Cheney’s Criminal Climate Censorship and Cover-Up

Vice-President Cheney May Be a Climate CriminalThe Bush administration has been successfully obstructing climate change [search] science and policy for so long, it probably comes as somewhat of a surprise when they are caught and held to account. The latest, Vice President Dick Cheney's office removed statements on health risks posed by global warming [ark | more/ark | search] from a draft of a health official's Senate testimony last year. What sort of man in what sort of government thinks themselves above the law, censoring science at the expense of public health and the biosphere? It is critical these instances are investigated, particularly the cover-up, and if appropriate, criminal charges filed.

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  1. R. Gates says:

    Cheney is an evil, selfish old dinosaur of a leader who only thinks of his own fortune and those of his corporate masters. He thinks the world will go on operating in a “business as usual” fashion, which for him means the rich get richer on the backs of the poor and not so powerful.
    Dinosaurs like him will get swept away the coming end of the oil age…but the problem is, so will many of the small fish like you and me…
    Live simply and close to the earth!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I notice you haven't reported Hansens claim that he is being censored, despite giving over 1400 interviews over the last few years. Smells of hypocrisy to me

  3. ewoc says:

    Dear Anonymous,
    The Administration's extensive efforts to muzzle Hansen have been VERY well documented; in fact I just finished a book on the subject a few months ago. Want to read it? I would be happy to get you the title.
    Extensive prior reporting on this subject is available from the NY Times website, as well as many other sources.
    One of the political appointees at NASA who worked to muzzle Hansen (at the behest of the White House) was a 24 year old Bush campaign staffer who was forced to quit when it was revealed that he fabricated his college degree and also was calling into question evolution and other basic tenets in his work to reshape the information coming out of various federal agencies.
    All factual. Assuming you care about facts, of course.

  4. R. Gates says:

    The world is at a crisis point in terms of climate. Pointing fingers at who censored whom is meaningless…and is as small and mean spirited as Cheney's attempt to suppress the facts.
    We need leadership and people with courage, vision, and a firm grasp at how imperative it is that we take action NOW.
    Live naturally and in balance with nature…

  5. Dr. Glen Barry says:

    Here, here! You can find many of these past reports Hansen censorship stories at:'searchtext=Hansen%20censorship
    Whenever site users desire more information, the search box on the upper right corner of each page is quite useful.
    Re: R. Gate's comment – It is not meaningless to expose climate censorship when it is still happening and hampering adequate policy responses, and criminal acts are likely to have occurred.

  6. ewoc says:

    sorry Mr. Gates,
    but without James Hansen we'd be nowhere. Recall his 1988 testimony on the threat of climate change? I sure do – I was in my first year of law school studying environmental law. It had a HUGE impact on me.
    It actually IS very relevant when the Bush Administration spends enormous amounts of time and energy and staff trying to squelch the results of climate research by good folks with the best intentions. And that is precisely what they have done for years.
    By the way, if Hansen is not a leader on this issue then the term has no meaning. Okey Dokey – off my soapbox for the moment!

  7. Patrick says:

    I believe we must embrace and uncover what isn't working in the World, while simultanesouly live and create the World we wish to see.
    So much has to happen in so little time, it will take a bit of everything. Lots of creating and connecting our creations with others, to say the least

  8. R. Gates says:

    I think perhaps my comments about the quibbling over who said what to whom were not well stated by myself.
    Certainly lies and coverups and the censorship of Mr. Hansen (whom I admire greatly) are important, but in the bigger picture…it is almost like playing the fiddle while Rome is burning.
    Intelligent people know the truth of the urgency. Vote the dishonest out of office and DEMAND action on climate issues from all leaders…and rather than fiddling while Rome is burning, put the fiddle down and toss the dishonest dinosaurs like Cheney out on their fat white hineys!

  9. betsey butera says:

    we live in a democratic country??? you have your head in the sand. we live under a dictatorship…people, and have for many, many years.
    I can not think of one government that was for the people, nor an
    election that was not tampered with.
    right now there are one hundred and ten train coal cars leaving full from the mines out west every twenty minutes and will for the next three hundred years. you really think it can be stopped???think again. it doesn't matter who is in power nothing will change. the great lakes are being targeted for their water to be drained into the southwest lawns, golf courses, swimming pools and las vegas water shows.
    reality people
    cheney is just one of many dictators distroying other peoples lives.

  10. ewoc says:

    Re: Betsey
    Gotta love it when people try to drain your energy (no pun intended) with cynicism and defeatism. Bush/Cheney will be gone in six months and at least we will have the chance to influence a (hopefully) better government then.
    Not to mention ignorance. There are numerous govts today that are not dictatorships, and some (such as several of the Scandinavian countries, as well as several others in the EU) that are actually trying to combat global warming seriously.
    And, while I agree that Bush/Cheney have been steering us towards Fascism (the confluence of corporatism, neaerly unlimited state power, and aggressive militarism) I don't agree that we are currently living in a dictatorship. Obviously Betsey has never traveled to/lived in countries that are under the control of dictatorial governments. Some of us actually have…….

  11. R. Gates says:

    I can certainly feel the frustration of people like Betsey, and I actually do think we are further down the line of corporate fascism than many would like to acknowledge. The multinationals have their hooks deep into the government of both the U.S. and so called “free” and democratic nations all over the world. They control laws the allow them to maximize profit, regardless of what is the best thing for the earth.
    But what the world is facing now is the rebellion of Gaia. True as it may be that individuals are no match for the power of corporate money, all that money will not change of the eternal laws of how the planet will respond to tampering and neglect.
    What will stop the coal trains from running? What will stop the factories from pumping out plastic junk in China? What will grind every oil rig and SUV to a complete halt? The complete breakdown of civilizaiton and end of the oil age. Sound impossible perhaps, but just a few years ago so did the complete melting of the north polar ice cap in our lifetimes.
    Gaia will sweep change upon humantiy such as never been seen…she must, for the vital protection of the remaining species of this lovely blue oasis in the cosmos.

  12. thetruth says:

    cheney,bush,rumsfeld and wolfowitz are/were the 4 whoresmen of the apocolypse. The far reaching consequences of their corrupt psychotic regime might never be healed.
    Bush destroyed the last minute Clinton environmental initiatives before he even sat in the oval office. That was a precursor for the mess he leaves.
    Do you remember the clandesyine phantom energy policy consortium that leaves us now with $4 a gallon gas and virtually no alernative energy choices?
    But it is not fair to blame all of the malaise on that evil empire, The righteous right that voted in this administration, twice,shares the blame.

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