Climate Change Is an Urgent Emergency

Climate change is an urgent emergencyClimate change is an urgent emergency. Leading climate scientist James Hansen [search] now warns of humanity's “last chance” [ark] to take the necessary dramatic actions to solve the climate crisis. The scientist who first brought global warming to the public's awareness 20 years ago this week has now concluded we are well past dangerous levels of greenhouse gas emissions [search] (with no end in sight), and this is going to cause ecosystem collapse and mass extinction. EI is in agreement that this can only be avoided with urgent actions such as ending coal emissions, and that fossil fuel executives are guilty of crimes against humanity and nature [ark].
Alone, and most assuredly in combination with related global environmental crises, global heating and the breakdown in climate patterns threatens civilization, the global ecosystem and the continuation of complex life. This is not conjecture. It is logical consequences of known science and observable trends. Some in the United States government have concluded similarly, that climate change threatens national security [search] and “could destabilize 'struggling and poor' countries around the world, prompting mass migrations and creating breeding grounds for terrorists [ark].” Meanwhile the White House refuses to open emails [ark] from its own EPA regarding the need to regulate carbon dioxide.

Uber-economist and anti-povery crusader Jeffrey Saches believes climate change tragedy could be averted for 1% of global income [ark] a year (a bit low I think, but agree basically it is a great cheap deal). How myopic and deeply self-absorbed humanity is with itself. So where is the urgency? Where is the sacrifice? We know we must tax carbon [search], end the use of fossil fuels by converting to renewables, and conserve energy. So why don't we do it? Are we so hooked on fossil fuels that homo sapiens will march lemming like to the end of our being taking most or even all of creation with us?
EcoInternet expects to partake soon in organizing action to resist all new and existing coal plants that emit ito the atmosphere. Join and support us.

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  1. If it is all right to do so here, I would like to nominate James Hansen to be the Science Laureate of Humanity in 2008.
    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population, est. 2001

  2. We empower our Governments to execute those who kill even just one person. But we admire all those who have the money/resource(SUV, etc.) to harm the earth and put those who can bring us economic development through killing the earth and all life in power/office.
    I can't find any other extinct and existing species that is more stupid, horrible and absurb!!!

  3. Juola (Joe) A. Haga says:

    For me, the main chore requires overcoming melancholy, at the thought of my children and grandchildren, sufficiently to sweeten the bitter news to my neighbors, so that they can, if they will hear, accept the facts and will join in the attempt to survive.
    So far I've been called a Luddite and a Millerite and a nutcase and a commie. Happy the name-callers may be with a providence or fortune by which famine outraces fever and the fury of battle in killing off the species.
    But I continue to hope against hope, and all evidence, that those like me, who have been hearing the signals, will turn folk around in time.
    Really, what else can we do?

  4. R. Gates says:

    “How myopic and deeply self-absorbed humanity is with itself.”
    Indeed. We are witnessing one of the most rapid and extreme climate changes ever seen on planet earth, and it has been triggered by the human species, but we have built the current foundations of human civilization on the burning of fossil fuels, so that the very thing that allowed the species to expand to nearly 7 billion in number, shall be the reason it will contract rapidly to whatever sustainable size (if any) that Gaia can support.
    Can the lawmakers and politicians get their act together fast enough? Only if the people (i.e. You and me) rise up and demand it, and if they refuse, to truly bring on a mass eco-revolution and through them out.

