Reasonable Eco-Homes the Newest Status Symbol

McMansion trophy homes are garish and are destroying the Earth and human habitatNothing is more causative or indicative of America's ecological unsustainability [search] (and the rest of the rich world) than selfish splurging upon ridiculously large McMansions [search]. These resource hungry homes generally sprawl into natural habitats, fouling water, and require huge amounts of fossil fuel derived energy to power their pigishness. Conspicuous consumption [search] of this sort is killing the Earth.
The new chic is LEEDs certified ecologically sustainable building of right-sized homes [ark] using recycled materials and that generate their own energy. It is critical efforts to build ecologically sustainable homes [search] become more widely implemented and affordable. And let's not lose site of how much Earthly good can come from simple retrofitting of current habitations.

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2 Responses

  1. betsey butera says:

    you really expect everyone to distroy their homes and rebuild?
    we can't even afford food and transportation to our jobs. how do we afford new housing???
    think reality…
    we can't sell our homes for enough money to rebuild and builders don't know how to build for tornadoes and hurricanes and earthquakes let alone to build for extreme environments. we still build on flood plains and next to rivers and on beaches.
    reality people….
    first we have to change the programing that wants the large mansions that the wealthy live in and multipile housing.
    they can't even make a road and bridge match without a major bump. how do we change the world to except the fact that they have to build a new home that not many people even know how to build and the materials are far too costly. not going to happen. the reality is that for as long as there has been tornadoe alley in oklahoma…I have seen no change in housing to help these people live there without their homes being distroyed every year for the past fifty that I can remember. think people
    change is never to happen unless it is done for the people…I mean forced upon them.

  2. hmmmm, I think destroying homes actually goes againts sustainable concepts. Change IS happening and doesn't need to be forced, just promoted wherever it can be. Then the momentum of this movement will continue to increase.
    Charles Precht
    Sustainable Design

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