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  1. R. Gates says:

    These policymakers fail to see, or choose to ignore the fact that the emergency is already upon us. We've passed the tipping point and honest and compassionate leaders would be trying to figure out how to dramatically alter current industrial production, food production, etc. to plan for the coming global food shortages, droughts, and other nasty business.
    But they play “business as usual”, going from one meeting to another in their air conditioned cars and planes, while millions are already suffering from global climate change, and billion more are on the brink…
    How dare they talk of 2050?
    What an insult!

  2. Patrick Troup says:

    Wonderful post. I fully agree. I think the fact that they are actually mentioning reductions, even if they are 40 years away, is a big step.
    However, it is easy to say we are going to do something, than actually doing at. Simultaneously, while they are talking about 40 years away, they need to be talking about NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW!!!!
    What are we going to be doing now?
    And what is this about halving emissions? What about he 80% that is needed? What about the fact that we need to make negative progress in emissions output right now!! With the campaign etc.
    Considering the state of the World, and the trends which are in place, currently obliterating the Earth's ecosystems and social eco systems, we need to act now. It will take a grassroots movement, and a political movement synthesizing with one another. For both are equally important, and without one the other fails.
    WE must act now as individuals, and be the change we wish to see in the World. We need to connect with the others around us in our families and local communities. Bridging communities together to form regional framworks, and then larger masses of tremendous, revolutionary style progress and positive change.
    It starts with each of us folks. Me. Me. Me. Simultaneously connected with the others around me, people I know, and people I don't know, and presenting them with straightforward awareness, empowerment and inspiration.
    We need to vision now. we need resolve the issues now. we need to create the future we want to live in now. One that will be sustainablr 100, and 1,000 years down the line.
    We need to connect with ourselves, the people around us and our Earth.
    This is a planetary issue we are talking about, and this coupled with peak oil, species extinction, habitat loss, wars, a global food and water crisis, and a global breakdown in trust. It is tremendously beneficial to look at how these issues are connected with one another. Doing this allows one to see we need to make progress in all areas of our lives, and our societies, and our World.
    Let us find common ground and work together as a people, around the creation of a peaceful, prosperous and susttainable. For all are needed, and all are beneficial for ourselves as humans, and all life on Earth.

  3. Vaughn Anderson says:

    I suspect, at least in my humble opinion, that greenhouse gas emissions will be cut by 90% or more possibly as early as 2020, based on everything I have been reading. The question really is: How are the rules going to be followed?
    Are we going to voluntarily follow Mother Earth's rules and cut these emissions by 90% by 2015 or are we going to forced to cut them by 100% by 2020 which incidentally won't be pretty. Therefore, I believe planning to cut emissions by 50% by 2050 is a moot point.

  4. zephyr says:

    R. Gates, I couldn't be more in agreement with your commentary.
    The G8 heads-of-state should be ashamed of themselves but they're above all that by now.
    Good for them.
    Do what you can, help where you can, and stay connected with the natural world.

    A deal struck overnight between hosts Japan and the US has resulted in the group of rich group of developed nations agreeing to long-term climate change goals that will be ratified at the G8 summit being held on the Japanese island of Hokkaido.
    Summit organizers said there were reports that G8 senior officials spent most the night finalizing the agreement that will be included into the leaders' communique
    The second day of the three-day meeting of G8 leaders has been occupied with high costs of food and fuel, and rising poverty particularly in Africa.
    Reports suggested that the leaders had been convinced to take an important step forward on dealing with climate change. A trade-off for the emission goals was the insistence of the US that neither short nor medium range targets would be listed in the communique to allow sufficient time for the developing economic giants – China and India – to join any binding cuts on emissions.
    Japan and European nations have been pushing for the summit to agree to a goal of cutting carbon dioxide emissions by half by 2050.
    Your trees make a difference at
    For more global warming, climate change news updates, please visit

  6. betsey butera says:

    do these people love their grandchildren? do they love anyone?
    climate change will effect everyone…no one will have enough money or power. the playing board is equal for everyone.
    it is all about the air and we all breath it.
    maybe they know something that they are not telling us…like this is all a hoax and only they know it.
    like I said maybe they don't have any children nor grandchildren…so who cares they will live thru their lives in comfort.
    they just haven't remembered that WE will all remember them for not caring.

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