  5. There is plenty of evidence to indicate that we had better pay attention here and now to BIG COAL, BIG OIL and BIG TRAVEL.
    At the Height of an Energy Crisis, Fat-Cat CEOs Still Litter the Skies with Private Jets
    By Chuck Collins and Sarah Anderson, AlterNet. Posted June 28, 2008.
    If shareholders, corporate watchdogs and consumer groups would like to know just how weak the oversight of corporate management is in America, they need to check out the abuse of corporate jets.
    The private jet industry has more than doubled its sales in the past five years, and corporate executives form the backbone of its clientele. In addition to legitimate business trips, many executives and their families have access to the company jet for personal use, an expense picked up by their companies' other stakeholders, including shareholders and employees. And the rest of us pay a price in diminished air quality as a result of these heavily polluting jets.
    Private jet owners probably have noticed that wholesale fuel prices have increased 418 percent over the past five years, adding $5,000 to a Gulfstream jet flight between New York and Los Angeles. But this is small potatoes for a high-flier who shelled out 10,000 times that amount or more to buy the plane in the first place. At a time when both major-party presidential candidates are vowing to give shareholders greater influence over executive compensation, the private-jet perk deserves special attention.
    Stakeholders now can get a better look at jet usage among corporate titans, because new rules require the disclosure of all perks valued at more than $10,000. Personal use of corporate jets was the most common perk among 386 of the largest companies on Standard & Poor's 500. A Corporate Library study found that more than half of the 215 companies surveyed allowed or required executives to use company aircraft on personal trips, with a median cost to shareholders of $182,929.
    The companies with the highest fliers include Abercrombie & Fitch, which gave CEO Mike Jeffries $1.4 million worth of corporate jet time over the past two years, and Starwood Hotels, which spent $866,178 in 2006 flying CEO Steven Heyer back and forth between his Atlanta home and corporate headquarters in New York.
    Sometimes it's the CEOs' relatives who benefit. Tyson Foods Chairman John Tyson is allotted 120 hours per year of corporate jet time, which he can parcel out to friends and family whether or not he accompanies them on the trip. In 2007, Qwest Communications ponied up several hundred thousand dollars so that new CEO Edward Mueller's wife and stepdaughter could use the corporate jet to commute between Qwest's Denver headquarters and a home in California.
    It's the norm these days for the largest firms to require CEOs to use private jets for all travel, including personal vacations, citing concerns for their executives' security. New York University School of Business professor David Yermack says this arrangement "is like telling the CEO:

  6. Dear Glen and R. Gates,
    If it is all right to do so here, there are two questions I would like to ask the two of you and other members of the Climate Ark community.
    As almost everyone knows but few openly discuss, wealth and power buy freedom. What is all too obvious but often cloaked in silence is this: A small minority of individuals in the human family with great fortunes and virtually all large corporations exercise their great wealth and the power it purchases in ways that allow all of these self-proclaimed masters of the universe to live lavishly as well as to willfully refuse assumption of the responsibilities which necessarily come with freedom.
    1. How do rich and famous people, who live large and have huge ecological footprints, as well as corporate `citizens' that cast giant shadows over the Earth today, so easily get away with socially irresponsible behavior?
    2. The exercise of freedom without the requisite assumption of responsibility by citizens can lead to psychopathic behavior; the exercise of freedom by those individuals and corporations with great wealth who consensually-validate each others refusal to accept responsibility for their excessive, pernicious and amoral behavior is sociopathic, is it not?
    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population, established 2001

  7. sangha says:

    Climate Change is the major cause of earth .if we people are not going back to early human being habits . then within few years human life will be a history for this beautifull earth..

  8. R. Gates says:

    You ask very perceptive questions.
    To your first question: it is the very nature of human civilization that the rich and priviledged will feel the pain of deprivation the least, and (because they control the legal and military) can enforce the laws that maintain their way of life.
    To your second question: In a nutshell- modern civilization is by definition psychopathic, if one uses the broad term as meaning “out of touch with what is real”. Our addition to oil and fossil fuels had created a false world of bloated energy use that is not sustainable.
    Now, both issues (the dominance of the rich, and the psychopathic society we live in) shall be solved by the kind and gracious wisdom of Gaia, who shall return balance to the world through the dramatic climate changes ahead. Both the psychopathic society and rich and priviledged shall be swept away.
    I am not a pessimist on this, for I feel this is a wonderful time to be alive. All life on earth with not cease. This human species, though potent, is no match for the eons of time and the patience of Gaia. That which is out of balance will return to balance…life will find a way…with or without humanity.
    Live simply…live well.
    R. Gates

  9. sankalp says:

    as scientists are prooving that global warming is increasing day by day.And the biggest threat which comes forwaed now a days is that in north ple one of the mountain is filled with volcano and when this volcano will burst then that day world is at the end.Apart that we can do work so that to decrease the ratio of global warming.

  10. Dear R. Gates,
    Thanks for your insights.
    I suppose the poet, William Butler Yeats, had it just right in a single couplet,
    {We}love and love what what vanishes. What more is there to say?
    As ever,

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