ambitous enough in pursuing sufficient climate action, grew from a perception that given all the accolades and positive awareness building, there was more Mr. Gore could do in terms of calling for and organizing tranformative change. Apparently he felt this as well. The timing of the alert and the positive lifting of campaign goals by Mr. Gore are coincidental, yet given this positive development, we have decided to retire the alert. Yet, let's be clear, climate solutions depend on both personal AND social change. Thank you to all that participated in emphasizing the importance of sufficient climate solutions to the climate elite. EcoInternet took a risk with this alert, like we do when we identify something as being important and under-reported, and perhaps in some small way together we reinforced the need for climate sufficiency [search].

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  1. GOAL: No CO2 emissions.
    A fundamental change in our driving habits is now required.
    The Automobile Industry is going to be in the same position as the Airline Industry in the next few months. Unless we get away from gas combustion vehicles, including Hybrids, the automobile industry (as we know it) will die.We need to make drastic moves. America needs to move to ELECTRIC. The vehicles are not as fast, not always as fun to drive, but the move will save Americans money (Billions) and help bring change to our automotive companies. Let's “Be Green”!!!!!!!!!!!! BG Automotive Group Ltd. has a car that will travel 80-100 miles per charge for $15,995. Finally a car that most Americans can afford. Did you know that 80% of all drivers, drive less than 50 miles per day? This new car will cost an equivalent of $0.20-0.25 cents/gallon (depending on electricity rates in your area). Why send $700 Billion per year to OPEC (now buying up U.S. companies) when we can use this money for our schools, health care, social security for all Americans, etc, etc, etc. We can make the difference if WE change.

  2. BeGreen says:

    America needs to stay FOCUSED, AWARE and EDUCATED.
    History reminds us that every time oil prices peak and the North American market/consumers start to discuss alternative energy sources, the oil exporting countries start to trim down their prices. History also tells us that the oil exporting nations have been very successful in the past and in fact, we have lost our enthusiasm and dropped many of our alternative energy initiatives after oil prices are reduced.
    WE need to stay focused this time.
    1) Al Gore and his energy initiative is on course.
    2) T. Boone Pickens and his wind power initiative is on course.
    3) The BG Automotive Group mass production electric vehicle program is on
    course along with their solar charging stations.
    4) Richard Branson from the UK is on course.
    5) The Gas Reduction Act of 2008 might not be the most environmentally sound
    solution, but yet it shows that Congress has finally realized that we have an
    energy crisis (again), and a real threat to our national security.
    The continued dependence on foreign oil is a threat to our long term democratic values. We must become an energy independent nation, and with this, some sacrifices will have to be made by the American consumer.
    Be aware!!
    We are exporting approximately USD $700 Billion dollars per year of U.S. currency. The majority of this money is being transferred to the Trillion dollar "sovereign wealth funds". This is USD $700 Billion not being spent on America's educational system, health care and security.
    The "sovereign wealth funds" are directly buying major interests (large blocks of stock) in U.S. companies, including most of the major banks. Also, billions of dollars of "sovereign wealth fund" money is being invested in our hedge funds, private equity firms, and the investment banking industry. A few of these firms are directly and indirectly investing large sums of money into our "gas combustion" automobile industry. Do we want our auto industry in the direct or indirect control of the firms that are supplying us oil? This is an interesting topic for an investigative reporter.
    There are automotive consulting companies in Michigan (heart of our auto industry), lobbying States and our Federal Government, NOT to subsidize the Electric Vehicle industry. The latter seems to be contradictory to what the American public would like to see from our automobile industry. After the billions (excess of $20 billion) the automotive companies have lost in the past 6 months producing gas combustion vehicles, you would think they too would change course. Changing course is not adding 2-4 miles per gallon w/Hybrids. Drastic measures in our auto industry must take place and NOW!
    Do not let the temporary reduction in oil prices push us off course

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