Bush’s Final Climate Disgrace

President Bush has virtually assured climate destructionPresident Bush's Environmental Protection Agency will not be regulating carbon dioxide [ark | moreark | more2ark2] under the Clean Air Act [search] as the Supreme Court has ordered. In typical style, the Bush administration has unveiled a plan for the EPA to do so, meeting court requirements, while disavowing any plans for implemention.This is but the final act in an abysmal string of failures to lead on an issue that threatens massive social dislocation and ecological collapse.
The Toxic Texan promised in his first campaign to regulate carbon dioxide as an air pollutant [search], and quickly reneged when in office. Bush withdrew from Kyoto [search] and then worked for years to obstruct international consensus in his absence. For years his administration has obstructed and censored climate science [search] and policy responses domestically. Bush has recently said he believes climate change is happening while skillfully ensuring all policy of which he is part is the most vague and least possible.

Now when there has never been more evidence of dramatic climate change impacts [search] — droughts, fires, water shortages, soaring energy prices, war for oil — he abdicates his leadership responsibilities and punts to the next administration. President Bush's criminal negligence is confirmed as yet another year is lost to address a global emergency that has gone unresponded to for seven years because of oil oligarchy rule. In his political expediency for the benefit of cronies at the expense of humanity and the Planet, he has ensured the Bush Presidency will be revered as the most inept, corrupt, ineffective and just sick ever.
Should international action not commence immediately, successfully reducing emissions and protecting global climate, Bush will be remembered as an environmental criminal [search] that completed the destruction of the Earth. What a loser, don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way back to Crawford.

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  1. Patrick says:

    It's time for all of us to be the change we wish to see in the World.
    This is a beaituful sign my friends. A grand wake up call. A friendly reminder.
    We are in an era where there are a plethora of issues to be resolved. The size and scope of each issue now, is larger than all other issues combined if we were to take them from any other period in history. When we start talking about a global water crisis, or global climate change, or peak oil. We're in deep folks. Very, very, very deep. And we have hardly any time to resolve these issues to boot, as we have plundered away our time in other matters.
    AS there are so many issues, the issues themselves will need to be resolved in a very comprehensive, wholesome and wellrounded matter.
    We will all need to become aware of these issues, empower ourselves and each other that we have the power to resolve them together, vision for the future we want to create, and take action on these issues – all of them, as they are all connected with one another.
    The needed resolving of these issues will come from a synthesis of a grassroots movement and political movement. The issues are simply to large for instance to just have them resolved from a political standpoint, we all need to be involved in the process of resolving them.
    The first place the resolving of these issues will come from is the individual level. Be the change you wish to see in the World. Empower yourself. You have infinite potential to create infinite change. If people such as Martin Luther King, Gandhi, or our founding fathers believed they wouldn't have been able to help the situation they were faced with, they wouldn't have gotten anywhere as far as they they did. YOu are a leader. It's inside all of us.
    Resolving these issues will come from a community level. Us working as a community, allows us to get to know the people around us. This builds relations, trust, and local support in the resolving of these issues, and if the times were to get tough. Just one generation ago everyone in a town knew each other. Today, just 25% of Americans know their next door neighbor. When we have healthy, connected communities, we are able to share resources, help one another, give one another support, inspiration and motivation to make changes in our lives, and develope projects and programs to affectively and efficiently reduce our ecological impact and become in balance with one another and our natural environment in an enjoyable way; as we are all doing it together. A cuilture forms. One that is positive, and looks forward to, and enjoys solving these issues. It no longer is a bore, or a struggle, or something we procrastinate. Helping each other and our World becomes something we enjoy doing, as we ourselves, as individuals, enjoy greater prosperity, relaxation, and have more time and energy to spend with our friends, family and loved ones, as we are all working together. Many hands makes light work.
    Then communities join up with one another to form even greater progress on a larger area. Communities who are doing inspiring things are showing each other the great work and progress they are experiencing and accomplishing. Festivals, event, and workshops are held to help other communities in the process. Resources begin to flow, and larger, sustainable systems such as localized economies, improved transit systems, carpool systems, community owned municipalities for renewable energy, and great progress evolve.
    And it grows. Because. There are so many people out there who want to make a difference. There are so many amazing ideas, theories out there, waiting to be birthed. ANd there are already so many amazing projects being worked on all over the country. It is now a matter of us further developing these ideas, dreams, and projects, and joining them up with one another. Joining the people together, with the shared common ground of creating a healthy, safe and prosperous future for ourselves, and all life on Earth.
    As the grassroots movement continues to grows, as it has been for a while now, a healthy, productive political system will natural evolve as well. One that is full of integrety, trust, and continuity, as the people and their communities are full of integrity, trust and continuity. The we need a healthy, connected public base to have a political system that benefits the greater whole.
    All these things happen simultanesouly. Awareness, empowerment, connection, creation, action and growth.
    So let's continue and grow our positive efforts as individuals to create our lives to be more sustainable and connected. ANd get out there into our communities, into our political systems, and into our neighborhoods and meet the people around us. Connect with them. For as the famous environmentalist Bill Mckibbin says, 80% of Americans believe climate change is true, and want to do something about it. So let's connect up with each other and become inspired by all the people around us who really care about our World, care about our future. It's real.
    ANd my friends, as far as it may seem sometimes from creating the progress that is really needed. And as bleak as it may seen with reports such as this one. Remember that there is a whole nother part that has yet to be tapped into. And the beautoful things is. When this potenitial is tapped into, is our choice. We can do it today. The great change and progress we are waiting to see in the WOrld, is at our fingertips. We are so close.
    So let's make it happen.
    Thank you for all your efforts, they are making a tremendous amount of difference.
    Keep it up, let us grow, and keep connecting.
    Let's create our future together. For the founding fathers believed the same things. When the clean air act, and the clean water act were created, we did it together.
    Together we can.

  2. R. Gates says:

    So very well said! Bravo!

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